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message 1: by Clayton (new)

Clayton Kindel (BZRClayton) | 4 comments Mod
Read this book a long time. Will wait for spoilers until after podcast notification. But I do have a question. Are books like this one really that good? Or is it more of emotional feeling based on how we view society and its direction? Why are we always so drawn to things being so dystopian?

message 2: by Matt (new)

Matt Spaulding | 3 comments I actually do think books like this are actually good. Not all of them, of course, but several of them. Like all types of books, there are some that are great and some that aren't.

I think we are drawn to dystopian literature because it serves as an illustration of how things can get and how we need to always be vigilant to not let them get there.

message 3: by Clayton (new)

Clayton Kindel (BZRClayton) | 4 comments Mod
A thought.. I heard once that every generation sees itself as being the last.. Could there be some thought to that? The idea of a utopia being discovered after we are gone is harder to accept. Or perhaps we can sympathize with constant pain more than constant pleasure.

message 4: by Matt (new)

Matt Spaulding | 3 comments I don't think so. I think most generations, on the whole, expect better from their children than from their own generation. And I think most people actually see the generations getting better. I think dystopian novels on built on the fear of the fear of change, if that makes sense. Most people know that the older folks who fear change and progress are the ones who will hold it back as they are the ones who want more control over life since they see their own old way of life slipping away.

message 5: by Clayton (new)

Clayton Kindel (BZRClayton) | 4 comments Mod
Fear of change is real and palatable. But how does impact a dystopian situation like 1984. Maybe it is change but I wonder how the fear of the unknown impacts people. It seems people would trade rights and freedoms for safety or the appearance of it. You see people like Orwell being heavily influenced by the dawn of the atomic age. Did dystopian futures really exist before the bomb?

message 6: by Matt (new)

Matt Spaulding | 3 comments I know Metropolis came out in 1927. How many others existed before the bomb I don't know.

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