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Bray  Knox (brayknox) This kitchen is massive and has food from all around the globe, stored perfectly and neatly. Everything is in pristine condition, creating an endless possibilities of meals and snacks.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maidlin or Maud as she wanted to be called had snuck from her room that morning after waking up and noting it was going to be a beautiful day. "I don't want to miss any of this," she muttered practically jumping out of bed and changing. She didn't want to dress princess like because of the treat she was hoping for, so she changed into a pair of pants and shirt, peeked out of the door of her room and saw the guards stationed there. She closed the door and sighed. "Another way," she muttered heading for the window and climbing out. This would have been impossible if she'd been in one of the top floors but as had it she was not.

She quickly made her way out of her room and for the Royal Kitchen where she knew there was a way outside from there. Carefully, she headed in that direction and then paused looking around to make sure no one saw her.

And made like she was going to enter.

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Alexandria | 194 comments
Eleanor had just had a guard return after she asked him to check on her daughter in her room, but the news he had worried her somewhat. She wasn't in her room. The guards have one job and that is to keep everyone safe, but how did they intend on keeping everyone safe if they didn't know where anyone is? "For heaven's sake! these guards are all fools.." She muttered in annoyance. "I suppose if you want something done right you have to do it yourself." She stated inwardly. For a woman in a dress, heels and crown Eleanor made her way around the castle with ease.

It wasn't until she neared the kitchens that she spotted her daughter roaming around. "Maud dear, what exactly are you doing here?" Eleanor asked raising an eyebrow at her daughter, but still giving her a warm smile. "I had a guard go check on you and you weren't there." She explained sounding quite concerned. In all honesty Eleanor could have just read her mind, or forced her to do it using her abilities, but she preferred to give her children some level of privacy and freedom.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud jumped, as she was about to enter the kitchens. She counted to ten knowing who it was. "I almost made it too," she muttered under her breath. "Just a few more steps and I would have been outside."

She turned to see her mother standing there and put up her usual princess-like sweet smile though she knew given the chance and her abilities her mother could have easily read her mind or something like that. It was one of the reasons why she didn't like to lie to her family. That was the worst part though, you couldn't if you didn't want to be found out immediately. Truth was always the best.

"I merely wanted to go outside, Mother. To the gardens with no one to follow me," she said meekly and letting her gaze fall to her feet.

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Alexandria | 194 comments
Eleanor's smile faltered momentarily, but returned quickly. She understood why her daughter would want to go outside every once and a while, it did get boring at times, however they had to do what must be done. Eleanor would have preferred that Maidlin had at least taken a guard with her. "Very well then..." She began, giving a slight nod as she thought of the best response possible. "You know I can't just let you roam about without supervision." Eleanor stated calmly. "Your aunt Angelica was nearly kidnapped because of trying something like this when we were children!" She warned. Eleanor knew that such things didn't work often, but it was the motherly thing to say in this situation. "Do you understand how hard it would be for us all if that happened to you?" Eleanor asked her, once again she knew it wasn't always an effective method, but it was true, the idea of losing any of her children was not appealing in the slightest. "Next time just ask me, I'm sure I could sort out a way for you to go out there yourself, but if I have no idea where you are something bad could actually happen." She explained trying not to too controlling.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud totally wanted to go hide somewhere. Sure she wanted to go out but the thought of kidnapping and being away from her family was, to say the least, disheartening. After all, Maud was extremely active, well that and having 'conversations' all around her because of her 'gifts'.

"But it's going to be beautiful day mother and I wanted to say hello to nature. The breeze coming into my room told me so, of the flowers and their sweet scents. I wanted to see them."

She had raised her head at that point but had then dropped it after speaking, realizing she'd almost done something she shouldn't have done, though truth be told she would have anyway. Guards were boring after all. They always followed her everywhere and she couldn't even do anything fun with them always there. Besides there were times when she wanted to go beyond the palace into the city (or is it town, I forget) to see the sights and smell the smells out there. But the thought of kidnappings and such made her realized...again, she was almost about to do something wrong. Her head came up again.

