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Bray  Knox (brayknox) The towns bar, where you can come for a much needed drink and where you can see a large selection of those washed up.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait beat another elderly man at an arm wrestling match. As she took a sip of her drink, she grimaced because it was too bitter. "See, I beat you! You never knew that a girl could be stronger than you, huh?" She exclaimed, a smirk on her face. "Who else wants to go against Kait Hawk?" She asked loudly, standing on her chair. Nobody answered, which made Kait's hopes fall down the drain. She liked doing arm wrestling matches. In fact, she loved them, mostly because everybody that she went against always lost to her which meant that she always won. Taking a sip of her drink, Kait sighed, slumping in her chair as she waited for somebody to sit across from her and do an arm wrestling match.

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lorien | 616 comments "Any louder and the soldiers may just wonder what all this noise is," Corra said darkly from a corner. "So unless you feel like making a new home in a jail cell, I suggest you keep your voice down."
Corra was leaning against the wall and propping her legs on a table, crossing them. She was also wearing her dark hood which covered her eyes, casting a shadow on her face.
She wasn't here to have fun like so many of the people here, instead, she was suppose to collect information. This place seemed to be the best spot, sit in a corner, and poke through people's minds unnoticed.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait took another sip of her drink, which she was getting used to now despise the terrible bitter taste that the drink had. Why didn't anybody want to go against her? It was quite a shame. After all, she came here almost every single week, played against everybody, and won all of the time. She often bragged about it, but if the person looked ruthless she didn't do anybody about it. Then, she looked in the corner. It was actually really dark, so she couldn't really see. her powers. How could she be so stupid? She was a sight! Kait used her powers to see who was in the corner, so she wouldn't have to get up and walk over there, possibly getting strangled. It was a person.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra sighed and walked over to the girl who yelled her declaration. She tossed a bag of coins on the girl's table and said, "How about a round with me? Fair and square."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait looked at the person who was coming over to her. She looked up at her and gulped a bit. Kait barely got scared because arm wrestle matches were usually quite silly, but she was actually scared. This was an opponent that she knew nothing about. Then, she watched the bag of coins land on the table. She wanted that really bad. "Sure." Kait replied with a smirk.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra nodded, not bothering to take off her hood and made her way to the chair in front of her opponent. She hoisted her arm on the table and loosened her muscles.
"Ready whenever you are."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait stared at the wood of the table. One half of her wished that she never said anything and just wandered around town. The other half of her was begging her to do this. Then, she put her arm on the table. "Okay. I'm ready."

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lorien | 616 comments Corra lightly gripped the girl's hand and smiled.
She had no idea why she wanted to do this but mostly because it seemed fun and the girl was making such a ruckus and Corra wanted to keep her quiet. Undoubtedly though, the girl would just continue to yell out requests no matter even if Corra somehow managed to shut her up.

((Should Kait or Corra win the arm wrestle?))

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emma (theonlytanman)
It seemed like Kait's heart was beating out of her chest. She had no idea if she was going to win, but she didn't want to lose. It was all about her reputation, mostly the money, but still about her reputation. Then, her arm felt like it was going down and Kait was starting to get a bit scared about that.

(( maybe corra? ))

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lorien | 616 comments Corra smirked beneath her hood and wrapped two fingers around the girl's wrist, slowly pulling the arm down towards the table.
Hopefully this works, she thought.

((Haha! That sounds good. XD))

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait winced as she wrapped two fingers around her wrist, bringing it down slowly. She didn't want to lose. Not today, but it seemed like she was going to fail miserably. Biting her tongue, she had no idea what was coming up next for her.

(( XD ))

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lorien | 616 comments Corra quickly slammed the girl's arm and kept it there for a while before letting it go and leaning back in her chair.
Whoops and hollers echoed in the pub and that made Corra's smirk grow even more.
"I believe I'll take this then," she reached out to grab her pouch but hesitated and lingered her hand over it. "Unless you want to have another try."

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait winced as she watched her arm slam against the wooden table. She lost. She lost and she couldn't do anything about it. Her streak had finally broke. As she looked around at everybody, she didn't know if she could handle the stares. Hopefully nobody was staring. She didn't want to know. "Nah. I'm good." Kait said. "You won fair and square. Besides, I don't need any money right now."

