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description - Lauren

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Congratulations on your first badges Lauren!

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Well done Lauren :)

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New badge added. Congrats Lauren!

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MARCH 2017


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Congratulations Lauren :)

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New badges added. Well done Lauren!

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APRIL 2017


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Well done Lauren :)

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Changes to the 'Hall of Fame' badge scheme

When we set up the 'Hall of Fame', I created a badge thread for all members who had completed a challenge. I guess that wasn't a very good plan as some people have since told me they weren't even aware that their thread existed! Oops. Sorry about that.

We are now asking members who would like to continue collecting badges to create their own badge threads. Even if you already have a thread created by me, please create a new one in the linked folder - Hall of Fame.

All of the badges you have previously earned will be transferred to your new thread.

Not everybody is interested in collecting badges and that's fine. Asking those of you who are interested to create their own threads will save me setting up threads and awarding badges to members who don't want them. When you complete a challenge, you will be prompted to create a badge thread if you have not already done so, however, you can just disregard this if you have no interest in collecting badges.

You will still need to re-post your whole challenge as a new message to be considered to have completed that challenge.

This message will be posted on all badge threads created by me to alert members to the changes.

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All badges have been transferred to your new thread and I will be closing this one. Thanks Lauren :)

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