"I will Mother." She glanced up expectedly. "Can I go out then? In the gardens, I mean. If I took a guard?" She stood there waiting hopefully.

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Alexandria | 194 comments
Eleanor paused briefly before giving a slight sigh. "You are right, it is a lovely day..." She reasoned, pursing her lips momentarily. "And fresh air is something that we could all benefit from..." She continued, speaking more to herself than anyone else. "As long as you have a guard in your general vicinity you are free to go on with your walk, just be careful." Eleanor had difficulty understanding why any of her children would want to go outside so often, at there age she spent all her time preparing for the future, studying and then practicing her abilities. She lives a life of luxury because of it and so she didn't understand why they couldn't do the same.

Eleanor smiled before she came up with an alternative. "If you'd rather not I could go with you." She offered, there was no issue a guard could deal with that she couldn't deal with by merely shutting doing away with a person's mind. "It would be time away from your other siblings," She explained. "Besides..." Eleanor said in a far more hushed voice, "It gets me out of having to deal with any ambassadors." She told her daughter with a grin and a wink. Eleanor had no difficulty dealing with them, it was merely a task she didn't need to be there for and was therefore inefficient.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud blinked at the mention of a guard. Though as a practice she did usually ditch them and go wherever, this touch kind of startled her. She would have to do as her mother said besides. Of course it wasn't like she was deliberately being disobediant or anything, it was just guards were a pain and Maud did not like that.

Then she stared at her mother when she mentioned going with her. Now that was a shock. Her mother was a queen and didn't she have much to do besides, but the thought of spending some time with her mother was tempting. Then there were her siblings. She didn't want to deprive them of their mother and all. What a quandry? Should she or not?

Then she knew. "I have the guard with me mother. And I promise to be good." she said. A thought came to mind. "If I decide to, and with a guard of course may I go out into town to maybe buy something?"

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Alexandria | 194 comments
Eleanor sighed, the town wasn't guaranteed to be as safe as anywhere within the castle grounds, but she also knew that she had to have faith in her daughter sometimes. "If you are careful and avoid interacting with too many people, maybe, but to buy something, I suppose it depends on what..." She told her hesitating with the last bit. "You can buy clothes or trinkets, but food and things of the such are off limits." Eleanor told her sternly. She would honestly have preferred her to just not buy anything. "You are very important, any person with an issue with the monarchy may very well try to take it out on you." Eleanor explained to her daughter in a matter of fact tone. "Nowadays there is an increasing number of such people, and food is just too easy of a way for them to exact there revenge." She told her not wavering in her speech. "is there anything else you would like to know?" She asked more calmly now.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud nodded. "Ill be careful mother, I promise. Besides, I want to buy something for you all, my family that is." she said. Already there were thoughts of things, not food of course she wanted to buy. Things like trinkets and clothes and stuff.

Her head cocked to one side. Sure she knew about the number of people who thought that way but Maud wanted to be friends with everyone, not just nobles but peasants as well and she figured maybe by speaking, interacting that is, with them would be a step up. "You have a favorite thing I can get for you and Father Mother? And I'd like to find something Mia and Leslie and Cray would like too?"

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Alexandria | 194 comments
"Oh well that is sweet." Eleanor said her expression softening. "Well, let's see, if you want my opinion..." She began, thinking about what types of things each person would want. "Leslie I'm sure would like new books, I see her reading often so she might run out of books soon." She told her daughter still trying to think of the others. "Cray would probably like sketching pencils and I believe Mia would be overjoyed with some paints and as for your father, he would likely be happy if you and him had a special day together, maybe you can set something up that you can do with him rather than an item." She explained, checking with herself to make sure she got everything right. "Oh, and as for me, well, surprise me, it's more fun that way, but if you can't find anything flowers are always a safe bet." Eleanor told her daughter with a faint smile. "Don't go taking my ideas to heart though, if you can think of something else then get it, I believe that if you choose all the gifts yourself it makes it all the more special!" She exclaimed, making sure that Maud didn't just go with what she recommended , It was really to make sure she could find something if she couldn't think of anything else.

