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message 1: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments After having a discussion today as a group about the selection, "An Abundance of Katherine's," we noticed that the structure of the text differs from others in general. The narrator, Colin, discusses his stories about only ever dating girls with the name of Katherine (and spelled that way too) and how he has been dumped by everyone of them. He copes on a road trip with strangers and a new job after being dumped by Katherine # nineteen and through foot notes and graphs/maps informs the reader behind the meanings of dialogue and small events. Through this distinct style of telling a story the reader gets to read in a perspective where the protagonists true personality and characteristics clearly show. We get to learn about all the knowledge Colin is able to carry with him everywhere and understand his historical jokes that most people don't get. Additionally, we as readers find a more interesting way to read and understand what really the author or narrator is portraying. It's very hilarious and written informally in a teen's perspective so we can relate and enjoy the plot.

message 2: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments I agree with Kayla, and would like to talk about authors craft, the author introduces humor in the book by displaying another's miseries, which indeed all of us as humans do, However John Green also uses interesting footnotes, or annotations at the bottom of the page with his own definition of the words he uses, indeed making the book unique, also John Green has a talent for repeating the same sequence over and over as he shows most of the protagonists meetings with his past girlfriends yet each time there is something new to discover and laugh at.

message 3: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments I agree, the way the story is based around Colin's perspective is a keyhole for the reader to see the personality of Colin and how he interacts with other characters in the story. I also wanted to say how the author uses a distinct style of portraying the story. For example at the bottom of a page there is always a little footnote that correlates to what just happened. I would also like to talk about how Colin's interactions with other characters affects how his personality changes in the story. Hassan telling Colin how to interact with other characters improves Colin's improvement on how to talk and not seem weird to other people.

message 4: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Roman | 1 comments In all honesty after reading this far into the book I thought I would be more intrigued by it. Though this book may seem a bit dull I do find the way the author manipulated the text to make the text appear as it would through Colin (the protagonist) prospective. Colin's perspective on things is very quirky which makes the reading quite memorable, his thought process is very difficult to understand as times. However, the author (john green) formatted the text in such a way that the readers could envision Colin's internal emotions. The way there are certain details that may not seem very practical in the beginning of the book and then towards the middle these aspects start to click into place.

message 5: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments To update, The novel is written in a third-person narrative. Green used third person to create empathy for Colin. I think the little footnotes and The Appendix that is at the end of the novel, Green gives his readers "a way of attempting to achieve precision and clarity" of the story in general, but more specifically, Colin's mind. I think the reason why the story wasn't in first person format was because then the reader wouldn't be able to understand how Colin thinks because then he would just bore us to death about how something like salt was created and how it played an important role in society. anyways that is all for today ahhhhhh goodbye.

message 6: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments To add on, I would like to agree with Kunga's point because its true. Colin, the protagonist, contains an outstanding personality with great knowledge which in reality is very distinct to others. First person point of view allows the reader to see inside the main character's mind: his/her thoughts, actions, and knowledge having a better understanding of whats going on only about that character. On the contrary, third person point of view forces the reader to view the whole picture since the narrator fills in all the confusions about all the characters. Even though, at times first person point of view is beneficial giving the reader the main perspective, here its different because if it were to be that the story was built around first person point of view, the reader would be completely confused about the events, jokes, and topics Colin discusses. Unless, you grew up as Colin did reading every book in the library, studying hard, researching scientific experiments, and becoming valedictorian of senior year. Thus, the perspective fits the book's structure well because it finds a way for the reader to get or understand this complicated character in a simple manner.

message 7: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments I wish to agree, and want to also imply the fact of how John Green Implied the fact that instead of others acknowledging Colin's abilities, he is actually criticized for as if he is an unusual and unwanted part of society, except for others who have near the same abilities as him, especially since he has knowledge better than all in his age group(I Think, please don't take this literally). John Green further makes use of Colin being a child prodigy when Colin interacts with other characters especially when interacting with his former and present friends and girlfriend. There's really no use of saying girlfriends is there? All of there names were Katherine :P. I would prefer to end by saying, Colin is a child prodigy However, due to how the author John Green decides his plot, Colin is never in the spot he deserves to be in society.

