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Rebecca (rebecca_splain) | 94 comments I read this book for the NY Times Bestseller category. Like many others, I wasn't as interested in reading Carrie Fisher's book until she passed at the end of December. Since I am always interested in reading diaries (one of my favorite books is The Reagan Diaries), I thought this must be of interest. Before the book came out in October, I remember being less than impressed with Carrie Fisher revealing her affair with Harrison Ford (then married to his first wife) while they were on the set of Star Wars. I thought it was tacky and tasteless for her to do so while both Harrison Ford and his first wife were still living. It turns out, that if she had not revealed the affair in this book, the secret would have likely died with her.

The book is a bit weird. I've never read Carrie Fisher's writings before, and so I was unfamiliar with her style. It was very stream-of-conscious, which I have enjoyed in novels like The Road and Blindness but found confusing in what was supposed to be autobiographical. Also, there were times it seems Ms. Fisher was an unreliable narrator, acting like she couldn't quite remember how certain conversations go but speculating on them nevertheless. It turns out only about 60 pages of the 250 page book were her writings from the time the first Star Wars movie was in production. The rest is just lead up and aftermath. Obviously, there are times when Ms. Fisher mentions how she wants to be remembered when she dies, the effects of getting old, getting things on paper before she dies, but of course write as someone who had no idea how quickly death was coming for her. At the end, in her acknowledgements, she tells her mom how happy that she is still around and chastises her for an apparent recent health scare. She was never to know that her mom would pass the very next day after Carrie died. An interesting book for those who are interested in the making of Star Wars and want to read something juicy about beloved movie stars. I was less than impressed with her affair, and more interested in how she was doing in those last few years before she died.

star_fire13 | 204 comments I read this for Week 28, non-fiction. At first I was intrigued, then bored, and by the end I kinda just felt really sad. I know that Carrie was 19 when the affair happened, so not a child, but at the same time, she was still very young and naive, and Harrison was 33 years old, married, with two kids. The first time they hooked up, she was practically passed out drunk! Despite Carrie recollecting that she felt no ill will towards Harrison and fully took her share of the blame, reading her actual diary entries tugged at my heartstrings. I remember being young and dumb and my own journals sounded very much like hers. In the end, I almost wished I hadn't read this book.

Emma (factandfable) | 178 comments I read this for 36, (a Hugo Award winner or nominee). I also had mixed feelings about this book - I really liked Carrie Fisher's voice, and was impressed by her kindness towards her younger self. But as I have heard from others, the journals themselves made me so sad for her.

I haven't read much of what Carrie wrote about her life after the movies, and I think if I had, I would have enjoyed it a little more.

I actually listened to this, and I think I liked it more because of that. The humor in her writing is so much more obvious, because she is able to communicate the irony and sarcasm of what she says through her voice. She has a great sense of humor, and I really enjoyed hearing what she had to say about the past from the "present" part of the book.

Jody (jodybell) | 3472 comments Ooh, I might hunt down this on audio. I love Carrie Fisher, but haven't read any of her books yet.

star_fire13 | 204 comments Jody wrote: "Ooh, I might hunt down this on audio. I love Carrie Fisher, but haven't read any of her books yet."


I went back and listened to it (my library had more copies of the physical book than of the audiobook, so that came first), and it definitely increased my enjoyment of the novel! Her daughter reads the diary entries, and it makes such a difference hearing the cadence of the prose!

Manda (bookwenchmanda) | 1099 comments I listened to this in 2018 as one of my side pieces (*insert tasteless joke here*). I have always adored Carrie Fisher *Nerd Warning*, and have respected her strong will and tenacity. I've put off reading her memoirs, for the same reason I do with a lot of people I respect; I fear losing that respect by the end of the book. I love Carrie's voices in the way she addresses and is transparent with her own "demons" and behaviors - I say this as a woman who has struggled my entire life weight issues, anxiety, and at times, depression, not to mention finding myself in relationships that I look back I wonder what I was thinking. I am glad I finally read (listened) to this. Carrie was not perfect, and she does not want anyone to mistake her as that; she was unapologetically herself and refused to take crap from anyone. I respect her for that.


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Jacqueline | 420 comments The audiobook won the spoken word Grammy this year.....

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Jacqueline | 420 comments Sorry that should read last year. My god time goes quick...

Peter | 0 comments I read this for the 2018 prompt "a book that will make you laugh".

I ended up being pretty disappointed in the book overall. I was expecting a little more behind the scenes stuff from the making of Star Wars - you know, what was promised on the back of the cover...

There were moments of that, but the majority of the book was about her fling with Harrison Ford, but in a very general sense. Her diary entries were interesting and I was impressed by the fact that a 19 year old wrote that well in her diary, but other than that it was pretty meh. Overall, it probably would have ended up being a solid 3 star book for me EXCEPT for the prolonged re-imagined fan interactions with one-sided dialogue from the fan's perspective. I'm sure she actually experienced situations like the ones presented in the book, and I can appreciate them to a point. But they just went on and on and on and on and on.......................

Used to highlight a point, to talk about a specific situation, or as humour to stereotype a general or average fan interaction, they would have been fine. But they needed to be WAY shorter. As it is, it was like listening to someone talking on the phone when you can't hear the person on the other end of the line. They were even more painful to get through as it was fairly evident that they were not recollections of specific incidents or real experiences, but rather an amalgamation of a typical or average interaction she might encounter. I just didn't care about the long drawn out one sided fictional fan interactions - I would have much preferred her real experiences.

Rachel (wildhoney) | 68 comments I read this for 2019 prompt #19 "A book by an author who has more than one book on your TBR". I listened the audiobook read by Carrie Fisher and her daughter Billie Lourd which I highly recommend. 4 stars.

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