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Dionne | 73 comments Maud was smiling. It was a sweet beautiful smile. One that made her look like an angel and a princess all rolled up in one. "I got just the thing Mother." she gushed. Time with Father. That wouldn't be so bad. He'd been working so hard of late, he probably needed the break. She would have to ask him but later.

But maybe...and she glanced again at her mother. "Could you arrange something like that Mother, for Father I mean?" she asked hesistantly. "I mean he does have a lot to do and all and I'm not sure..." her voice sort of went soft at that as she gazed at her mother.

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Alexandria | 194 comments
"Well, it shouldn't to much of an issue," She told her daughter kindly. Eleanor already took on some of his duties for him so taking on a couple more wouldn't be to big of a problem. "I'll free him up of work for a while so that you can do whatever it is that you want to do with him." Eleanor stated contentedly. Her expression became a rather annoyed one as she pushed back a stray hair, glaring at it intensely. "Better..." Eleanor muttered. "Anyways, I hope that works for you dear." She said to her daughter once she had recomposed herself.

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Dionne | 73 comments The look in Maud's eyes was really a sight to see as they lit. Without a thought, she threw her arms about her mother's waist and hugged her tight.

"It'll be perfect Mother! And I have just the present for you too. I hope you like it." Maud was happy about the thought of spending a special time with Father and like a child wanted to vent her happiness somewhere. Where else than on family.

"I shall collect a guard and good now. Be prepared for a great gift Mother." And she released her practically skipped off heading in search of a guard for her time outside and then off to the Market.

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lorien | 616 comments ((Kim/Kimberly))

Corra smiled happily when both girls enetered into the lovely kitchen. "Hello there lovelies," she said, mostly to herself as she searched for the pastries which were usually well hidden in the back of a cupboard. "Help me Kimberly!"

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly felt that this was no time to read the card or act calm and relaxed just because they were in the kitchen. She thought they needed to get in and get out quickly and didn't dare say anything. She scrambled over to the nearest cabinet and begin looking through it seeing if she could find whatever these pastries Corra was looking for. Unfortunately all she saw were dishes she looked around for some kind of food pantry

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lorien | 616 comments "Gotcha!" Corra half exclaimed. "Here we are. One freshly baked strawberry tart. Oh! And a lemon too!" She reached out to grab the clothe pastries and held them of to Kimberly with a gleam in her eyes. "This is pure gold!"

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly couldn't deny that her mouth started watering can and the smell was heavenly. She took the tar offered and then before she followed instinct and took a bite she looked around and found the napkin one of those nice cloth ones she grabbed it and put the tartan side of it and then looked around to see if there were any others that she could add that way they just took them and left instead of eating them here and leaving crumbs and such

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lorien | 616 comments Corra decided not to take a bite out hers, wanting to save it till they got back to their rooms. A mischievous smile played on her face as she spoke, "Want to grab a few more? Or scatter and run for our lives?"

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Kimberly couldn't help thinking that they came this far they might as well go all the way. "Grab a couple more wrap them up and let's get out of here." She whispered hello hissing voice hoping to hurry out before they were caught.

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lorien | 616 comments Corra quickly nodded and grabbed five more out of the cupboards. This time, she didn't bother to unwrap them and for most of them, she stuffed into the inside pockets of her cloak. "Can you carry these?" She asked Kimberly, handing the girl two wrapped tarts.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) "Not a problem." Kimberly responded quickly taking what she had in hand and looking around carefully. "I think we are wearing out our welcome." Of course that was a fancier way of saying let's get out of here. Maybe she would learn she could eventually start talking like a normal person around Corra

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lorien | 616 comments Corra agreed and swiftly made her way out the door and gestured for Mimberly to follow her once more. At least their mission wasn't a total waste. . . yet.

((To Kim's room then then? ^.^))

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) ((Yes! I'll post there! ^_^ ))

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lorien | 616 comments ((Thank you! ^.^))

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lorien | 616 comments After not seeing Kimberly for quite some time, Corra decided it was time to raid the pantry, again. She slipped on a nicely fitted robe and searched through the cupboards for a fruit tart she and Kimberly found the other night.

