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Bray  Knox (brayknox) A hidden waterfall off the mountain path that has a fresh water pond. At night the water looks like glass creating a marvellous illusion.

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Mia’s long lace dress flew over the floor as she ran across the rocks jumping off the smooth path which led to the mountains. The path that any sane person and any royal of dignity will take. A tear fell from her sapphire blue eyes which twinkled with tears. She pushed her small, agile body through the crack which led to the waterfall that she had found a year ago while she was ventured beyond the wall of the castle on her adventures. She sat there, the falling of the waterfall blocking out her cries. Gleaming pearls of tears fell from her eyes, she shoke remembering how the maid who was nice to her, giving her treats, braiding her hair and reading her a new story every day had died of a disease and she wasn’t even allowed to go to her funeral. She heard a shuffle in the trees behind her, her head snapped around angry, her face rosy pink from crying and a tear halfway down her cheek ”Umm ...Who’s there ” She said sniffing anxiously

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emma (theonlytanman)

Cray walked to the waterfall. It was his calming spot when he wanted to get away from things, plus his little romance spot when he tried to fancy the girl in the Kingdom of Kortana, which barely happened because he usually really liked to hang out in his room all day long, doing yoga or listening to music. Then, he heard tears. It sounded like somebody was crying. "Hello?" He spoke. "Hello? Is somebody here?" He asked softly. Then, he saw his little sister. Why was his little sister crying? He didn't think that anything had happened to make her cry. "Mia. Don't worry. What's the matter? Do you want to talk about it?" Cray asked.

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She looked and recognised her older brother brown hair that as always swooped to one side annoyingly.She glared at him”I hate you, don’t talk to me, go flirt with girls or suck up to day like you always do”She snapped angrily. She didn’t hate him not really but she was really angry. She used her dress to wipe away her tears and looked down at herself in the river. She looked a mess. Mia quickly smoothed down her dress and patted down her hair. She returned her stern gaze back on her brother. He was always too busy for her, meetings and oter things were more important to him than his own sister."This ismy place, get lost"She shouted at him.

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Cray stood back a little. He and his little sister were never that close. He was always busy and they also had a huge age gap between them. If it were somebody older he would have come up with a witty comeback. However, he knew that she still loved him. She was probably just stressed out. "I'm sorry, Mia. I didn't know that this was your place. I could leave, but then I would have to return back home, where it is absolutely boring right now. You wouldn't want your older brother to be bored, right?"

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) ((omg can Leslie come in on this?))

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emma (theonlytanman) Bray ☽ wrote: "((omg can Leslie come in on this?))"

(( of course! XD ))

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie rushed into to the area she saw Mia dash into. She had always kept a close eye on her sister and lately she had been acting strange. When she emerged at the Waterfall the first thing noticed was Cray. On instinct she rolled her eyes, but then noticed Mia sitting by the river crying. Leslie looked at Cray with a glare and rushed over to her closest sister. "What did you do?" she asked Cray looking at him with slitted eyes as she rubbed her sisters back.

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Cray looked over at Leslie and then he looked back at Mia. He still didn't understand why his sisters always thought that he was the guy that flirted with girls. They sometimes didn't even like his hair, but he wasn't going to go in depth with that thought at the moment. "I didn't do anything. All I did was walk over here and I found Mia and she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me to go back home and flirt with girls." He shrugged. "I promise I didn't hurt her in anyway. I would never do that, right Mia. You have to believe me. I mean, I don't think that I have hurt any of you guys." He spoke, looking at his two sisters with his dark chocolate brown eyes. If they didn't believe him, they had to have been brainwashed or something.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie glared at her brother, it seemed unlikely he had no hand in making Mia cry, even if she was sensitive sometimes. She looked back at her little sister and continued to stroke her back. "Whats wrong Mia?" she asked concerned. As she waited she looked back over to Cray as he looked flustered, "Well?" she said to him, "What brings you here then?" Leslie rarely used her powers around family but she was frustrated at this point and snuck into his mind, prodding him to spill the truth in his next words. You will be honest , she forced into the shallowest part of his mind.

