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Bray  Knox (brayknox) A large cavern hidden on the south side of the mountain. Perfect for secret meetings and mysterious activities.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley walked into the cave, her arms brushing against the stone cave walls. She tiptoed around, making sure not to step in anything gross such as bat dung and mud puddles. When she thought that she heard somebody behind her, she whipped her head back, but it was nobody that she saw.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox was deeper in the cave and he heard someone coming. It's too early for dinner. He thought slyly. He stayed in the shadows, watching.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley kept on walking deeper and deeper into the cave. The light hairs on her are stood up. "Hello? Is somebody else in this cave?" She asked, her voice echoing off of the stone cave walls.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "You could say that." Came Fox's voice. It echoed, making it impossible to tell where he was at. "But," he paused, "a better question would be 'Who is in this cave.'"

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley turned around, but she didn't see anybody there. It felt like her heart was pounding out of her chest. "Haley Bloom, I'm a baker, I mean an explorer." She spoke, stuttering a bit. "I-I explore for a living and I'm here in this cave. You know, exploring things."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox chuckled. He cocked his gun, just for the sound. "Interesting. A Symbol." He said quietly.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley jumped at the sound. What was that sound. She knew the sound actually. It was the sound of a gun. "A symbol? What? I'm not a symbol. I think that I'm clearly not a symbol." Haley commented awkwardly and nervously. "Who are you anyway?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) He chuckled. "Search me and you would see your obituary. The cause? Me." He laughed. He stepped out behind her. "Boo."

((His voice is Jude Law btw.))

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley turned around, trying to look for the person. She was in a dark cave and she didn't know who she was in the cave with, which was the horrible part. Then, she heard the person say something, which made her scream. "Please don't kill me!"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) He laughed. "Why shouldn't I? Letting you live is taking some fun away from me."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley quit screaming. She didn't want to cause too much attention to anybody who may be visiting the area. "Please. I lied about being an explorer. I actually bake and I don't like it, so that's why I come here!" She exclaimed. "Just please tell me your name and you have to promise me that you won't kill me at all."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox slowly shook his head. "If I let you live, what would o get in return?"

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley bit her lower lip. What was she going to give a guy in return? "I'm actually not so sure about that, sir. Perhaps you can choose? I mean, I'm not so great with deals myself." Haley honestly stayed with a shrug.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox stepped closing, looming over her. "Could you delver a message for me?" He had a sly smirk.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley, taking quick breaths, nodded as she placed her hands in the pockets of her jeans. "Um, yeah. Sure. What's the message, sir?" She asked. She had quite a good memory and hopefully she could remember everything that he was going to tell her.

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((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Tell Duchess Silver Ora Smith and the Eldest Princess that baking time is nearly up." He said with a sly smile. "Can you remember that?"

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emma (theonlytanman)
"I can remember that." Haley said with a nod, making a mental note in her head. "However, who are the two people that you listed? I am afraid that I am not too good at remembering names. In fact, I don't think that I have ever met them before."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox nodded. "If you ask anyone where and who the Eldest Princess and Duchess Silver Smith are, they will tell you."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley nodded. She remembered the two names and she couldn't wait to meet the two of them. After all, meeting people and being social was one of her things that she usually did most of the time. "Oh. Well, I certainly can't wait to meet them." Haley stated.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Indeed. Now, be on your merry way." He moved out of the way, watching her.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley watched as he moved out of her way. "Wait!" She exclaimed, tucking a piece of brown hair behind her ear. "We just met. Don't you want me to tell you about myself? Don't you want me to know more about you?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox cocked his head. He looked at his watch. He had nothing planned but he liked to trick his, how do you say, victims. "If you wish."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley let out a breath of relief. "Okay," she started, making little invisible circles with the tip of her shoe in the ground. "Let's start off with basic questions that probably don't matter. You can start if you would enjoy that better. Or I can start. It doesn't matter."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox had an amused look on his face. He leaned casually against the wall, arms folded. "What is your full name?" He asked. He spoke quietly, amusement tinting his voice.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley looked back up at Fox even though she couldn't really see him due to the darkness of the cave. "Haley "Scrub" Bloom." She replied. "Scrub is more of a nickname." She added. It wasn't her middle name. It was more of a nickname that nobody ever used.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "What is your job?" He asked, taking note of everything she said.

