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Bray  Knox (brayknox) ♔Heyo♔

Here is where you can write Summaries of you roleplays so you can go back easier and keep track of their progress, as well as others looking for information on whats going on! This isn't mandatory but is highly suggested!

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lorien | 616 comments Park
Alderius was speeding along the park with his ability when he soon came to a stop and strolled the park. He soon saw a flash of red and soon came to realize that it was a fox. A beautiful and cute fox if he might add. The delivery boy, deciding that it'd be a good way to relax on his break, stroked the fox carefully and gently. After a while, the fox seemed to have trusted him and rolled on her side so he could continue petting on her neck and eventually her stomach. Alderius didn't want to leave but he knew that he still had at least one more package to deliver. Sighing, he quickly stood up and told the fox with a smile where it could find him. Though Alderius highly doubted it could understand him, he would be underestimated very soon.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Alderius Marr House

Kimberly and her fox form decided to sniff her way to the nice young man she had met in the park, though of course she had hurt his instructions she wanted to appear as if she found him in an animal fashion not as a intelligent human disguised as a fox. She didn't deed come across him and he didn't seem any the wiser by how she was sniffing around. And he even gave her the name 'Foxy' which she found someone endearing, once again that you were playful, she frolicked a bit, did a few tricks with catching bread and enjoyed getting patted by him. The more time she spent in her fox form the more she had the cravings to do the things that an animal would enjoy. No only reason she decided to leave was when he was talking about her coming inside his house. She realize the danger of this and not wanting to be kept as a pet. So she scurried off feeling a bit sad to not be able to communicate to him and explain why she did so.

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lorien | 616 comments Streets, Rita Hotel, Kimberly's Chambers, & Royal Kitchen

So these two started off on a not so friendly relationship at first but later on, they began to act almost like sisters. Princess Kimberly was out in town for a lovely walk and that is when Duchess Corra noticed the girl. But she had a secret. The princess was in her fox form while roaming the streets. They eventually met up in an alley, when Corra tricked Kimberly into nodding her head to show that she loved the tart the duchess gave to her, and were soon chasing one another into the streets. Corra then used her ability to halt Kimberly where she stood by sending images of confusion and soon the fox was plucked and taken to a hotel for further questioning.
In the hotel, the girl's had a quick chat about who Kimberly was and where she came from. The princess explained that she was here to make an alliance with her kingdom and this one. And the princess did all of this while in her human form. She actually changed into a fox when it seemed like she'd have to do some talking. Anyway, they exchanged a few more words and the duchess walked towards the castle with a little fox in hand.
Once inside Kimberly's Chambers, Corra suggested that late tonight that they should raid the pantry with delicious pastries. Kimberly seemed to be so very eager to do this and honestly, the duchess was too. So they agreed and waited till night came.
A whole lotta things happened too. They raided the pantry successfully, Corra fell asleep in the princess' chambers, aaaand Kimberly nearly fell to her death by Corra who was trying to transmit to her. So yes, this Roleplay was very quite eventful. Both girls are fine now, in case you were concerned, and are patiently waiting till their creators Roleplay with them again.

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Kimberly Brown (guardianwolfkim) Park

Kimberly in her fox form met a man in the park who seemed nice, but at the same time strange. He found that special spot on her back that made the little fox kick like crazy, she was incredibly wore out after all the kicking feeling like she had done a massive work out. She decided she better head back home before she was too tired to do so and ended up sleeping out again. She hurried on the way from him looking for the house with the basement that you had left a change of clothing in. Little did she know that when she exited she haven't followed by this man insidious Fox, who had an ability to move incredibly fast. He confronted her, intimidated and scared her. But he never tried to hurt her. In fact he simply asked her some questions. She answered and when he found out that no one had ever asked her if she was all right unless something bad just happened he seemed to show sympathy. He gave her his card and the two parted company. She couldn't help but wonder about the mysterious man

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lorien | 616 comments Alderius Marr's Home

Alderius was coming back home from work when he saw a hunter who was out shooting at the edge of the forest and apparently shot a fox not too far away. The hunter quickly ran back into the forest before he had a chance to stop it. So what did the young gent do? Well, he brought the injured fox to his home so it could heal over time. After tending and caring to the animal, they became closer as companions oddly enough and so, he now being an idiot, Alderius bought a cage and swooped the fox inside. Being trapped, poor foxy gave a sad look to Alderius. So one night, he allowed her out (tell me if this is wrong Kim!) and the fox ran behind the couch and she transformed underneath the blanket. Still being an idiot, Alderius walked into the living room and was disappointed to see that his blanket was slightly torn. He slowly rosed the blanket up and saw a strand of blonde hair inside. Then the lump began to talk like a girl and so Alderius was now brought to the conclusion that this lump was officially a girl. Foxy *cough cough* Kim introduced herself as being a princess as well as having the ability to transform into a fox. Alderius didn't act as surprised as he should've been, so he prepared them both dinner and eventually going to bed. This was quite eventful for our princess. He tossed a few comments and she blushed. Tossed a few comments again and she blushed. Offered to tuck her in and the princess, you guessed it, blushed. After the eventful night past, Alderius snucked Kim back inside the castle as she slept and thankfully found her room swiftly (haha!). And he zoomed off, hoping he could see Kim again. Or Foxy

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lorien | 616 comments Grand Market

Alderius was delivering a package for a special customer that afternoon and was shocked to see that it was the Princess Maud. They chatted for a bit, despite her guard inconspicuous glares, and eventually decided to take a quick bite at a local bakery. They shared a lemon tart and unfortunately the princess informed Alderius that she had to leave. They did agree that they could meet again some time in the near future.

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Dionne | 73 comments ((Sorry for not posting this. Didn't have the time to do any kind of posting, just looking at posts and then leaving.))
Nature Trail

Princess Maud has gone off to the nature trail to practice her powers alone when she is met by Zach. Things don't go too well so she decides to leave. Zach follows her back into town where one of the royal guards come upon them. The usual thing happens before Maud leaves, returning to the palace.

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lorien | 616 comments Nature Trail

Frana and the Insidious Fox (correct me if I'm wrong Silver ;-) ) met up at the nature trail very much in the hopes of not coming in contact with one another since neither had intend for this to happen in the first place. They chatted for a while, meaning that they somewhat interrogated the other in some shape or form, and Fox actually informed Frana that someone was out to kill her. All he asked for the information was that she would never tell a single soul that she saw him. That would be far too easy since Frana doesn't have friends. So they both parted ways, with the Fox knowing that he was leading Frana into a wild goose chase with her "killer" and Frana, knowing that she would actually have a good meal in front of her from her now dead fox

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