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Great now Leslie's here and she'll see me crying like a baby. She always wanted to look strong in front Leslie, who was her closest sibling, She wiped her eyes with her beautiful dress, she knew if her mum had seen her do that, she would be in a whole lot of trouble. Mia swung her head towards her sister and snarled"I want you to get bored Just like I was bored all these days, you left me alone"Tears spurred in her eyes and she turned to her sister softly whispered "He didn't do anything honest, you know your no better don't you." She knew that Leslie had just activated her powers on her own brother, it made her feel good.She knew that Leslie was kind to her but Leslie had become too busy with her own problems. Something about making a change and everyone soon isolated her to play by herself. Especially since she entered the two digits, she saw her sibling grow out of her reach and she could never catch up with them. For Leslie, she was too innocent. For Craig, too young.Her ice cold glare settled on their faces and an evil thought played on her mind. Could she actually to them . They deserved for leaving her alone, the real problem for her being angry was because she was all alone. Now that the maid died, who would tell her stories, braid her hair and teach her how to write amazing stories. She faked as if she was trying to get away from Leslie arm which stroked her back. Pushing Leslie's arms off, she feigned falling into the river. Holding her breath, she disappeared under water, taking a look back to see their shock faces. She tucked her legs in and curled floating in the water. Hopefully, that would teach them, they probably thought she fell in and drowned. She opened her mouth, swallowing water, she coughed and snapped it close. Maybe this wasn't a great idea she thought. No one knew she could swim, she learnt it from one of the village boys and as far as she knew none of her siblings could swim.

((Sory for taking so long))

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Cray rolled his eyes at Leslie, crossing his arms across his chest. Then, he felt a bit different. Taking a deep breath, he began to talk. "I came here because I was looking for a girl, but she isn't here." He stated, shrugging. Why did that come out? That was supposed to be a secret? Hopefully his two sisters wouldn't ask any questions because he didn't feel like answering them. Cray stood in place, watching Mia. He still didn't know why Mia was so sad, but maybe she would tell them soon. Then, he watched as Mia pushed off Leslie's arm, falling into the river. "Mia!" He yelled. Cray started walking back and forth. "Oh dear. Oh dear. Leslie! You have to do something!" He exclaimed, running his hand through his hair. "She is going to drown! You have to do something, Leslie!" Cray yelled. He felt like he was going to cry. His sister was going to drown and a little piece of him inside was going to shatter into a million pieces.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Without a thought Leslie jumped into the river. She was lucky the current wasn't to harsh. She could swim but not against a harsh river after a storm. Leslie held her breath and dove to grab Mia. She wrapped her arms around her waist and swam back up with her free arm. She swam to the bank and shouted at Cray, "Help me pull her up." she said sneering at her twin. Cray was being useless and it burned a fire in Leslies heart making her face red. When she got Mia ont the bank she flopped up beside her out of breath, "Are you alright?" she asked concerned as her sister spit up water.

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She coughed, spitting out water and gasping for breath. Her act had gone too far, for a while she thought she was to die. She loved the attention that her older sister was giving her. She saw her pacing around, the expression on his face worried but he waited for a girl to jump in to save her, what a wuss. He probably would have jumped in if it was the girl he likes so much.She nodded at Leslie's Question, her inside cold. She wrapped her wet dress around her"Don't tell mum what just happened, all of us won't hear the end of it especially your two" She said pointing at her two older siblings. They couldn't tell now she knew. She thought back to what she heard before she fell in, trying to change the subject she said"So there's a girl, is she pretty Does our family know her"She said curious and bombarding Cray with question. She beamed at him.

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Cray watched as Leslie jumped into the water to save Mia, a couple of water droplets getting on his shoe. He wiped them off even though they were just a pair of his beat up sneakers. Helping pull Mia up, he stayed quiet. He didn't have anything to say at the moment. Leslie was going to ask Mia everything. After all, they were closer to each other. "Oh. I promise that I will never tell Mum about any of this that has happened." Cray crossed his heart, sitting on the ground. Cray rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly. ""Yeah. She's a girl. She is very pretty. No. I don't think that Mum and Father know her. She isn't my girlfriend, yet." Cray winked. "However, she will be my girlfriend soon and maybe once we get to know each other I will propose to her and we will live happily ever after like in those little romantic fairytales that everybody seems to love these days."