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emma (theonlytanman)
"I bake." Haley replied, running her hand over the stone walls. "I mean, it isn't something that I love to do, but I guess it is good for now. Everybody seems to love it, so I just do it." Haley stated. She wanted to travel the world one day. It seemed a lot more fun that staying in a bakery all day, baking goods for other people.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "I see. Any family?" He asked.

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emma (theonlytanman)
"Mother and Father. They bake also." Haley stated. "It is kind of strange to have your whole entire family doing the same thing that their daughter does, but I keep the whole exploring thing a secret. They don't need to know about that."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley shrugged. "I don't know. They probably just don't need to know that I leave the house every single night, going to places that I probably shouldn't. I mean, I'm allowed to go places. I'm officially an adult."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Then why bother keeping it a secret? Surely they know you can take care of yourself. Don't they trust you?"

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emma (theonlytanman)
"Now that you mention it, it does seem sort of silly keeping it a secret. I mean, it isn't a big deal or anything." She said, shrugging. "They do trust me though. Just, not completely in a sort of way that I don't understand."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Really? Parents can be confusing."

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emma (theonlytanman)
"Yes, indeed." Haley said, taking a deep breath. "What about your parents?" Haley asked. "Maybe you can tell me a bit about yourself?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Fox's face darkened slightly. "My parents are of no matter. Their...... Well, their time has expired." He lied easily. "Please, tell me more about you. Your life is so..... Interesting."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley bit her lower lip, the word expired going through her mind for the whole entire time. "I don't think that I am all that interesting to be honest." She spoke, shrugging because it was almost true. "I just work and bake and explore places that I have never been to."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Where have you been?" He asked, the amusement returning to his voice.

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emma (theonlytanman)
"The woods, the river, this cave almost all of the time, and a waterfall that is quite secret, but I know it isn't." She said with a grin. "I mean, I have been going there for years. Who knows how many people have been there." Haley shrugged.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Who knows." He smiled. "You're quite a clever, young lady."

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emma (theonlytanman)
"Thanks." Haley stated with a warm smile. She didn't know that somebody who was so mysterious could be so nice. Also, being mysterious was actually kind of interesting. It made the person have some sort of twist.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Ever read/seen Harry Potter?))

Fox gave a small nod. "You welcome. It is quite true."

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emma (theonlytanman) (( I've seen the movies, but I have never read the books. ))

Haley smiled. Maybe he wasn't going to kill her. Maybe inside he was a nice guy. After all, he was still very nice. "Are you sure that you don't want to tell me anything about you? I won't tell, I promise."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((Well.... Fox is kind of like Tom Riddle.))

"I'm sure." He said. Fox looked around. "Shouldn't you hurry home? Don't want your parents fretting about you."

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emma (theonlytanman) (( I love Tom Riddle. That's awesome. ))

Haley looked around the cave. "It is getting quite dark outside." She spoke. "Maybe we can meet up again sometime?" Haley suggested and a shrug and a warm smile.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) (( ; ) ))

Fox smiled and gave a small dip of his head. "Maybe. If fate is shines down on you then we will." He said. He didn't mean it in a good way. For him, if fate shines down on someone that means it's time for the execution to begin. "Remember the message?"

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emma (theonlytanman)
Haley smiled. She was actually hoping that she would see Fox again. After all, he was her friend. Sure, he was mysterious and a bit creepy at first, but then he turned out to be a really nice guy. "Of course. I'll still send the message."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) "Good night and good luck." He said before leaving. He laughed quietly to himself.

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