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message 1: by Carol, Group Read Organizer (new)

Carol (kawie1) | 444 comments Mod
Hi guys,
Any suggestions for March's Group read?? Just remember, if your suggestion wins you will be expected to run the discussion.
Thanks again,

message 2: by Lyn (new)

Lyn Jensen | 30 comments I can't decide! So I'm going to recommend more than one book by Ginger Mayerson:
(1) Dr. Hackenbush Gains Perspective
(2) Storylandia 8: Dr. Hackenbush Gets Some Culture (Ms. Mayerson continues her "Dr. Hackenbush" series but in the form of a fiction anthology)
(3) The Pajama Boy

message 3: by Carol, Group Read Organizer (new)

Carol (kawie1) | 444 comments Mod
Hi Lyn,
Those are some great suggestions, do you mind if I put them all in the poll??

message 5: by Carol, Group Read Organizer (last edited Feb 10, 2017 02:29AM) (new)

Carol (kawie1) | 444 comments Mod
I like to add:
Escape From Genopolis
as it's the next book in my pile!
Anyway, this version has zero details for it on good reads so here is the blurb from the back of the book.

A gripping adventure set in a chilling future world

Arlo enjoys a privileged life as a Citizen of Genopolis - until the authorities discover he has a dangerous secret...

Usha is a runaway slave-girl, stalked by nightmares she can't understand.

Both are outlaws in a city gripped by terror, where there are few who dare to protect them, and even fewer they can trust.

message 6: by Carol, Group Read Organizer (new)

Carol (kawie1) | 444 comments Mod
Thanks everybody for the great suggestions.
The poll will be up shortly so go vote for your favourite!

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