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Bray  Knox (brayknox) The royal library is massive and contains all current histories and stories! Anything old and ancient is taken to the archives to be lost forever contain the truth about the people of Kortana.. unless found.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie strutted into the library, her favourite place in the castle. She took the book she had hidden on the third shelf and took it to a seat beneath the large windows and opened it, beginning to take notes on the histories she read of.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver walked in quietly. She began to look around the Young-Adult Fiction, near the princess. she hummed quietly to herself. She liked going to the library here. Era couldn't follow her.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) When Leslies heard humming she gasped and slammed her book shut. She slowly turned to see Silver walking in and looking around in the Fiction section. Leslie sighed in relief, thankful it wasn't her brother. "Hello Lady Silver," she said over to her bowing her head respectfully with a smile.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver gave a slight jump at the sudden slam. She smiled and curtsied. She was about to say she was a duchess but she wasn't like Era so she stayed quiet. "Hello your highness. I'm sorry if I startled you.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie laughed a little at how crazy she must have looked. "My fault entirely, I thought I was alone in here." She said flattening her dress down. "Come sit, I don't believe I have had the chance to get to know you." She said politely, gesturing to the chair across from her.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded and sat down gracefully. She looked at the Princess, a small smile on her face. "Thank you for wanting to get to know me. I have been wanting to know you as well." She said nicely.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie smiled warmly at the girl, she seemed a good person. Maybe even one who over time could be trusted with her secret plans. "What's your family history?" Leslie asked curious.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver's face flashed uncomfortable. "Oh, well Duke John and Duchess Sarah both had good families. Then they got married, had me and, um." She paused. "Well Duchess Sarah saw her untimely end. Then Duke John remarried to Duchess Era who won't stop bugging about marring a royal." She said carefully.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Oh so you are a duchess," Leslie said slightly flushed from the mistake. "My apologies duchess." she said dipping her head in respect. "And my condolences about your mother. Who does your... step-mother have in mind?" Leslie asked curiously.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver gave her a slight shake of the head. "You can call me Lady if you wish. I'd just be careful around Duchess Era. She thinks highly of herself." She said with a slight laugh. "Duchess Era would prefer me to marry the Crown Prince but she mainly wants me to marry a Prince. Between you and me she won't shut up about it." She felt like she could trust the Princess.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Hmm," Leslie pondered. "I would hope she would have a different attitude around Royals, my brother does not take those outshining him lightly." Leslie chuckles lightly putting a hand to her mouth. "I would know." she said rolling her eyes. Her twin brother never failed at being the annoying sibling, even with a throne in his future. Leslie smiled at the Prince thing, something she knew to well. "Yes, being shipped off to marry for an Alliance doesn't sound pleasing, but it what we were born to do." She wanted to vomit her words. She knew that was her parents plans for her, but if she could make one of her plans work, it would not be that way.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded. "Yes, well. I'm not planning to marry unless for love." She said. As soon as she said it she regretted it. She looked out the window and sighed. She closed her eyes. Whenever she felt that she had no control she would remember her secret. It's why I'm sane. She thought.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Wonderful perspective." Leslie said with a graceful smile. She liked this girls attitude and wouldn't mind indulging in more conversation with her. 'So duchess, what is it you do for entertainment?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver looked back the princess. "Read, learn, sing, talk and practice. You?" She asked politely.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie smiled, they had similar interests. "I too like to read and sing. I also like to draw and target practice with my bow. I should bring you to the range sometime." she said with a kind smile. SHe felt bad for the girl with the evil step mother

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) ((No problem. Evil? More like major ego.))

Silver smiled. "I would love that. I am not that good with long range weapons. I prefer short range weapons." She said politely. "What books interest you?" She was glad another royal proved her wrong. She always thought royals would be self-centered and rude but the Princess proved her wrong.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) ((hahaa))

"Well I can teach you, It'll be fun!" Leslie exclaimed wih a light luagh. "I like histories, I like to see where our ancestors went wrong. I believe we should learn from past mistakes and make different appraoches on social and political issues. If only my brother believes in that. She said rolling her eyes. Leslie wished time and time again she was born the eldest son so she could rule the Kingdom right. Instead she would most likely be married off to some other Kingdom and shipped off.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded. "I quite agree. I prefer young-adult fiction." She said with a small laugh. "It's a way for me to escape this world." And my past. She thought sadly. She looked out the window.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Is everything all right?"Leslie asked worried. "You seem troubled." she looked at the duchess with worry as she peered out the window

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver quickly put on a smile. "Oh, I'm fine." She said, lying easily. It was the same lie she said thousands of times to hundreds of others.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie felt a pang of sadness radiate from her, she felt it in her mind as she did when people were vulnerable. She didn't even have to try at times like this, but she vowed to not enter unless welcome. "You know, theres no use hiding from a mind.. I can tell something is wrong. What is it?" she asked kindly. "You have a friend in me"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver looked at her curiously. "You're a mind? Must be more trained than me." She sat back. "One of the reasons I read fiction is so I can escape my past and my worries."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "I will admit,I am strong in my ability but I don't use it unless I need to," Leslie said looking down, a frown on her face. "I have hurt my sister before so since I have vowed not to use it."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver looked at the princess. "Sounds like Elsa's story." She said nicely. "It can't be that bad."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Elsa?" Leslie asked quietly, looking up at the Duchess

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) She chuckled. "Sorry, Disney. Elsa, Ice queen, couldn't control her powers so she hurt her sister. She vowed to control it."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Oh," Leslie said laughing. It was funny being compared to a fairy tale, but true nonetheless. "Yes, I suppose that is a similar situation. We got past it, but I am afraid to dig to deep."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded. "I see. I wish I can help."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Nonsense," Leslie says, waving her off. "It is not something that can be helped. I am being heavily trained in my control. I hope to use it for good someday." she said with a gentle smile

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded. "I am not sure whether or not to work on my gift."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "You should," Leslie prodded. "It's healthy for you and you can better protect yourself with a strengthen ability. Espically a mind!" She exclaimed smiling

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver laughed. "No any good teachers?"

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie's stood and took her book from the table, moving to slide it back to its place on the closest shelf. "I would say I'm a pretty good teacher." Leslie's said with a smile. "I taught my brother and sister"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver placed a hand over her heart. "Would you teach me?" She asked, hopefully.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "I would be delighted to!" Leslie exclaimed, rejoining Silver at the table

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver smiled. "Thank you. It's such a honor." She said.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "When would you like to start?" Leslie asked, excited to be making a new friend as well as help with her mind abilities

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "How does now sound?" Leslie asked with a wicked smile

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver smiled. "Perfect. I can tell mother I had a reasonable excuse to leave. Talking with the princess."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Leslie laughed, "But to some mothers, even to visit a Princess is not enough of an excuse." she said with a giggle, keeping her own mother in mind

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver laughed. "True."

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "Well," Leslie said standing, her eyes beaming with excitment. She loved teaching her sibling and Silver seemed kind and fun to be around. "Shall we?"

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded, excited.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) "alright, meet me in the court yard in 20 minutes?" Leslie asked

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded.

((There next?))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly was sitting in the library holding a book titled Romeo and Juliet. She's been interested in reading more about romance and love ever since her parents were forcing her to marry. Unfortunately many romance books either to had an appeal to her or ended in tragedy as she just discovered at the end of this one. She had tears falling down her cheeks as she read the last lines and close the book looking somewhat angry as well as sad. She didn't understand why she couldn't end up choosing her self really, they could say she had an option but in truth she really didn't cause she had no interest in getting married anytime soon. Just because she was 16 it wasn't like she was becoming an old maid.

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