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Don H.M (theayatollahofrock) | 20 comments Mod
What is an atrocious book by a good author and why?

Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan was a tragedy. The already progressively Aes Sedai Stooges reached a fever pitch in that books got bitch steroid and got twice as bitchy. The biggest bitch was Rand Al' Thor. This book was providing filler for a filler arc. And it made me hate almost every main character in the series except Mat Cauthon. He was always awesome.

message 2: by Lizze (new)

Lizze Delgado Diary, by Chuck Pahlahnuik
Is that how you spell his crazy ass name?
Anyway, this book is utterly terrible, enough for a person to actually enjoy hate-reading it. The MC is this complete pushover who just sits back and allows everyone to shit on her and every circumstance to catch her unawares and unprepared to deal. And the "poetic" device Chuck uses with the anatomical descriptions of faces that help characters "recognize themselves again" get seriously numerous and time consuming. It is pretentious to a sickening degree.

message 3: by Don (last edited Feb 15, 2017 09:51PM) (new)

Don H.M (theayatollahofrock) | 20 comments Mod
My favorite book is Phalanuik's Fightclub. Diary has the opposite message as fight club. Fight Club was about empoweing emmascilated men to go seek a life beyond consumerism by exercising their primal hunter instincts. And the Jack/Jill anatomical descriptions were bloody hilarious. He failed miserably at doing the same thing diary, because women's role was much more imparative in the evolution of humanity and the hunter/gatherer relationship and they had to deal with much more complex shit. I will paraphrase the great anarchist philosopher George Carlin, Men are stupid, and women are crazy. Men are stupid because women are crazy and women are crazy because after being given an extra load of bullshit by nature they have to deal with stupid men. Pahlnuik makes Marla Singer who embodies that philosophy, and is fucking awesome for it. Then he goes out of his way to shit all over that philosophy in diary. He should've made Marla the main character, I would give anything to read her back story. Oh AND FUCK MISTY.

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