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Jen | 1608 comments Mod
6. Compare Gyan’s and Sai’s homes. Gyan’s home is “modernity proffered in its meanest form, brand-new one day, in ruin the next” (p. 256) and Sai’s home had been a grand adventure for a Scotsman, but is now infested with spiders and termites, and the walls sail out from the humidity (p. 7). How do their homes illustrate the differences between them?

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Book Wormy | 1801 comments Mod
Sai lives in her Grandfathers house which is essentially a folly on a hill with a commanding view of the landscape it has numerous rooms but now the money has gone it is falling to rack and ruin, however it is stone built and even though it may need work it will stand along time.

Gyan basically lives in a shack, his home will fall apart eventually leaving no trace.

Sai is westernised with all the advantages that brings while Gyan is a Nepali downtrodden and living in poverty despite his education.

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