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Two mysteries about Father Inire and mirrors

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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Defrank | 82 comments There are a couple of...I don't want to say mysteries, but suggestive hints that I keep running across in my re-reads of the New Sun books, having to do with Father Inire and his mirrors.

The first involves Agia/Agius, and how I don't believe Agia ever actually refers to Agius as her 'brother.' She uses other euphamisms mostly, but what other options are there? I can only think of two: either one is a clone of the other, and then there's the description of Father Inire and his mirror/summoning trick, which made me consider one might be some sort of summoned alternate reality version of the other, brought into being either through Father Inire or possibly Hethor. But again, it's never answered or played out.

Then there's Fetchin the artist and how he's constantly described as a monkey, the only other person besides Father Inire, but I can't figure a way to connect the two. From the descriptions of Fetchin, he's too tall to be Inire, and their ages don't match if he's a younger version.

I've also been thinking about the mirror motif Father Inire is so fond of. Reflections, inversions, seeing where that might play out and seeing if that's an indication of his hand in things.

Again, it's not concrete and I don't want to start extrapolating on stuff that isn't there and isn't supported by the text, but that imagery just stands out to me, and something tells me it wouldn't be there without a reason.

message 2: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Pierce | 1 comments This is such a fascinating idea ... 🤔 I think your really onto something great here.

message 3: by Dylan (last edited May 03, 2018 12:46PM) (new)

Dylan (dylbud) | 1 comments There is a point in the text where Severian goes to see Agilus in his cell before executing him. Agia is there too. I can't remember the exact words, but at some point Severian pushes Agia into a wall. Her head hits it, and it makes a sound which Severian describes as like the tap of mason's hammer.

This has led me to wonder if she is actually a robot of some sort.

For that matter, I've also wondered whether Severian is a robot, as an explanation for why he has a perfect memory. But that is another issue altogether.

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