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Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)
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2017 Reads > February: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer

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Emma (booksand_stardust) | 82 comments Mod
Discussion for book #2 in The Lunar Chronicles :)

Azrah (bookishaz) | 11 comments I was going to try and pace myself with these books but I failed and I just finished the 3rd book lats night..
I was worried about the alternating povs and whether or not it would work but the different story lines ran so well side my side!
And can I just say I LOVE THORNE

AmbWitch | 37 comments After reading Cinder I was really excited to read Scarlet but it took a while for it to arrive in the post (but it was OK as I read another book in the meantime). I enjoyed this book about as much as I enjoyed the first one and devoid it quickly. I have ordered the third so that it will be ready in time for next month. At least that’s the idea anyway.

I didn’t realise that this series was going to be based on a different fairy tale each book. It does make good sense though as I was wondering where they were going to take it after losing her foot at the ball in the last one.

I enjoyed meeting the new characters (especially Thorne who was rather amusing) and hearing about a story that was set in a completely different setting than the first one. It was interesting to see how the two plots tied together and I found myself spending a lot of time wondering when they were going to meet.

In the back of the book I spotted a few discussion questions… does anyone want to give them a go? Could get the conversation flowing.

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