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments (( Can I join to the party??))

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emma (theonlytanman) ~Peri~ Soul Taker!!!! wrote: "(( Can I join to the party??))"

(( sure! ))

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lorien | 616 comments Corra snatched the pouch away and leaned back in her chair.
"You had a good grip but it's lacking of something. Humbleness, I think we call it. So please don't think yourself as being the best or brag before you wrestle, otherwise you'll continually be in the same position you are in now."


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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait slumped down in her seat, crossing her arms and letting out a big breath. "It is just that I have never lost before and today was kind of, you know, the big shocker that Kait Hawk wasn't even looking for." She spoke, waving her hands when she said her name. "You know my name now. What's your name if I can ask?"

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments This morning Anne Elizabeth De`Henry Callaghan,next duchess of the De`Henry family, relieved her guards from their duties in the emblem city as soon as she was out of their manor and changed into normal clothes. Her skin color attract enough attention so she wrapped a colorful shawl around her head covering her raven hair. She looks like a merchant now, not that anyone here knows her, still. Elz scrunched her nose at her own reflex in the water and started her adventure. She can memorize every road every back alley in emblem city and Kastriot village, so naturally her attention now turned to Kortrite village.
She spend a good amount of time wandering around the village before finally her legs gave out. She smiled to herself and entered the bar. Elz ordered a drink and looked around. It was full but what caught her attention was the two girls in the corner of the room.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra lifted her gaze to see a girl with raven black hair walk in. Odd. Corr studied the girl, the way she held herself was like that of a noble, she tilted her head like a dog, or maybe a close relative to the king.
She directed her attention back to Kait. "Violet Haberdasher. It's my real name but it sure does sound like it could be, doesn't it?"

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments It won't do any harm in talking to them so Elz edged closer to the two girls. They wore not exactly cheap but normal clothes and they don't seem to be friends either. She wanted to know more about this place and from what she gathered from other villages, she can tell there is an unrest within people. She won't be surprised if they rebel against the royalty, of course if they can find the courage to do that, not everyone is headstrong and fearless or stupid.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait looked up at the girl who has just walked into the bar and pub, some of her brown hair was over her brown eyes. "Violet Haberdasher? That's your real name?" Kait asked, taking another sip of her drink. It still tasted the same, bitter, but it was awfully addicting. As she messed with the hole in the knee of her jeans, she looked back up at the girl who was talking to her. Then, she looked at the girl who had just walked in. Hopefully she wasn't royalty. Either way, she was fine if she was or not. After all, Kait didn't judge, half of the time.

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lorien | 616 comments "No," Corra smirked underneath her hood. "It isn't. Though a fake name does come in handy doesn't it?"
She snuck a glance at the girl approaching their table. Turning her towards the girl so her mouth was only visible, "Is there something you want, stranger? Or can we go about with our discussion in peace?"

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Elz was surprised by the girl's rudeness. Are they all like that in this country? She smirked and sat down with them. "I just wanted to sit here, as you can see, there are no any other seats were left. And my name is Elzie not stranger Ms.rude and a merchant", she gestured at her black hair and looked at them, "I jut didn't want to sit with those drunkards", she said and shrugged, which wasn't entirely false.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait nodded, taking another sip of her drink for what seemed like the millionth time today. The bitter taste was starting to get quite addicting for her. After all, it wasn't that bad. "Oh, um, yeah. It is actually sort of crowded in here. I'm Kait Hawk by the way." She said with a smile. "And I totally get what you mean, Elzie. One time I have seen some grown men have a fight over something that was absolutely stupid. However, I can't remember what though."

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Elzie presented the girl, Kait, a small smile. "Yeah men are stupid when they are drunk. They think they are invincible which is hilarious of course except my brother." she took a sip from her beer. "He is always sober", Elzie frowned at the thought of her brother. "Do you have any siblings Kait?"

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lorien | 616 comments Corra leaned back into her chair, crossing her arms while scanning the faces in the room.
She could just take a reading on this girl. Slip in, slip out. That's what she was most known for in the court. But she would also get in trouble if the girl, Elzie, had detected her.
"You've had many encounters with these type of men before?" she asked Elzie.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait lightly laughed. "Yeah. Some of these men are goofballs. Even the women get rowdy sometimes. It is so crazy. I may have went crazy some point in my life, but I don't think that we should really talk about that right now." Kait added. Then, she shook her head. It would be cool if she had siblings, or any friends in general. "Oh no. I wish I did, but sadly I don't."