message 8: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments Today our group discussed how the minor and major characters of the selection relate to our teen lives. In one part of the text Colin and Hassan, his best friend, come into a huge argument as a result of Hassan feeling that Colin is self-centered and doesn't acknowledge Hassan's life issues. "Life revolves around Colin." At one point, as teens, we have experienced arguments with our close friends. That's what makes us true friends. I also found the connection in which where Hassan pressures Colin to act a certain way to be liked by society. Hassan seems intimidated by Colin as a result of his grand personality and pretends to be his bodyguard or standby to "protect" him. In the past, I had a friend in which judged be for my actions towards others and I didn't pay mind to it such as Colin does in the story which very strong if him.

message 9: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments I want to add on to Kayla, however disagree with her last statement, Accepting his friends stereotypes does not make him strong, it actually shows him being weak due to the fact that he is not able to defend himself, and how he is as the Katherine lover that he appears to be, as well as the fact that he has to give in while arguing with Hassan as he admits that Hassan is simply a lucky person to be gifted with the ability to be able to make friends and acquaintances easily, or at least easier then Colin, or maybe it just is that Hassan dates easily gullible people and Colin well merely just dates Katherine's being the reason why each of them are in the situations they are in currently.

message 10: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments After reading the book i would like to say that the author makes Hassan and Colin so different and alike at the same time. For instance when Hassan saw his girlfriend cheating on him, he took it rather well cause he began to laugh while on the other hand if that happned to Colin he would rather cried and took it horribly. Hassan And Colin take events differently based on thier characteristics. Yet they are so similar as well. Both are what you would call outcasts to society, such as why thay hang out with each other.

message 11: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments So Colin and Hassan, his best friend, come into a huge argument as a result of Hassan feeling that Colin is self-centered and doesn't acknowledge Hassan's life issues. "Life revolves around Colin." However this helps build Colin and Hassans friendship because then they promise each other that they will improve on their friendship and immediatly create a bond .Colin is criticized for as if he is an unusual and unwanted part of society, except for others who have near the same abilities as him, especially since he has knowledge better than all in his age group that is why his only friend is Hassan and Colin doesn't want to lose him so he realizes that he needs to also pay attention to his other only friend Hassan and stop paying so much attention on himself.

message 12: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments Today after continuing to read "An Abundance of Katherine's" we came to the a very exciting and entertaining event in the plot. Colin as going through the woods with Hassan come to a grave and point out TOC, Lindsey's boyfriend (which is the girl he admires) is cheating on her with Hassan's current girlfriend. This forces TOC to threaten Colin and Hassan from ratting out on them. Anyways, Colin records the conversation and leaks it to Lindsey. Tension rises and TOC goes violent by getting in a fight with Colin, Hassan, there friends, and even pushes Lindsey to the ground. During this event the reader sees this while other side of TOC since in the past he has portrayed himself as kind, giving, and chill. This allows the readers perspective the change and see the text differently. I found this very interesting because it made me conclude that this opens a chance for Colin and Lindsey to date.

message 13: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments To add on to Cayla's point this event also leads to how Colin's character changes throughout the book. From the beginning of the book Colin was shy and quiet and didn't speak up for himself, and let Hassan do the speaking for him. Colin was awkward and shy around other people. Now at the end of the book he is still awkward around people but he is improving, like for example when Colin told Lindsey about TOC cheating on her, that takes a lot of guts considering how big TOC is. And another major change is that Colin has now dated a girl that is not a girl named Katherine

message 14: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments Today we finally ended "An Abundance of Katherine's" and I feel that the ending was happy. Colin got over Katherine and his new future with Lindsey is to be unknown. He definitely changed. He was always structured and school working with a plan but this summer road trip with meeting new people impacted his perspective in life itself. His whole life he stood to Katherine's and now that he's experimenting with for the first time a Lindsey he believes it will last forever. And it portrays a moral in which "you only live once." Although some events were boring the ending was anticipating and kind of easy to depict.

message 15: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments We ain't talking about that no more aight, we bout to start talking about some Farenheight 451.

