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Elisa | 164 comments I need a beta reader (or several) for my manuscript.

If you aren't comfortable with:
-First person present tense
-Multiple POVs (MC POV and Secondary POV)
-Mild Gore/Violence/Death Scenes

Then please pass this by.

Seventeen-year-old Sasame Kai's city isn't as amazing as the residents pretend it is. A giant wall protects the city from the flesh-hungry mutants living on the other side. Sasame wants to save her city at all costs and a secret agency gives her the chance. The catch is she has to capture people with immunity against the mutation virus so the agency can drain their bodies for a stronger antidote.

Despite the physical and mental toll the missions have on her, Sasame works her way to the top of her sector. Things are going fine until Konan enters her life. The problem is her agency has strict rules against personal relationships. Yet there's something about Konan keeps her wanting to know more.

A connection foreign to Sasame pulls her back to him every time she pushes away. Being eaten alive is the worst thing to look forward to. But that's nothing compared to dealing with a persistent boy while avoiding the spotlight of her agency.

Sasame's agency won't let her walk away. Can she help save her city and keep Konan alive, or will she have to choose? Her loyalty is now tested in more ways than she's prepared to handle. Insubordination equals death.

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