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She glared at him, she snapped "Well I tell them about your secret girlfriend aww"She said, walking u to him, holding out her little pink finger"Pinkie promise you won't tell, or ill tell"She said daringly. She wrinkled her nose in disgust"Romantic fairy tales are so boring, I love books when people die"She said vicious, picking up leaves and throwing it at Cray's hair. He hated the dirt and she knew he'd complain. She splashed water on his face" Do you love her"She said quietly, sitting down again. She fiddled with her fingers. She didn't know what it was like to love someone in that way. Cray always had a girlfriend but always broke up with them. She read some of Madeline's book about love it was gross and always ended up with kissing. Eww, she thought.

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Cray's eyes widened. "No! I mean, you can't possibly do that. They probably want me to get married to a princess and I don't know if this girl that I know is a princess or not." He shook his head with a shrug. Either way, Cray thought that she was the best girl in the whole entire world. Cray smiled, latching his pinky finger with Mia's. "I promise. You just have to promise me that you won't tell them about any of this and about me." He spoke. Cray's eyes widened again when his sister said that she loved books where people died. Even though her sister was ten, Cray had to admit that she was pretty different from all of the other kids in the village. As Mia splashed water in his face and picked up leaves and dirt as she placed them on his head, he was going to answer every single question that he asked. After all, it wasn't like he had anything to do. "Of course I do." Cray spoke, closing his eyes so he wouldn't get dirt in his eyes. "I love her a lot."

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Mia smiled brightly, her baby blue eyes shining, she loved spending time with her siblings and now she had two of them hanging out with her "Well you'll get in more trouble if my secrect got out then me, so this promise is kinda saving you"She said, her face twisted into a beautiful smile. She pushed herself up and landed softly on Crays back"Do you like her more than me"She said anxiously, messing up his styled hair playfully, she hated how he always put it in that style. She put her arms around his neck in the setup of a piggyback "Run donkey run"She said laughing gently and kicking Cray's back softly. She knew that he would say he liked her more to keep her happy, she wasn't stupid. In fact all er teachers applauded and swore to the king that she was clever than every kid they have ever taught even Leslie and Cray so there. She read books that were too old for her due to having so much fee time.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie watched Mias mood change completely and her mouth hung open. She began to play around and Leslies temper rose. She jumped into a river to save her drowning her sister and she sure wasn't acting like she nearly died. "Both of you stop!" Leslie snapped walking up to the two of them. "Or I will spill both of your secrets. Now... Mia you have one chance to tell me the truth," she said kneeling down to her little sister, looking stern. "What on earth was that?" she said. She didn't want to dip into her sisters fragile mind as easily as Crays because she was much closer and trusting in Mia. She knew it was no accident she went into the river, and she knew something was wrong with Mia and she was getting to the bottom of it.

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Cray wondered if all of the questions were ever going to stop, and maybe they weren't. However, Cray wasn't going to do anything about it. He didn't feel like doing anything. He already had a lot to do back at the kingdom. He wanted to be free for a while before he had to go back home. "Of course I don't. I like you and Leslie and our big family a lot more, but I still love her a lot." He replied, brushing the dirt and leaves from his hair. Cray started slowly moving on all fours and stopped when Leslie said to. Then, she asked why she jumped into the water like that. Cray was very curious also to find out, so he stopped and let Mia off of his back.

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(((Can Mia be slightly immune to Leslie's power))

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) ((Sure))

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Mia's head felt on fire, her head heating up. Her blue eyes became dull and cold as she gazed at her sibling. She felt faint, her eyes drooping. Leslie's Question echoed repeatedly in her head, she shook her head confused. Her mouth opening slightly.Mia wrinkled her nose and stared intently at the sky, as if the words he was looking for were, somehow, written there. Mia placed and spread her fingers over her mouth to keep ill-advised words, She frowned, feeling faint. She fell down to her feets from Crays back looking at him confused, She glared at him slightly but it took too much energy, She could feel a buzzing sound in her head. Is this how people feel under my power too "I nearly drowned"She said truthfully to Leslie.Her brain trying to fight back the urge to spill her guts. She pushed Leslie out of her brain"You will forget about it" She said sternly. Twisting her sister's thoughts and placing those in return. Her feets bent from all the energy she had used to stop Leslie and her vision distorted. Placing her hand over her chest she coughed out tiny flecks of blood. She fell backwards, faint all the energy derived of her. She had fought off her sister but now all her energy was done. She fainted slowly.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Dammit Mia." Leslie cursed as Mia fell. She managed to cradle her head before getting the full impact of the ground. She wipped a few streaks of blood from the corners of Mias mouth and looked at her with concern and slight panic. She searched Mias head for consciousness but couldn't find any. Leslie knew this wasn't fake as the drowning had been. She looked to Cray who stared wide eyed. "I think its just exhaustion, I invaded her mind a little too harshly and she tried to retaliate. But I need you to go get help anyways. No one from the castle, do you understand?" she asked sternly directing her brother to run. She cradled Mias head as she stirred.

