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Chapters 25 - 29

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I just wanted to let you guys know that Episode 6 will be two days late. I had an important Russian exam today (it went well WOHO) and have another one tomorrow and therefore I didn't have the time to film and edit. ;)

However, I've finished reading the chapters for this week, so if you wanna chat about them, we can! ;) From next week on everything will be back to normal, so Ep. 7, 8 and 9 will be uploaded Wednesdays.

Happy Reading! :)

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Hello guys,

I know I'm one day late but after learning that I received a 1.0 (which is an A) on my Russian exam yesterday I decided to jump around my room for 3 hours straight and then it was too dark to film. :D

This week's episode is entitled WELCOME TO THE HUNGER GAMES and you can watch it here:

I would highly suggest listening to "One Last Ride" (the original version of "One Last Time") because I quote it quite often in this episode:

Happy Reading! :)

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Shanna (sblack) | 17 comments Yay, you are behind so I'm actually caught up! Congrats on your test.
The whiskey rebellion was crazy and so Wild West with he tarring and other things the people did. Almost as insane as the country over for the Jay Treaty. I hate the way politics brings out the venom and self serving deceitfulness of people. All of these parts reaffirmed my desire to read the Washington Hamilton bff book.

These section also made me want to read more about John Adams because it sounds like he had some serious mental issues. I agree with the comparison to Trump, minus the fact that Trump has no experience whatsoever in government. Ugh. Especially they way he contradicted himself and had paranoia.

There is a historical fiction novel called, "Wold by the Ear" (? I think, it's been a while) about Sally Hemming and Jefferson that I would recommend to anyone interested in that. I told my students about that not long ago and they were shocked.

Ooh, and we also had the line, "turn the world upside down," albeit in a different context. Now I can't stop singing it.

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Yay, I am glad you're caught up. :D And thank you so much!

"The Wild West" describes the 1790s wonderfully, but it was also crazy how politics were handled back in the day... So that a sick 69y/o Washington actually rode to Western Pennsylvania to fuck shit up is just crazy - I mean can you image a president to day getting out on the streets like that? :D No way in hell!

I really don't know if I could stomach reading about Jefferson and Sally because the entire situation just makes me soo furious.

Oh yeah, I caught that as well. When Adams talked about why he kept Washington's cabinet and claimed that it would "turn the world upside down" if he replaced them. :D

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