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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I am planning on reading 45 books, which would be the most i finished in a year since I am on goodreads.
I am including audiobooks as I satarted to listen to them a lot.
This should increase my reading speed.
I normaly try to read a bit diverse but there is room for improvment.
I am not having a list for the whole year, only for reading challenges i do these.

I already finished 8 books in january, so i am quite fast and should be able to make it.

message 2: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I finished

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #4)

I started

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5)

Another aoudibook.

Done 9/45

Currently reading:
The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5)

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

To Kill a Mockingbird (To Kill a Mockingbird #1) by Harper Lee

message 3: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I now finished The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5) and started Die Räuber by Friedrich Schiller as an audiobook.

It is a german classic that i always wanted to read and should be quite a fast one.

Audiobooks seem to be the only reason i finsh any books at the moment.

But I am making progress on my other books as well.
Just not so fast.

message 4: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments finished Die Räuber von Friedrich Schiller over the wekkend.
I hope i'll finish The Virgin Suicides today.

I also started two books, which are Zerstört and Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe
I really have problems to get into the last one, which is a german classic I' m listening as an audio book. But it is very short so I will be finshed by tomorrow.


message 5: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments As expected i finished Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe, but i didn't enjoy it very much.
I also finished Virgin Sucides, i liked that one much more but had some minor issues with it.
So now I have finished 13/45 books, which is quite much for me.
I started the series Legend to make more progress in my reading challenges and hope it is finally a book i can give more than 3 stars (didn' happend so far this year).

message 6: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments So i have started the Legend Series by Marie Lu and so far I really like it. I just finished Legend and this was the best book of the year so far. I plan on marathoning the series so we'll see if it carries on that good.
my review (3 stars)

This was a really good one!
I liked the different narrating points and the fast pace of the book.
The story is very interessting and some surprising changes happend. But the end of the first book is basically what you would excpect at the beginning. Still i think the way to that end was interessting and worth the read. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series and see where it takes me.

message 7: by Joan (new)

Joan Barnett | 781 comments I liked the Legend series. They were quick reads and interesting. I liked the characters.

message 8: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I totally agree. I am listening to them on audio book, as they are for free on spotify (in german) and i basically look forward on going to work so i can continue listening. But i think i'll go through all three in one row and soon will know how i like the whole series.

message 9: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments Next book finished. Finally got round reading To Kill a Mockingbird
Took me quite some time as i just read it at work on my cell phone.

Now i'm at 15/45 and so 10 books ahead of schedule, which kind of motivates me to read even more.

message 10: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I'm currently reading the last book of the Legend series and I am really curious to see what is happening.
Also i managed to finish a series. The grant county series by Karin Slaughter, but the last book didn't really catch me that much.

Books read: 17/45

message 11: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments Okay, the last time i posted here is way back.
I mostly post everything in my mod conor and i haven't found a system for me what to post where. I think i'll just start to do at least monthly, but try weekly updates on my reading progress.

message 12: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments So For april i have already read/listen to some classics, but also i did put the first book down.
I don't often do that, but i was just not getting into The Great Gatsby and didn't want to force myself while there are so many amazing books i really want to read.
Now i am taking part in the Tome Tobbler Read-a-ton, so i don't think i will finish a lot of books as you are only allowed to read 500+ pages books, but maybe i'll finally read my first 5* star book of the year.

message 13: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I finally finished the second book in the Shades of Magic series.
I didn't like A Gathering of Shadows at the beginning but the ending really got me hocked.
So i directly started the final book in the Triology, which is A Conjuring of Light

message 14: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments So general update:
I didn't finish a lot of books in the last weeks, but i basically jump from one BIG Book read-a-ton to the next.
So i am quite happy with the time i make for reading, i'm just still waiting for the books that gets 5 stars from me. I seem to be extremly picky this year or just read books that are not my taste. I hope i'll soon find more really amazing books.

message 15: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I finsished my reading challange this year! I am now at 47 books i've read so far and there should be much more to come. I definitly underestemated the amount of reading i get done by listening to audiobooks. I am not some one who changes his yearly reading goal just because he finishes it early but i really would like to see if i can manage to reach the 100 books. THis should be quite a challange!

message 16: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Grønsund (gullita) | 3260 comments Congratulations! You're doing great.
Best of luck reaching a hundred :)

message 17: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments At the moment i am a bit too busy too read as much as i want, so my average amount of books per month is at 6, which i should push a bit if i want to actually tackle the 100 books. I hope i can spend a lot of time reading out in the sun over summer.

message 18: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments I haven't read a lot of books, but a lot of pages these past weeks as i am taking part in the Tome Toppler readathon, so i only read +500 pages books.
That works quite well, i just have to stopp buying more books than i read. So i thought of posting a comparison of read and bought books at the end of the month so i keep traqck of that.
As i did some damage on my last holidays in agust i should now get back to reading fast.

message 19: by Nina (last edited Aug 26, 2017 10:12AM) (new)

Nina | 327 comments I desided to have a closer look at my physical TBR. I don't mind if i have over 200 books on my "to read" pile on goodreads, but bying books and not reading them is quite stupid.
August was escpecial hard as i placed one book order and went a bit crazy in the book stores on holidays.

My new ins are:

The Name of the Wind
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Clockwork Prince
Der Seidenspinner
The Wise Man's Fear
Night School. Und Gewissheit wirst du haben
Six of Crows
When Dimple Met Rishi

This sums up to 12 new books.
Logicaly I should at least have read 12 physical books, not counting audio-books or ebooks.
My actual amount of physical books i read this month is impressiv one single book. I just looked it up and am managed to shock myself. (i am in the middle of two 500+ books, hence the small amounts of books read in august)
No wonder my pysical TBR is at 85.
I will try not to buy any new book this year (I know, what a bold claim), just if it is to finsh a series (i think i have a few books here that are actually the middle of a series and i don't tend to buy more than the first book in a series before i statrted it, if i don't know the author very well.) So otherwise no new books. I don't own any ebooks at the moment that i haven't read, so thats good. And audio books don't compet with "reall reading time" so i hope i can size down and stay below 50 the following year.
Let's see how that goes and wish me luck.

message 20: by Nik (new)

Nik (bleepnik) | 852 comments Good luck! =)

message 21: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments So update on my TBR Reduction:
I read 3 physical books this month, which is an improvment to last month, but i actually faild already. I bought 6 new boos, what leads to a plus of 3 books and a TBR of 88.
If you want to see it from a positiv view, i have a smaller increase of my TBR compared to last month. So maybe it takes me longer to downsize but i have some hope.

message 22: by Nina (new)

Nina | 327 comments Finally I did some good on my TBR reduction. I did not buy a single book this month.
Reading wise i finshed 5 physical books and am right now in the middle of two more, so that is helping.

My new TBR is therfore: 83

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