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Cray cursed under his breath when Mia fainted. His heart seemed like it was pounding in his chest. He had no idea what to do or who to get to help them. The first thing that came to his mind was his Mother or Father, but they would have a real talk afterwards. "Dang." Cray muttered, getting up off of the ground. "Nobody from the castle? Are you sure? What if I bring back a serial killer? Do you really want a serial killer to help Mia? What if he kills her? Well, if she isn't already dead." It seemed like Cray was worrying way too much. How was he ever going to run the kingdom one day when he worried all of the time?

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie grunted at him and his dramatics. She always wondered how her brother rule one day, but right now she couldn't even see it happening at all. "Just go Cray, I trust you won't screw up." she said frustrated. She looked back to Mia as she stirred, but she was not conscious, Leslie could tell from her mind.

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Cray groaned as he walked back the way he came. How was he going to find somebody that could help Mia out? Nobody from the castle. He didn't know anybody in the village. Then, he saw a man. He kind of looked distressed. "Hey! Um, mind helping us? My sister is in great peril." He asked, grabbing the man's arm as he walked back to the stop. "I found a man!" He exclaimed, grinning idiotically.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie looked up to see a total stranger next to Cray. Leslie gave him a well trained glare while cradling Mias head in her lap. "Is he a doctor?" she asked knowing the answer before he said it.

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Cray looked over at the man that he brought over. All he did was scratch his gray beard. "Are you a doctor?" He whispered, which led the man to nod. "He said that he is." Cray replied, nodding. He just found this man a few minutes ago and he didn't even bother to ask any questions about his personal life on the hike back up. Hopefully he wasn't lying.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslies features softened at the mention and relief washed over her. She moved her hand beckoning the man to approach Mia. "She had passed out after trying to block... my ability... " she said watching her words. Maybe she shouldn't let this stranger know he was dealing with the royal family.

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Cray watched as the man walked over to Leslie and Mia. He wished that he could help. Cray felt pretty useless, but he was helping. He had found the man. Then, the man whispered something to Cray. "This man said that he is going to something that is beyond crazy, but it is going to possibly work." Cray explained. "He is going to put his two hands on her forehead, mutter a saying a couple of times, and she should be back alive. Kind of like a wizard's work." He said. Then, the man placed his wrinkly hands on Mia's forehead and muttered a saying, closing his faint gray eyes.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie gasped, appalled by her brothers decisions. "Wizardry is not real!" Leslie said half yelling, startling the stranger beside her. But when she shouted she felt some consciousness in Mias mind. "Mia get get up," she said desperately. She reached over and dipped her hands into the water and flicked some onto Mias face.

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((She'll wake up, wait just a second. I'll reply ASAP))

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Mia slowly lifted her heavy eyelids and as the strong smell of wine and her sisters expensive, perfume filled Her nose. Her mouth was dry and she smacked her lips a few times startled to see blood flecked around her lips. She was lying down, on the ground, seeing object she had never seen before. She felt like she had slept for years, but she was still tired. She heard gasps slowly turned her head towards the source of the noise. The muscles in her neck were stiff and sore. She saw her sister gazing at her, a man who seemed to be the source of the stench staring down at her. His horrible breath wafting in her nose. She pushed her sister and the smelly old man hardly. Pushing her up to stand, sue struggled and fell on the hard ground. Tears spurted in her eyes from the pain joining the water splashed on her face.. Confused she touched her face. Her eyes moving onto her brother, standing slightly aware from her, hje looked shocked. She tried to wave but her hand flopped down. She remembered her sister using her powers on her. A smile played on her lips she whispered,”Whoa, Mother you can’t use your powers on me, she loved to hear that you knocked me unconscious” She said giggling at the fact.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie sighed in relief that her sister was awake, even if she was acting like a brat. Leslie just rolled her eyes and smiled at her, getting up to hug her. "Don't scare us like that again." she said into Mias hair. She then went to the old man and shook his hand. "Thank you but we dont need your... wizardry." she said dismissing him.