message 16: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments So first of all, through the book we can see how this world is different from the one we live in right now, because first of all (and this really messed me up) firefighters don't fight fire, instead they use it to burn some KNAWLEDGE (books basically) and the main character lives a life where he pretends to be happy but instead he is lying and hides his pain through a mask. He has a wife whom he doesn't love anymore and the only fun in his life is burning some books. The world in which he lives in has changed, the rules that we had and the government has all changed. This could be an example of a dystopian fiction because it is about how the future is is affected by today or is a parody of our society from another's point of view.

message 17: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments In Farenheight 451, society is displayed as a horrible place to be, due to the fact that, Firefighters who in modern day are considered heroes, as shown in the book were actually demonic, and people are being arrested for being pedestrians , which being a pedestrian is the most common thing to be, Showing flaws within government as well, especially to the sense that they weren't able to control this situation.

message 18: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments Recently our group started a new dystopia, "Farenhiet 451" and have found it extremely boring. It takes place in the future in which a firefighter meets a lady and she teaches him of how his kind burn valuable pieces that represent life daily: books. In the introduction the author in his own voice states his opinion about the significance of books and what to take into thought about them. As he portrays each time he has read the selection he gets a greater image illustrating all aspects of life. As we continue to read we hope to find the plot stayed on an interesting way not in a boring and complicated one.

message 19: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments I want to continue talking about society, we all know by now that firefighters burn books, however A firefighter once says I feel so angry I can spit right now, so recognizing the fact of how spit has the ability to put out fires containing water inside, It is actually considered to be only a word used in the worst possible scenarios?

Also if society so far is being restricted of such basic things, it will most likely result in there being rebels, or a massacre in society, especially due to the fact that there already are people who even though books are considered obsolete, prefer to keep books and continue conversations about them, which is present in many parts of the book. Showing how Firefighters also aren't in complete dominance over the citizens, there is a bigger conflict in the book which we have not reached yet.

Also to add on to Kayla, It could just be that we are not giving the book a chance because it is very intriguing once you start thinking about it carefully. I do get why you say it is boring though. I think it's lit though.

message 20: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments Today we read "Fahrenheit 451" and noticed that the author incorporates a warning to inform the reader about our society today. For instance, the main character, Montag, goes to visit Faber in search to learn in which is unknown to him. His wife is dying, he is unhappy and going through various issues and with the sacred Bible he arrives. Faber as he is speaking to Montag addresses that we are unhappy because we don't contain the components within books. To quote, books contain "pores that demonstrate the ace of life" which in his perspective is why many of us fear or dislike books. I believe that these events portray a warning to our society today that we live unhappily as a result of avoiding books and the quality: history, description, and knowledge they provide. This made me consider the moral of appreciating books in our society because they include aspects that tell us about and teach us the various ways of life.

message 21: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments What I think so far, is of how the author portrays society and within society conflicts which are caused by individuals whom are confused of what is right and wrong. Bradbury then introduces the meeting of Faber and Montag who truly come up with unique ideas which would normally be considered obsolete in their time. Montag then learns about the true essence of books and what books are capable of, nevertheless books also require a good human to read them, which means Bradbury shows a conflict where society loses its consciousness and is truly confused of its actions and what to do.

message 22: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments In our newly started memoir, We as a group have discovered how the protagonist goes through harsh conditions being a child, such as living with her siblings and parents, with her dad supposedly visiting a prostitute being the main cause for the very harsh conditions the family faces. The protagonist therefore faces neglect from her father, which results in her often facing situations in which she as a child faces mental breakdown, so so far the book has a very negative connotation.
The author though also has to be acknowledged for her style, especially to not introduce any actual curse words in English since it is revolving around the protagonist so far, the protagonist being a child. The author instead decides to introduce curse words in Spanish, which makes characters seem even more aggressive, showing emotions.