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments "You can say I've had enough of those in my plate. I'm a merchant, lady, so yeah I meet many", she said to the brown haired girl with a pointed look. "Oh yeah siblings are a pain in the you-know-where, but it's nice to have one or two. In my case, my brother is always saying he will protect me" she said bristling. "Like I need any protection", she rolled her eyes and winked at Kait signaling a bar maid to bring more drinks. "My treat"

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments ((sorry guys my replies are late than usual. I'm little bit busy with college stuff ))

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lorien | 616 comments "You don't look like a merchant," Corra mumbled, scanning the people once again at the pub.
She knew what merchant's looked like, the way they held themselves, and it certainly did not seem like the stranger was a merchant. Something seemed to screamed that she was higher than a merchant. But maybe that was Corra being paranoid, again.

((No problem Peri! I'm a bit busy myself so I don't know if I'll be insanely active here. >.<))

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments She opened her mouth to ask the brown haired girl what she knows about merchants when a familiar voice scoffed behind her. Elzie sighed, "Hello handsome, couldn't you wait until I come back?" she asked turning her head towards the figure behind her. The boy cocked an eyebrow, the usual smile playing on his lips "I wouldn't have to Elz, if you'd told me before", he sat next to her. "Oh brother of mine, what a worry rat you are", Elzie muttered and gulped down the remaining of her drink in one full swing.

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emma (theonlytanman)
(( it's totally fine! ))

Kait took another sip of her drink as she watched the boy sit down next to Elzie. "Wait, if you don't mind me asking, is that your brother?" She asked curiously as she took another sip of her drink, setting it on the table gently because it seemed to be super heavy.

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments "Yeah, the one I mentioned before. Don't let his face cloud your mind, I know he is my brother", she leaned closer to Kait and whispered dramatically loud enough to others to hear her, "He is no friend of women..well maybe except for me." She turned her face towards her brother batting her eyes she said, "Sorry Alec, I just bonded with Kait a little while ago. So I had to tell the truth". For the young man's part he looked serene and a little bored, he had to go through this everyday, "Sister mine, you are crazy. I don't want people to know you are my sister least you are my twin when you are drunk", he said with a pointed look and took her mug out of her hands. "I'm not drunk" Elzie frowned.

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lorien | 616 comments "Not yet," Corra warned. "Two more of those mugs and you'll soon find yourself either begging for more or, sprawling across the floor like a baby. Lovely meeting you Mister Alec, twin to this. . . merchant, or whatever you claim yourself to be."

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Alec turned away from his sister to face the brown haired girl trying to figure out the young woman beside him. "Thank you for worrying about my sister and worry not my lady she is a merchant". Or more like her hobby, he thought but didn't say that out loud. "I think we should head back before father comes from home" he added reaching for her sister, "Another shipment is due to come tomorrow, you should be there to see it" Alec reminded her of her plans in case she has forgotten which is more unlikely. People who don't know might take her for a carefree headstrong girl but Alec knew her sister better than that. "I heard there is a panther on board", and that caught Elzie's attention. She grinned, "Ohh words travel fast here brother. How did you know I was trying to smuggle a panther?" to that question Alec didn't answered just smirked, "My treat tonight" he declared to the other two girls at the table to which Elzie rolled her eyes

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait stayed quiet as she brushed a piece of brown hair behind her ear that had fallen loose from her frizzy brown braid. She listened deeply to the conversation that Alec, Elzie, and Corra were having which was rather quite interesting. Then, Alec mentioned a panther. "Really? You tried to smuggle a panther?" She asked, amazed. "That's crazy, but it the best way possible." She spoke, nodding as she took another sip of her drink.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra smirked and asked, "I wonder how you managed to bring a panther all the way over here. Across seas too. Must've been a very tough job, keeping it safe, and caring for it."