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Mia wrinkled her nose in thought ”What do you mean wizardry” She said confused. She looked worriedly at her siblings, wondering whatever happened when she umm… fainted. She sat there crossing her legs. Thinking about stories, she read about wizards. Her brain joined up the facts and a clear image of what happened when she fainted replaced all her doubt. She chuckled, running her fingers through her long blond hair. Her blue eyes shining from amusement” No way… You lot got a wizard to cure me” She said laughing, coughing from the sudden chuckles. She raised her eyebrows at her siblings”You so dumb he totally tried to scam you, what would he do say a spell and wake me up” She said winking at the smelly old man

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Cray bit his lower lip, watching the man walk back to where he was sitting a few minutes ago. Then, he looked up at Mia and then back down at his shoes. "You could say that. I didn't even know that he was a wizard, but I guess he was some sort of wizard doctor." He spoke, shrugging. It was kind of weird having a guy who did some sort of magic to get Mia to wake up again, but he was still glad that she was back up again. She wasn't dead. She was still alive and the best part was that their family never found out.

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(( *Cough* Bray, is this roleplay carrying on or what?))

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) ((SHoooot yes so sorry! Been so busy!))

Leslie laughed at Mia and looked to Cray, "He was totally trying to scam us, Cray. Its amazing you haven't yet been killed." she said standing up to enjoy the sibling banter she had long craved. She pinched Mias cheek both for the trouble she had caused and because she was so cute. "If you ever need to talk, I am here. Ok Mi?" she said quietly to her sister.

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Mia squirmed as Leslie pinched her cheeks. She didn't do it really hard but it hurt. Mia rubbed her cheek glaring at her sister"Ouch that hurts Lez" she exclaimed. Her hair had become ruffled with ivy from her fall but she left it just like that because she thought it looks pretty. Mia wrinkled her nose at Lezlie's statement and bit her lip not saying anything. Rather than answering Leslie she turned to Cray"You know you can be dumb sometimes, it's weird that you will be king soon"She said jokingly, unaware of the fact that her older siblings hated this topic.

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Cray sat down on the grass again, looking at Leslie and Mia. They were so close. Why couldn't he have a relationship with a sibling like that? "I know, but at least Mia is still alive and thank goodness that it worked." He spoke, nodding. Then, he held his head low in shame when Mia told him what she had said. "I know," He muttered, looking at a little yellow flower that was planted into the ground.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie felt awkwardness spread when Crazy agreed so she decided to sit down near him. She was always one to make things brighter for her siblings. "Hey listen, we are only teasing. You will make a great King." She said genuinely. Even though she had started a resistance against her father and her brother, it didn't mean she didn't believe in him. She simply didn't believe in the way things were being run

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) (?)

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Cray nodded, fiddling with a piece of grass between his two pale fingers. "I know. I shouldn't have taken it so seriously. You guys tease me all of the time. I should have known." He said, looking back with a little smile on his face. "Thanks. And I know that if you get married to a guy who happens to be a King or something, you will be a great Queen, Leslie." He spoke. His sister was really mature and always there for him when he needed her.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 66 comments Iris sat by the waterfall. She felt a calming feeling as she listened to the rushing of the waterfall. She loved coming here to relax, climb the stones, or swim.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Sapphire was nearby, looking through her bag.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 66 comments Iris layer down, her hair spread out on the grass. She stared at the sky, looking at the clouds changing shape.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Sapphire glanced at the girl and smiled. Good idea being out. Good for your health.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 66 comments Iris used her 'Sight' and was startled, because she saw someone there. Embarrassed, she stood up. "Uh, err... Hi...! Iris said awkwardly

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Sapphire smiled at her as she closed her bag. "Hello," she said nicely. "Beautiful day."

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