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message 1: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 804 comments Mod
Thought you might be interested in my latest Huffington Post Q&A on yoga breaks in the school day, with the author of the great book Classroom Yoga Breaks.

message 2: by Karissa (new)

Karissa (swansonkl) | 30 comments Great article Meryl! I sure wish I'd had this while raising my children although my daughter did become a yoga instructor after taking her to classes in high school. This definitely would have helped my son who has ADD through school.

message 3: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 804 comments Mod
How wonderful that your daughter became a yoga instructor! So now she can help spread the word and help other kids with ADD.

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