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The Sign of Four (Sherlock Holmes, #2)
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Adelaide Blair | 988 comments Mod
This topic is for those who have finished the book. Spoil away!

Cheryl | 881 comments I just finished it. I gave it 3 stars. It was a little disappointing that the actual treasure wasn't recovered, but that gave Watson's romance a happy ending.

The backstory of the treasure was interesting at the end. I thought this book would make a good movie, so I looked on the IMDB website to see if one had been made. Looks like 4 TV movies have been made from this story, all after the 1980s. (There was a silent film adaptation in the 1920s, too.) I wonder why there was none made with Basil Rathbone? Copyright issues, perhaps?

Anyway, I did like The Sign of Four. and I'm glad I read it.

Adelaide Blair | 988 comments Mod
That's funny; I was bored stiff during the backstory part at the end.

I'm always on the fence about Sherlock Holmes books. I always enjoy the writing style, but there's never any chance for me to solve the mystery on my own. We aren't given the same information as Holmes, and so we're basically just left watching him talk about how smart he is.

Cheryl | 881 comments Adelaide wrote: "That's funny; I was bored stiff during the backstory part at the end."

Ha! Well, it looks like we all liked the book for different reasons.

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