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lorien | 616 comments ((Awwww. The poor dear! :-) ))

Corra gave out a yelp when she heard a voice and quickly slammed the cupboard. She turned her head to see a man right in front of her. Narrowing her eyes once she realized who the man was she curtly said with a slight hiss, "Do you always happen to run into me at night? And why don't you have your blasted shirt on James! Pathetic." She shooked her head. There were times where she could understand men so clearly but with James, it certainly wasn't the same. He was unpredictable and she hated that. Or maybe she could take a peak in his mind so she could know what really went on in that head of his. . . It wasn't a bad idea, but it certainly wasn't a smart one.

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lorien | 616 comments ((Hey Skye? I was wondering how is it you like to Roleplay? I mean, do you like chunky good paragraphs? I'm really curious because sometimes people want to have small sentences while other have a preference to detailed paragraphs. :D))

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lorien | 616 comments ((Ah, otay! Thanks! :D Do you like it when other people match how many paragraphs you have?))

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lorien | 616 comments Corra snorted and gave a slight curtsy to the man. Smirking she asked, "How are you on this lovely morning, Prince James? May I ask what you're doing in the kitchen at so early in the morning? Or is that something you want to keep to yourself? And did you just call me heartless? I should have you know, I can be as caring and kind as the next person. In fact, there was this one time. . ." She instinctively but her lip. She couldn't tell anyone about Kim. They both promised not to speak about the younger girl's abilities. Well, Corra wasn't going to tell James right away. "Where I helped a fox." There. Close enough to the truth with a tiny lie. When he gave Corra one of the fruit tarts, she couldn't help but smile at the memory when she and Kim raided the kitchen that one night. As the tart just so happened to be lemon, her favorite. "Thank you," she mumbled, flushing from the tips of her ears when she glanced at James' bare chest. "You really can't find a shirt or some sort of robe to slip on?"

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lorien | 616 comments ((Brilliant! I'm so glad you think so!))

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lorien | 616 comments ((Skye? :D))

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lorien | 616 comments ((Sure thing! Whenever you're ready, you can reply. ^.^))

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lorien | 616 comments Corra flushed a vibrant red across her cheeks as she scowled. "Most women would find it most distasteful. Though I do wonder if you meet all women like that." Despite herself, Corra felt herself warm up when he gave her a smile and continued, "I didn't know where to reach you. I don't even know where you live in the castle, if ever!" Why did he always manage to put her off guard? Every time they met, James made her feel like she shouldn't be as on guard a she should be. And that irritated her. So when James waved the tart under her nose, she reached up to grab it like a child. "I would like it but. . ." She trailed off and sighed. "You can have it."

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lorien | 616 comments Corra's face quickly turned into a scoff and she said, "I speak for myself in saying that I don't particularly like seeing men's bare chests. I don't care if it's hot outside, men can do that in their bedrooms," she glared at him, "much less in a kitchen with a duchess." When he gave her his usual charming smile, Corra felt herself wobble for just a bit so it was barely noticeable. How can a man make her like this? Unstable but yet whole? As soon as their hands brushed against one another, Corra felt heat creeping up from the back of her neck and onto her cheeks. Get a grip! Just because you don't know how you feel about him doesn't mean you can be a blushing idiot! She gently rolled the tart and, regardless that she had company, bit the tart in a rather large bite. Enough for her to groan at the taste of the lemon goo which she swallowed eagerly. Corra didn't care what she looked like in front of James this time. She loved tarts andbthat was all that mattered.

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lorien | 616 comments ((Miss Skye? :D))

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lorien | 616 comments Once the Duchess finished eating the tart, she looked up at James and smiled because he actually looked nervous which Corra never thought to be possible. But yet, there he was, acting like a young man rather a soon-to-be-prince. At his request, Corra wiped off what little crimps she had at the corners of her mouth with her robe's sleeve. Then she took a single step forward and stared st the man, almost daring him to do something. "It would be a pleasure," she said smoothly with a warm smile. "It would be horrible for the women here if you got lost. So I guess he responsibility falls on me to escort you throughout the castle." Taking a step back, she smirked and held out her arm for him. "Are you ready?"

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lorien | 616 comments ((Skye? ☺️))

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