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message 1: by Angel (last edited Feb 04, 2017 03:49PM) (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments In today's book club disscusion I noticed that the main character Malala is really different from the other women in her area, while the other women listen to the men and did what the men think was correct, such as having kids, taking care of kids, cooking, and other household chores, Malala was different and went againest what the adults said. For example, while the other women covered themselves up Malala wore modern clothing and did not cover herself up in her teeage years. These actions contributed to the progress of the book because it shows how Malala is different from others and can make a difference like men and change her society and what people think of women.

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments I agree with aidah but only to a certain extent.Yes she does look up to her father but she also compares herself with him such as the scene where she states that although she was born in the city her love for nature is still there like her father so I think the point of view that Malala has on her father is far from an inspiration but more to be like him.Inspiration by definition is to the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something but Malala is trying her best to be her her father not like him.We see that Malala is fascinated by the fact her father is an amazing debater.Guess who goes to debating competitions....yep its Malala.Malala try's to be just like her father

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments I agree with all of you above, Indeed Malala was different. She looked after her father and was free as a bird, she respected her religion but she was different from other women from her religion, she didn't believe in staying home taking care of children, she didn't believe that was a women purpose. Women could do way more and study and have new dreams in their life.
Malala was different and unique.

message 4: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone. Malala was a girl in which had modern thoughts in an enviornment where modern thoughts were considered wrong. She took the path that everyone else said was wrong(except her family) My question is, if Malala didn't grow up in this enviorment, then do u think she still would've done what she did her whole life, fighting for education and other thoughts that were wrong? Basically, i agree with you guys.

message 5: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments Another question, do u feel bad about how Malala can't return home?

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments In the part of the book we read on Friday, I notice how unfair women started being treated. And how it wasn't fair because apart that women couldn't do many things and then when that happen, sorry I forgot the name of him, women couldn't do many other things like it going to the bazar and things like that Bc that wasn't true of their religion but that's just unfair treating women like they were animals having them cage home cleaning and all, and that's when I notice that Malala is very different from everyone else and that even if her parents haven't raised her like that, she will still be free as a bird.

message 7: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments I would like to bring up a new point in the form of a question.Malala,how influential is her religion in what she does? We see that Malala uses religion to prove various of her points and disproves the taliban's beliefs and motives.When the taliban are sacrificing people she strongly disagrees with this but to what extent does her religion affect her decision making ?

message 8: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments The book doesn't just revolve around women rights. The book is also trying to show how society doesn't move on. Society is stuck with it's old thoughts such as women not going to school. The women rights is a way to show how society doesn't move on.

message 9: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments also i agree with everyone

message 10: by Angel (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments I would like the create a new idea about Malala, after today's disscusion and reading i noticed that in a society like Malala's, it is really hard to be away from lies, harm, violence and do the right thing. for example people are listening to whatever the radio is saying when the fazlullah guy is actually lying so he could gain power and rule the area, however the people there find out about the truth when it's too late to change anything. the statment above proves that Malala is a different girl and will stand up againest what is wrong which makes me realize that Malala is a good role model since she was able to separate from the false statements around her.

message 11: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone. I have a question: in the discussion today we talked about Malala and her father. How about her mother? Do u guys think that Malala's mom had an impact on her like her father did? The book constantly talks about Malala's dad, but does Malala's mom also help create Malala's character as it is today?

message 12: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments (Okay, I'm so sorry that I couldn't post yesterday is that I wasn't feeling well and neither today but now I feel better and I can type)
To continue with Aidah's question, I feel like the theme you don't know what you have till you lost it only goes to the society and not Malala. And here's why, Malala always loved education, she saw the beauty of it and Malala always saw how everything including education was helpful for you otherwise, her community didn't see this, they were like it's just education, or it's just the bazaar or it's just some dude but then they realized how it feels when you don't have it, they realized all they had after they lost it.

message 13: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone. Malala returned to her home in Swat amd we can see her happiness to return. I wish Malala can return again since in the book she says that she hoped to go there again. I know i am being repeatitive but if u are not home then it is sad. You miss home. Malala grew up there. Yes, it was bad and dangerous but she spent her childhood there. Her school her memories are all there. Malala wants everyone there to be happy. She said she wants to be a politican. But if she is not there, how can she fulfill her dream? Her dream to see her people happy? All she has is memories. I hope she can return, so she can make more memories there and also fulfill her dream. Her dream isn't for her happiness, but for everyone's happiness. This is an example of a role model for everyone. She dosent want her success. She wants the country's success. This is a role model for everyone.

