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Huge tracts of land where berries and grapes are cultivated for making wine.

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Kim spotted her male friend, eating the fruits off the vines. She smirked and snuck up behind him. "Excuse me sir, but are you supposed to be eating those?" She said loudly.

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Kim laughed at the boy's guilty expression. "I know, I know. It was so worth it though. I like pranks. They are a fun past time." She grinned. "It is nice to see you too. And don't worry, perhaps you can get me back someday."

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"I am most definitely at your service Adam." Kim mock curtsied. "What do you need help with?" She guessed picking more grapes but she decided not to say anything.

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"Oh, don't worry. I got my lady in waiting to keep him busy for me." Kim waved her hand. "And ooh! I'm so in. What do you need me to do?"

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"I think, to make this the most embarrassing for him, I should wear the mask. So he can get scared by a girl! Also, I think you'd have a better time distracting him then a strange girl."

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Kim stifled a giggle but stayed hidden. She would attack when the time was right. When Arthur was totally distracted, Kim snuck up behind him. She tapped his shoulder. She moved swiftly so when he turned his head, he saw nothing. Then, when he turned back to Adam, he had a friend. "Boo." Kim smirked.

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Kim high fived him and giggled. "Thanks! That was quite the rush." Then she looked down at the mortified boy and smiled. She took the mask off and shook her hair. "Sorry you had to meet me that way. I'm Kim." She stuck out her hand.

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"Maybe. Maybe not. But we are pretty great together." Kim smirked as she looked at her friend. "Don't feel bad. I scared Adam here too just before I scared you. You both got scared by a girl."

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"Nope. Though I'm starting to wonder if I'm half and half. But I'm actually a mind." Kim explained. "Though don't worry, as long as I don't touch you your thoughts are safe.

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Kim nodded. "Yes. But honestly... I don't care. I don't care in the slightest. The prejudice against you guys is absolutely ludicrous. You are just like me are you not? I would rather be pubicly shamed then to shame my own kind."

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"It's truly sad more people don't think the way we do. If I could get more people to think that way I would. Guess I'll have to wait until I'm Duchess." Kim sighed before realizing Arthur didn't know yet. "I mean.. Till later." She covered.

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Kim sighed. "I suppose it's better to tell him now then never." She bit her lip nervously, wondering if this would change Arthur's view of her.

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"Sorry. Communicating by thoughts." Kim smiled. "Anyway, you did hear me say Duchess... I'm part of the Clarkes family. My parents are the Duke and Duchess of Kortana. But please don't think of me any different. I'm just like you." She pleaded.

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Kim grinned and actually hugged the boy. "Sorry, it's just.. You two are the only people who don't immediately act different around me after learning I'm royalty. It makes me so happy." She said happily.

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"Yes. They get all awkward and say stuff like your highness and bow. It makes me feel so silly. My older sisters love it but I just want to be normal." Kim brushed her hair out of her face. "That's why I enjoy Adam's company so much. And I look foward to spending time with you as well."

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Kim accepted the berries. "It gets tiring after a while I suppose. I don't want to be seen as just royalty. I don't know. I'm an odd duck." She popped the berries in her mouth.
((Question: Do you want to have the boys have feelings for Kim?)

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"Yes, I suppose I am unique." Kim smiled. "I think I like that better then odd." She really did like that the boys were so accepting. She felt at home.

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"I don't think I was born in the right category to be perfectly frank. I believe I was meant to be a symbol. I don't snub the symbols like other emblems, I hate telling people I'm royalty, I hate wearing fancy clothes, I'm just everything an emblem is not. I mean. My sisters wouldn't be caught dead wearing this or talking to you guys." Kim gestured to her ensemble of a blouse and jeans. "My sisters hate Symbols and prefer to wear dresses and skirts."

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Kim looked over at the voice. "Oh! You must be Quinn. I've heard lots about you. Wonderful to meet you." She stuck out her hand. She really hoped the girl would like her as much as the boys seemed to.

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"Oh, um yeah." Kim fidgted. "Look, I hate being royal. If I could give it up I would. And don't blame Adam. I don't usually tell people. I hope we can still be friends." She said hopefully.

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"And I completely understand that." Kim said. "I don't expect you to trust me right away "
She knew the girl didn't trust her at all, she could sense it. She really hoped she could change that.

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Kim shook her head. "Not a soul knows but myself. My sisters are off on their own adventures, my lady in waiting is currently sick, my guard Brutus just thinks I'm off playing, and my parents... They don't really care about us unless we're coughing up blood or something."

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"They are busy with their royal duties. I guess it's best not to bother them." Kim sighed as Marty perched on her shoulder. "Hey Marty. Long time no see!" She petted the pigeon. "We've become well aquainted. He's just a little sweetheart." She smiled. Marty cooed.

