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message 1: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments the great thing about books, when we are immersed, we don't notice the grey skies and the end of winter gloom. What is tiding you over this restless time?

message 2: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments can't recommend Yaa Gyasi debut novel highly enough. Each chapter could be a whole book.
I just might say it in my review, move over Dostoevsky, gotta give Gyasi some room!

message 3: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments oops, did not give the title, Homegoing.

message 4: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) | 732 comments Weekend away, chance to finish current sets of books.

message 5: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments @Ice...some details would be nice!

message 6: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments @Ellie, I heard the schools were closed in your city today Hope you are snug
@Perta, same with you! We are snowed in good .
here, I am imagining same where you are.
Good day for reading.
I've finished Olga Grushin s amazing Dream Life Of Sukhanov and after a bit of brooding have begun The Wonder. I noticed Petra liked it, as did most who reviewed it. It will balance the harsh memoir by Romeo Dallaire.

message 7: by Petra (new)

Petra | 759 comments We were lucky, Magdelanye. Our roads are clear today. The snow is piled at the sides, though. It's a wonderful surprise after the predictions we were getting. The snow went further East, into the valley.
Ellie, how are you doing?
Ice, how are you faring?

I've been reading through my library "for later" shelf, trying to tame it a bit. So far, the 2 books I've read were duds: Call It Sleep and Early One Morning but I'm glad to be getting them off my TBR list.
I really liked Wuthering Heights, though. Totally twisted.

There's a long weekend coming up in BC. I'm looking forward to an extra day off. Anyone have any plans for the weekend?

message 8: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments ah Petra, after retirement it all blurs.
Its the weather and my library due dates that determine the shape of my day ;*)
Hope that your weekend is good, and that Ellie is Okay out there in that vast and turbulent city.

message 9: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) | 732 comments I got to the end of Our Mutual Friend, probably ranking in the top 3 of the Dickins novels I have read.
Back into the War of the Roses - this time from the perspective of a commoner Kingmaker: Divided Souls by Toby Clements.
Another weekend away to "God's own country" forthcoming, including a Pet Shop Boys concert - how English !
Need to send my better half on a Library mission - feel the need to read some Graham Greene (perhaps for the first time).

message 10: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments @Ice, been wondering what you're up to! I seem to remember Our Mutual Friend as my favorite Dickens after great expectations Now that I am mellowing out somewhat, I see the need to reevaluate some of my biases
I love Graham Greene and expect you'll enjoy.
@Petra, I notices that you liked that I have started the Amy Jones. You didn't rate it very highly, and I am sensing already after the zesty if convoluted beginning a steep drop in my appreciation.
I have begun another book detailing the fate of Rwanda. Its hopeful to know they have been able to regroup if not forget. actually, its our duty not to forget.

message 11: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2199 comments @ice, Pet Shop Boys live?

message 12: by Petra (new)

Petra | 759 comments Magdelanye, the Amy Jones book a nice story. The best scene is near the end. I won it as a giveaway and am not sorry to have read it but it isn't terribly memorable either.

I have yet to read Our Mutual Friend. I enjoy a good Dickens book. Great Expectations is one of my favorites as well.

message 13: by Mary (new)

Mary | 203 comments I read almost all that Charles Dickens wrote, his novels and articles in his two newspapers. I did my masters' thesis on Our Mutual Friend pointing out the various themes that were so relevant to our modern world. I loved that Dickens' novels were written piece by piece, that as a chapter was written it was distributed, that people waited anxiously for the next instalment. His articles in his newspapers dealt with social issues like poverty and environmental problems -- raw sewage was dumped in to the Thames River -- and Our Mutual Friend tries to show that waste can create wealth, a form of recycling.
I have yet to read The Mystery of Edwin Drood which was unfinished when Dickens died. I will have to read it some day soon despite worrying about an inconclusive ending.

message 14: by Ellie (new)

Ellie (elliearcher) | 1201 comments Our Mutual Friend is one of my most favorite novels of all time! You made me miss Dickens.

I'm struggling with A Gentleman in Moscow. Everyone I know adored this book so I'm a little disappointed in myself (sometimes it feels like I'm letting down the book, not the other way around!). I'm also preoccupied with work, so that may be interfering, and I'm reading a lot of poetry criticism at the same time.

Magdelanye, I may be living out your poetry workshop fantasy soon-I'm planning on taking a workshop up in Hudson Valley. Sounds idyllic (except for the putting your work on the line part!). I'm also taking another online class right now so between that and job activity (worst vacation ever), I may be lacking the focus this book needs. I like it, just not love it, at least not yet.

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