message 14: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments so essentially in the past days when reading this book,I have had an idea pondering in my mind about Malala and her relationship to her family.we see that Malala cares dearly for her family but to what extent.I had always thought if Malala had the opportunity to continue her education but had to abandon her family would she accept the opportunity please comment and share your opinion because you could make a good case for both of them

message 15: by Angel (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments in today's section of reading i realized that Malala's family is really different from the others in ther society, though everyone is afraid but Malala's family stands up for their own befeilfs and what they think is correct while the others only care about their lives and their property. for example when the country was at war and people all over were looking for their lost or missing husbands and sons, Malala's family decides to stay where they are though it was really risky and dangerous they stay at there house and help others around them such as giving food to women that can't provide for themselves because there is no male in the house, or even helping people protest and speack out so the situation gets better. this is really critial to the plot of the story because like aidah said we are at the climax of the story and this fact about her family contributes greatly to the progress of the story.

message 16: by Anthony (last edited Mar 07, 2017 02:04PM) (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments Malala is a very confident and proud girl. She changed the view of education and the rights of many women. She started a revolution that has made a strong movement everywhere. I can relate to Malala personality wise. I am also a very confident
l. In the beginning of the book. Malala talks about her culture and how she feels and follows it. She quotes, "Living under the wraps seemed so unfair--and uncomfortable. From an early age, I told my parents that no matter what other girls did, I would never cover my face like that.She was an outlier and from what I understand outliers aren't exactly the most popular kind of people

message 17: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone. I have a question. Do u think Malala's brothers have the same thoughts about society like Malala does? Do her brothers agree with society, about women not going to school, or do they disagree and think that women should go to school?

message 18: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments Very sorry I was late when I did my last good read I put girl when it was supposed to say boy

message 19: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments Malala's dad is a person who has faith in their children. Yes, when he had said that he loved his sons as well so he chose to stay with them not Malala we can see how he treats his children equally, which is stated in the book. There is another thing shown in the book is that Malala's dad knew that he didn't need ro be woth Malala. Support, yes. But he knew his child was a fighter. Malala can fight this, as the book says. Malala is a role model for others, since she risked her own life to change society for others. I agree with everyone.

message 20: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments Well since we aren't following what we planned in class I will take initiative and follow what we planned.So we see in the book I am Malala it was an enjoyable ride to say the least and it was interesting in how much hope Malala has.We see that over and over again Malala tries to solve the problems in Swat even though to be honest there really isn't.This while the women stay and cook culture has been around for centuries and people aren't willing change.We see that a new form of culture of feminism is being born but it's spreading slowly and this is only in America.Imagine in many parts in India in who he to my understanding they hit and abuse their women and go through so much pain.It seems hopeless and something not worth fighting for because people like to be in their bubble and people don't want to pop it.

message 21: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments In today's book club, most of us finish the book. And this is a question I was asking myself through the whole weeks reading the book, why is she talking about her city and their history? And today when I finish the book, I realized why... the city made Malala who she is, it shaped her up to fight for Women rights, it made her decide to take actions not worrying about what could occur to her because she wanted to take action and make a change, just like her role models.

message 22: by Angel (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments today we started a new book and because we didn't get really far into the book i wanted to further analyze the title of the book and the main character. i noticed that the title kinda relates and describes the main character, she is being trapped in her society and that is similar to a bird in a cage, but though she doesn't have much freedom she tries her best and continues with hope and the future which is why the bird sings though it lost it's freedom.

message 23: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments I feel like the tittle of the book is "I know why the caged bird sings" represents not only protagonist but also her town, I say this because In the few pages I read today in class, you will see that the family and friends of the main character sing and I feel like they sing to free themselves from those who judge them, the "whitefolks" they are caged in a part of the neighborhood and it's risky for them to leave the "hood" so they sing to free themselves.

message 24: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments So the new book has a very interesting title and I think I have a very good idea on what it is that the metaphor is referring.My guess is that she is trapped somewhere against her will and wants to come out.Just like a bird who is kept in a cage against its will.We can also conclude that the singing part of the title is the hope she still has on getting out of this either metaphorical cage or physical cage

message 25: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments The book is funny, as a kid tries to use mathematics in his love life. I mean, how was it even possible to use a graph in love? A mystery. I feel like Colin is a character in which thinks too much about the future, thus, not able to enjoy life in the present. He is very afraid of losing his girlfriend, showing his weak character. If he paid more attention to his girlfriend than his self, then he might have a lesser chance of getting dumped all the time. Also focus on the girl's personality and how pretty she is, not her name.

message 26: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments Also, I agree with everyone.

