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Nominate yourself, partner or friend for the spot "The King of the Ball".The top five will be drawn out and a poll will be created so we can choose from your votes who is most deserving of the spot. Hurry up and nominate!

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emma (theonlytanman) | 352 comments Mod
Hunter Vincent / Hunter is literally the sweetest guy in all of Bloodshed, even though his family is the assassin type. People will really want a King who listens and understands people's problems. (Skye's Character)

Fin Wright / Fin is sort of shy, but he is very bubbly and a wonderful guy once you get to know him. He really loves taking care of the ones that he loves. Who wouldn't want a King who is protective over his people?

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Hunter Vincent

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Shinya Hiragi; ace; 16

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 390 comments Carol wrote: "Nicoli Montgomery
(Ahana's character)"

I second this!

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