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A large manison near the outskirts of the village, facing lush green hills and a crystal clear lake where royals and their relatives come to here to stay for some time to be relieved of the business of the towns and cities.

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Emilie Andersen The tomatoes at the countryhouse were probably the most happy tomatoes on this planet if Theo had to say so himself. He's spent the whole day whistling tunes and making sure that they were well cared for before he found himself near the cabbages. He sometimes took some liberties as work that got him scolded by the rest of the staff but he'd managed to make the tomatoes grow better than ever so he figured it would be okay for him to just take a short little nap among the cabbages. He was whistling an innocent little tune as he looked around him then finally dug his way under the leaves so the only thing you could see of him were his feet sticking out. When he'd found a comfortable position he yawned loudly then fell easily asleep while still whistling a bit.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie decided that it was a wonderful day to explore the Country house grounds as she used to so long ago. Now that she was away from the castle and her family, she could be free to roam as she pleased. Leslie walked through the cabbage field looking at the sky as birds floated among clouds. This is, until she hit what felt like two logs buried in leaves and toppled to the ground. "Ow." she said rubbing her head as she lay on the ground confused.

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Emilie Andersen Theo had not expected anyone to take walks among the cabbages. Who even did that? He'd done this multiple time, sleeping in these vegetables beds, and no one normally bothered him which is why he'd found it safe enough to do today. When someone stumbled over his legs and fell to the ground, Theo sat up immediately and looked around in surprise. All the blood ran from his face though when he realised that he hadn't just slept on the job but had been caught by none other than the oldest princess, "you majesty" he exclaimed in surprise as he jumped up and offered his hand, pretty sure he was dead. He'd not been here long enough to meet the royal family in person but even he knew how most of them looked, or he'd at least heard tales of it, so when he looked down at the girl in front of him, he didn't doubt who it was which is why he knew for sure he was screwed.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) When Lelsie realized it was a person who she tripped over she gasped. She felt bad for stepping on him. "Oh, please I am so sorry. I did not see you there." she said, still a little shocked. She laughed, the situation was rather odd. Not often did people walk in cabbage fields, but not often did people nap in them. "Last time I take a short cut back through the field." she said laughing on the ground.

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Emilie Andersen Theo found the whole situation surreal since he hadn't ever counted on anyone apologizing for him to falling over him while he was napping in the middle of work, "you do realise you have no reason to apologize, right?" he asked with a cheeky grin, removing his hand he'd offered to her as he realised that it might be rude to touch a royal and instead he sat down next to her and dug his bare feet into the cool soil. He scratched the back of his head embarassed when she decided that it was the last time she took a short cut, "I promise I do not normally nap among the cabbages" he hurried to say, putting a bit of his song charm in just so he would be more convincing. There was no reason to tell her that he actually prefered to nap among the rhubarbs instead, "I hope I didn't ruin your clothes too much" he asked with great concern, mostly because if the princess told anyone about the incident he would be in big trouble and if there were dirt stains on her dress, someone would definitely ask about them.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie only smiled at the situation. "Of course I need to apologize, I stepped on you." She said with a laugh. She didn't really question why he was there, just kinda accepted it when he said he only napped here sometimes. She felt the ground around her. "It does seem rather comfy. And don't worry about my clothes. As long as you're ok." She said lightly. She hated when people knew who she was and treated her differently.

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Emilie Andersen Theo couldn't help letting out a laughter when she pointed out that she'd stepped on him, "it was not as if you did it on purpose. I was afterall hiding among the cabbages" he said, starting to plucking leaves from the vegetables that had turned yellow - you were not a gardener for nothing. When she commented on it not being comfy, Theo looked at her in surprise, "quite the opposite" he said and grabbed her hand without thinking then placed it on the soil he'd been lying on moments earlier, "it's quite soft and cool. It becomes kind of like a small sanctuary" he told her with a big and cheerful grin.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie watched as he ran her hand through the soil. She nodded her head, was right. The soul would be so nice and cool on days like this. "Wow, you're right. I'll have to try it sometimes." She said with a litttle giggle. She then nudged him and smiled, "and hey we all need a break sometimes." She knew that most of all, hence why she was visit the country house in the first place

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Emilie Andersen ((Sorry! Life abducted me a bit :b))

Theo looked at her comically when she suggested trying it herself, "would you actually be allowed to do that?" he asked amused, having momentarily forgotten that the girl next to him was a princess but now he was reminded again - girls like her seemed like someone who got pampered just before bed by servants - he couldn't imagine any of them allowing her to sleep outside. He grinned when she commented on needing a break, "well if you ever need a break then you should try and lie among the rhubarbs" he offered, "I will even help you find the best spot if you need it" he said then laughed at how crazy this was.

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"Sure I would. Being Princess has its perks," she said with a luagh. Some people could take that joke the wrong way and she had hoped he wouldn't. "Rhubarbs, eh?" she said raising and eye brow with an amused smile. "Sounds... refreshing. Oh and I am Leslie by the way." she out stretch her hand to shake his

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Emilie Andersen ((Damn I'm so sorry! I will answer as soon as I get home and promise to answer and become better at it! ))

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Emilie Andersen Theo let out a laugh when she said that being princess had its perks, "and you of course would never use your position to get what you want, right?" he asked with a small grin, hoping she knew that he was only joking, "if I were a princess I would eat everything in the kitchen" he said with a small sigh, only living of stale bread, a bit of meat and some vegetables every second day. Theo nodded when she commented on the rhubarbs, "they normally grow so tall you can disappear in them. And I've given them extra love this year so they almost look like a small rain forest" he said proudly. When she stretched out her hand, Theo wiped his own in his dirty clothes then shook it, "Theodore but please call me Theo. I sound like one of those stuck up barons with that name" he said, not even considering if saying that would insult her.

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