message 27: by Angel (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments i would like to agree with onnona that this book is really interesting especically because the main character colin is a really interesting person. when it comes to schoolwork and knowledge on facts or statistics colin is a really smart person somethimes even smarter than others his age, however when it comes to love relationships and being around a girl he likes colin becomes really weak and can't keep the relationship going therefore causing the other side to get really annoyed and tried of him, then at last he gets dumped.

message 28: by Anthony (last edited Mar 07, 2017 02:02PM) (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments This book is hilarious in all kind of levels and bring's both a comedy yet a very dark tone along with it.We can clearly see that this is portrayed in the characters collin and hassan.Collin is a genius and a prodigy but even with all this knowledge he still has a void of emptiness in his soul.He understands the meaningless of life as he rejects the idea or concept of a god and the reason why he is so emotionally attached to these girls is because their his soul purpose.Moving away from collin Hassan is a whole different story as he hides away from the fact that life is meaningless with religion.He understands that as humans we cannot fully comprehend the fact that us humans must find our purpose in ourselves.Collin is depressed as he feels there is no point in life and that the only thing keeping him sane is to be loved.He tries to solve it the only way he can which is through his smarts.It explains why he is so robotic as he has a tendency of asking his partner if she loves him.Hassan is oblivious of his consequences of his actions not thinking what will happen becoming a sort of go with the flow sort of character.Collin on the other hand is lost in his mind as he struggles to find any kind of reason to live.

message 29: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone. The book is mostly about drama and love. There is no problem that doesn't relate to love lives. For instance, the main problem is about Colin and the constant Katherine's that are dumping him. Basically, Colin's love life. The book is about love and drama. It is funny and I still don't understand how you can make an equation and a graph about your love life.

message 30: by Angel (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments i agree witheveryones's ideas and would like to add on that the road trip they planned kind of has a really big impact on the progress of the story since the author tries to take the idea that they are on a road trip and have certian things and locations remind colin of his last 19 relationships.

furthermore i also think that colin being really smart is because of the enviorment he grew up in for example both his parents teach education and both are really sucessful at it.

message 31: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I think that the way of Colin writing equations and graphs wasn't just to be funny, but maybe also to demonstrate that Colin is a character in which is hardworking and determined. This also shows that Colin really wants someone in is his life. The equations and graphs are funny. The book has a lot of meaning in it.
When I first read this book I just thought that it was funny. However, as I read on, I realized that the book had more meaning to it. It shows perseverance and determination and hard work. The book is funny and meaningful.

message 32: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone.

message 33: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments Former child prodigy Colin believes he’s all washed up — and has a string of ended relationships with girls named Katherine to prove it (nineteen, to be exact). With his exceedingly high IQ and love of anagrams, teenage Colin has spent his young life pushed to read more, learn more and be more by his well-meaning parents, but after the latest relationship with Katherine XIX ended with her unceremoniously dumping him, Colin knows he needs to try for more than just academic success. Plus, he’s having no luck discovering his “Eureka!” moment.

After his best friend finds him sulking face-down on the carpet, Colin and Hassan set out on a road trip: Colin to clear his head; Hassan to put some ideas into it. Hass has spent the last few years on his parents’ couch watching “Judge Judy,” opting out of a college education or job in favor of potato chips and not-doing. A trip to nowhere in particular may be just what they need — especially one without any Katherines in sight.

message 34: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments I have my personal issue with the book, and this is what we talked about in our group discussion on Friday. I just don't like the way the author makes him look petty, since the author makes Colons first girlfriend Katherine and then he dated 18 more girls name Katherine. And colon keeps comparing each girl to one of the Katherine, or he will be "oh yeah she is just like K19 but her name is Katherine" and that's bugs me. But then here is the part to this, he doesn't become sad like in every single teenage book, he becomes smarter and smarter and he tries to find a formula of love which is kind of annoying but hilarious. So as more the heartbreak the smarter he becomes.
We also have to consider the other characters in our book. We might see them as less important characters but honestly I feel like this characters are important because based on their actions and everything our main character, experiences new things in his life. The characters balance is well balance and I feel like one thing one does could affect the other, which wouldn't happen if the second characters weren't important.

message 35: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments After Hassan and Colin's fight, we can see that Colin has a little knowledge of his dependent character and how it has a major impact on his breakups. As Colin is focusing on keeping Hassan independent, his Katherine's are focusing on showing him his character, through breakups. Colin has a personality in which gives him no choice but to worry about not having someone with him to help him in life. His mathematical ways make him harder to understand this, so theories it is. He has to find things mathematically, and since love is not math, it is hard for him to find the answer to his questions about his break ups.
Colin can see that Hassan was chill and cool about his break up with Katrina. Hassan is a role model for Colin, showing him how to be independent and not worry about break ups, but just enjoy the relationship as long as it lasts. Worrying about it will ruin the relationship, not save it.

message 36: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone.

message 37: by Angel (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments toward the end of the book i think that we all notice that most of the characters changed.