message 23: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments Recently we have started a new book club memoir "When I was a Puerto Rican." The narrator describes her early life in Puerto Rico before migrating to America. Her lifestyle is difficult and tough but her mother has raised her and her four other siblings to do right and be strong. Sadly, her father leaves and come back as a result of seeing another woman against his wife. The book portrays him as slowly caring less and less for his children. I can predict in the future that he will abandon them for good in the little house that they dwell in with no money for food. However, Negi, the narrator, will take and independent attitude and build to the success to bring her family to a better life in America.
I and my group members are enjoying the memoir very much especially since it isn't very popular. I love how the author includes Spanish language to demonstrate to the reader how an average Hispanic lives their lives with happy traditions. The reader really gets to understand that role and the characters role as well.

message 24: by Kunga (new)

Kunga Lodhen | 10 comments I agree with Ram, the author has a distinct way of telling the story, and as Ram mentioned the narrator does not curse words since she is a child and also since she does not know any curse words and instead is always learning them from either adults or classmates. For example in the book, the narrator learned a new word which was gringo, and though she already heard it she didn't know the meaning and when she asked her father, he told her it was a bad thing to say out loud and to adults because it was disrespectful. Yet the narrator is still a child and doesn't think it is that bad so she says it the next day to a lunch lady and gets in serious trouble for it.

message 25: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments On Friday after reading another chapter of "When I was a Puerto Rican" we discussed "what aspects makes the protagonist heroic?." Well other than that Negi is very mature for her age, she watched over her several siblings when her mother isn't there to do so. For instance, when Negi's mother was giving birth to her fourth or fifth child Negi watched over the others making sure they didn't experience their mother's suffering and that they ate, bathed, etc. She contains a very strong character that her mother raised her to be.

Negi's mother is also portrayed as a very strong character is the text. She has gone through difficult times with having several children and living in a poor household. She has raised Negi to be tough, polite, and unlike women who have it all. Although Negi is sometimes confused by her mother's harsh opinions she stands by her mother and believes everything she states is accurate. I believe as a result of the way Negi was raised in the future when she becomes older she will be stronger and more powerful to overcome obstacles in America.

message 26: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments I would like to add on to everyone and would like to discuss about Negi's parents. As we advance in the book, it is a funny topic of how the family faces harsh conditions and then there is a baby nearly every 10-20 pages. Which can reveal a lot about the parents, we all know already the father is a cunning person as he visits prostitutes, but the mother is still kind enough to accept him in the family. However, is he accepted because he is needed to support the family, or because Negi's mother is a kind person. There are endless inferences to what Their parents traits would be.

However, Negi is also a very responsible person to accept all these actions from her parents, especially being a child and exposed to this harsh and uncivilized environment. Also taking care of her younger siblings and looking after her mother, When her father is gone from home. Also being calm in the manner when she learns she has a step sister, she actually becomes curious about her.

message 27: by Kayla (new)

Kayla | 10 comments After reading "when I was a Puerto Rican" today during Ela I noticed how it is constant that Negi and her family continue to move from city to city and she sees her father less and less. It seems tough for her to continue moving without her father accompanying her and her other siblings. She is facing difficulty with school, friends, living needs, etc. She feels like an outcast with her teacher judging her knowledge from where she came from and the people in the Neighborhood judging her as if her looks.
This leads me to believe that Negi's fathers absence is additionally taking a tole in her feelings towards her new home. She notices that this allows her mother to suffer and grows a feeling of hatred towards her father even though she feels like it's forbidden. Plus, as a result of her mother being a single parent Negi being the oldest has given her the role to take care of her siblings and make sure they are doing right while her mother is off to work. If one does the wrong Negi gets the blame and the beating. I can predict that in the future they will move again bringing even more issues to her child life.

message 28: by Ram (new)

Ram Bagga | 9 comments After reading "When I was Puerto Rican" in
class today, I want to tok about the role Negi plays in her new residential area, especially in school and how other people see her. As Kayla said she is often judged by her teacher and is often picked on and targeted by other people due to her being part of a family which is often facing conflict and is kind of uneducated already is an issue. She was also chosen to close a babies eyes in her area because it is considered to send the baby to heaven instead of hell, however since society often judges and criticizes she feels like death is now permanently etched in her arm like a curse or something as if she should have never put the baby to heaven.
Too often is it that her father leaves her alone, despite that Negi often goes into a phase where she is split between the fact that her father is betraying her and that she loves her father, her father loves her as he chooses to protect her, however is horrible with the mother

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