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments A mug grin flashed on Elzie's face, "Oh bringing him wasn't that hard my lady but capturing it was. My men had to track it for two weeks." she said and then added after contemplating "If you want any foreign material, just contact me. Not boasting but I'm really good.", she looked at Corra-a challenge gleaming in her eyes- expecting her to laugh at her. "If you don't believe you can come to the harbor tomorrow morning, and you will see"

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emma (theonlytanman)
"Two weeks to track and capture the panther? That's crazy brilliant." Kait replied, grinning at the thought of going on a wild adventure just to capture an animal that could possibly bite your face off. "Of course. I'm pretty sure that we would all love to go to the harbor sometime this week. Even Corra would love to go. Won't you, Corra?" Kait asked, nudging her new friend.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra brushed the girl's arm off. "I would like to see for myself how and where this panther is. Truth is, it could be an entirely different breed of panther and I wouldn't want to miss it."
Playing the merchant certainly seemed to come with it's privileges and Corra quite like that.
But something the girl who nudged her set her off. . . she never told the girl her name.
"Where did you learn that name?" She asked, clenching her fists on the table as if recollecting a bad memory.
If this girl knew her true name this would end very badly.

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Elzies head snap to the girl's way when she heard her name-Corra, is this the so called duchess Lockwood. Elzie regarded her with an amused predatory gaze, Elzie smiled "That's an unusual name you got there my lady" she said before Alec could stop her. She could feel Alec's hand brushes over hers, he feels the same.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait slumped down in her chair, wincing even though she wasn't hurt. "Okay, but hasn't everybody heard of the royals in this town?" She asked, putting her hands on the table. "I mean, I have nothing else to say." She mumbled, suddenly feeling a bit scared even though that being scared of a person was nothing like her at all. "Maybe we can all just pass this conversation and talk about something nice."

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lorien | 616 comments "And what would you propose to be nice," Corra asked with a sarcastic tone. She turned back to the other girl and said, "It is. And one that I know fairly well. Who hasn't heard of the Duchess Corra Lockwood?"

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments "Ahh so it's you. Oh Alec isn't this awesome?" Elzie clapped her hands beaming at the duchess. Alec knew that looked and groaned, his twin has found her new hobby. He almost felt sorry for the duchess but decided to go along with his sister, "Yes, maybe she can introduce us some new nobles", he said wondering how this will all end. "Mhhmm, yeah why not.duhh she is a duchess", she said pointing Corra.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait slumped down in her seat even more, even though it probably wasn't even possible to keep on going. Alec, Elzie, and Corra could still see her. Her feet were resting on the legs of the table. Of course, she didn't say anything. She was actually pretty scared that these people would probably despise her after she left, pointing at her and saying mean things about this very day. In fact, she was terrified.

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lorien | 616 comments "And where did you get the idea that I'm that duchess?" Corra sneered, still not bothering to pull up her hood so the people could only see her mouth. She crossed her arms as she laid back and yelled in a very unladylike voice, "Where is the evidence? Where is the proof you have that says I'm the Duchess Corra Lockwood?"

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments "Kait, you think she is a duchess?", Elzie turned her attention to the girl who is trying to make her invincible around them. "Well for me your accent does sound like a duchess. But as you can see we two are not that close with the nobles here. In fact we are new to this kingdom." She gestured toward her skin complexion which is milky white and it is more highlighted in this dark bar.

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emma (theonlytanman)
Kait looked to Corra to Elzie and back to Corra. "I don't have any evidence! I promise! I'm, I'm just normal." She spoke, shrugging with a sigh. "I honestly didn't know that she was a duchess, I promise." Kait explained, crossing her heart. To be honest, she wasn't that scared anymore. She was Kait Hawk. She couldn't be scared of anything and she wasn't going to let herself be scared of anything.

~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Elzie was surprised by the girl's reaction but knew better than to push her. It was Alec who broke the silent,"I think it's time for us to back,sister mine" he said and nudged her a little. She frowned but didn't cross her brother, "Anyway if you have time come to the harbor tomorrow morning, you won't regret having to get up so early." She said with a wink and stood up mimicking Alec. "It was nice meeting you,ladies. If you want to find me again just say you want to meet the merchant Elzie and I will find you" she bowed a little and left the bar cursing herself for being late,her father might already has come home. Alec just nodded at the two girls and followed after his twin.

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