For example i think that colin started understanding the meaning of life and learned how to handle relationships better,

Hassan changes his attitude a little bit because i think that after the incident with katrina, hassan has some sort of experience now and can better comfort colin about his love life.

lastly, lindsey also changes a little bit after she found out about TOC and katrina, before she would hide her real self in front of TOC and act differently when he was around but after thatpart in the story i fell like lindsey becomes more outgoing and opento the people around her such as colin, she learned how to show what she is thnking and how she feels about something.

message 38: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments The book was a really funny book and I think that it shows a lesson which is that you should never give up. In the book Colin never gave up on the equations and graphs, and in the end, he got the solution to his problems.
The book also shows friendship. Hassan is always guiding Colin on the right path, and so is Colin. He always tells him to go to college, and Hassan is always there for Colin. They are friends.

message 39: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments "Second paragraph starts at "the book also shows friendship" "

message 40: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone

message 41: by Lina (new)

Lina | 1 comments We are currently reading the book "The Call of The Wild", which is uniquely set in the perspective of Buck, who is half St. Bernard and Scotch shepherd. As we have already read, Buck was taking a stroll until he was kidnapped (dognapped), which left him in the hands of different people. Through this event, I think it really shows the development of Buck because at first, he was perceived as a wild animal by the author, however, we could see that when Buck realized how powerful and undefeatable "a man with a club" is, he becomes more obedient, which in a way reveals that Buck is turning more into a pet.

I also feel like the title of the book really gives away the plotline of the book and symbolizes greatly of the message the author wants to convey; getting separated by your true self and destiny. What do you guys think?

message 42: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (BlueYeti) | 10 comments The book The Call of the wild takes an intersting point of view in where its told through a wolf's perspective.I have been inquiring about certain aspects of the book such as the personfication of Buck.He seems to have human emotions s well as his natural insinct.Examples include when he kills Spitz and when a wolf that i dont remember his name had been destroyed due to the harsh weathers had to be killed because of his ego he wouldnt let somebody do his job so he attacked in a manner of respect died with honor
There seems to be a point in the book in where we see the sides that Buck has a savage and sane side to his characther.We can see this when he is being beaten up and his owner is trying to oppose himself as the master.He wants to attack sensely and just keep going at it but the fact is that he is in between of his wolf instinct but also as well thinking and planning and not be a mindless animal that follows simple tasks and only whats neccesary

message 43: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Ramirez | 7 comments In the book we started reading yesterday, the call of the wild, the author uses the wolves perspective to illustrate the events of the story. Honestly, I feel like the wolves perspective gives us a clear understanding of the call of the wild. If the book was tell in other perspective, the reader won't get a clear understanding of the text and how everything's escalates. Through the wolves perspective, Buck, we understand everything that occur to him the abusement, threats he went through and why the wild is calling him.
The book is a really emotional book. In my point of view, a person has to really be emotionless to not feel Bucks and the other wolves suffering since the word choice the author uses makes the ready feel sempathy towards the wolves. This story is sort of similar to a fairytale. Starts with a horrible events that lead up to happy ending.

message 44: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments The book is very violent. The dogs have fights that are very violent and these fights take place to claim leadership of the pack. To buck, as stated in the book, the leadership role is very important. The humans in the book made these fights worse, by benefiting themselves through gambling. No one is stopping these fights.

Humans take control over these animals which make them feel like they are better off in the wild. Humans don't let the animals be independent, but dependent on them. In the wild, you are free and don't have to depend on others to survive.

message 45: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone.

message 46: by Angel (last edited Apr 07, 2017 12:29PM) (new)

Angel Liu | 8 comments i feel like the new book we are reading is a really interesting book because it makes the reader react to the problems inside the book, there are a lot of emotions inside the book.for example buck lets the reader feel sad for him when he gets abused by his owners and also makes the reader fell proud for him when he accomplishes something.

i also want to point out that the book is really good in the end( since most people are done i dont think it will bother anyone when i spoil it) though buck's new friend john dies but buck realizes that there are acutally people who are nice and willing to help dogs and not everyone is like the previous owners who only use dogs to get what they want.

also this book is too violent for me, not happy after reading

message 47: by Ononna (new)

Ononna Pretula | 21 comments I agree with everyone.
The book is showing the wilderness. Survival. Dogs fight for leadership. They run in a pack. They are free to make their own decisions based on survival. Everything is about survival.

What role do the humans play? The people who take away this way of life. Wolves are meant to focus on survival in the wilderness. When you take them away from the wilderness they are taken away from their way of life.

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