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"Yeah. But whatever. It's fine. I have my sisters, my lady in waiting Mona, Brutus, and most importantly, you guys." Kim smiled.
Marty cocked his head at Arthur's words. "Silly Marty. I cannot believe you forgot to mention me." Kim laughed, kissing the top of the pigeon's head. "I just adore birds."

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"Well yeah. You guys are my friends now. Did I not tell you? Adam, you have changed my life in so many ways. Arthur, Quinn, you have only bettered my opinion of Symbols. And of course little Marty."

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"Of course." Kim followed Quinn. Marty cooed in protest but Kim shushed him with a pet. Suddenly Quinn stopped. "What do you need?" Kim asked her.

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"Oh absolutely. What animals? Do you know their whereabouts?" Kim asked. "I'm sure I can get it back. Animals can be sneaky creatures but you kust have to be sneakier."

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"Okay. Let me check. And don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Kim smiled and slipped in the cave.
She was light on her feet so not to disturb the slumbering bears. She spotted a glittering locket near one of the bears. She tiptoed over, and grasped the locket. She slipped out and held the necklace up. "This it?"

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Kim hugged the girl back. "Oh of course! That's what friends do right?" She squeezed Quinn's hands. "Come on, we better go check on the boys. Hopefully they haven't gotten into trouble."

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"Oh my." Kim covered her mouth. She spied the nearly empty basket of blueberries and shook her head. "Too many blueberries huh boys? Well don't worry. I have something for you." She reached into her pocket and pulled out almonds. "There are squirrels around where I live that love these. So I always carry them. But they've also been proven to sooth upset stomachs." She gave a few to the boys and took Marty in her hands.

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"I'm alright. Just happy that I have so many new friends." Kim stroked Marty. "And all because I happened upon a boy looking for his pigeon"

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Kim laughed. "Thanks guys. This is all so new to me yet it feels like old hat with you." Then she had an odd look on her face. "Marty is thinking a song." She said.

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Kim nodded. "He's thinking.." She was silent for a moment. "Kim and Adam sitting in a tree. K i s s i n g. That didn't happen did it?"

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"While we were sitting in a tree, we did not kiss. Silly Marty." Kim looked rather embarrased herself. "Don't make up stories."

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Kim looked over at Adam. "Well. That was quite awkward wasn't it?" She let a small smile slip. "I apologize, I probably shouldn't have brought it up. I was just confused."

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Kim giggled. "I'll take note of that." She said. Kim cocked her head. "An expedition huh? I'm game. What are we to do?"

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"Well that should't be a problem at all. I trust you completely." Kim smiled happily. "This shall be a wondeful expedition."

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Kim followed him curiously. When he turned back and asked the question, she was almost caught off guard. "Um, yes, uh, my sisters and I used to ride them a lot as little girls."

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"Ah, a while. I'm not really allowed to be around horses anymore. I had.. An accident... My father, he uh, forbid me from seeing them." Kim shifted her feet awkwardly. It was a hard topic for her to speak about.

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"Father doesn't need to know." Kim said bravely. "I would quite like to see this baby horse. I'm tired of being a good girl. I need to rebel a bit. Come on, let's go see it."

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"Oh dear. The poor thing got stuck." Kim said sympathetically. She walked over to the foal and petted it's mane. "Come on sweetie. You can do it. Just slowly lift up your-er, hoove I suppose." With a little more coaxing, she was able to get the foal out.

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"Honestly I'm not sure. But I'm glad I didn't get muddy, my mother would be suspicious." Kim shrugged. "And she does doesn't she? Like a little puppy." She crooned as the dizzy foal walked around lopsidedly.

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Kim was now nose to nose with a very handsome boy. She was too stunned to speak. She put a hand on his shoulder to steady herself and was surprised with what she heard.

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A million things were racing through Kim's mind at that moment. But mostly, she was focused on kissing the boy in front of her. When they pulled away she looked into his eyes. "I never thought.."

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"Hey." Kim gently caught his chin and turned his face towards her. "I do like you. Quite a lot actually. I just.. I never imagined you'd feel the same way." She admitted. Then, she leaned in and pressed her lips to his once more.

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"Awe." Kim blushed. "I'm truly flattered. I wish I noticed sooner. Would have saved me so much heartache. Someone like you liking me? I didn't believe it." She hugged him tightly.

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"Well we have the foal to thank for making you less shy. But the rest we have to do on our own. And that is why.." Kim closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Would you um, like to, be my boyfriend?"

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Kim giggled. "Probably not. But I prefer to keep it that way. Keep you on your toes." She grinned.
She looked back at the foal. "I never thought I'd do this but thank you little one."

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"You're an Emblem right? They shouldn't mind. As long as they don't know I met you in a tree we should be good. Thank the heavens you weren't born a Symbol, or I would have had to hide our relationship. And that's not something I want to do." Kim said.

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