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Bray  Knox (brayknox) ♔Ahoy♔

Here is where your characters will be born! All you have to do is fill in the required information below. If you want to add additional go for it! Keep it detailed but don't write too much so its easy to keep up with for the mods! If the status in any of you character descriptions changes, please change it here, such as: and relationships, children or even death.



Ability (for this state their class then special ability... ex. Symbol- Swift):

Strength of Ability (for this put what they excel and fail at. See Abilities page for descriptions):

Appearance (Feel free to face claim in the 'faceclaim' thread or post a picture along with your description):




Status (for this put peasant, noble, royal...etc):


Friends/ Alliances:

Additional Information:

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Name: Leslie Marie Callaghan

Age: 20

Ability: Emblem-Mind

Strength of Ability: Leslie is an extremely strong Mind being trained by the best in the Kingdom she almost never falters and is just learning to manipulate thoughts and natural brain chemistry

Appearance: Leslie is 5"2' with a curved figure due to muscle from her persistence to train and learn combat. She has a waterfall of long champagne brown hair that end in curls. Her skin is pale and freckled over the nose while her cheeks have a consistent tint of red. Leslie has green eyes with gold speck in them, dazzling anyone who looks into them. She has full lips often found in a pout. Her cheeks are fuller and not contoured, giving her face a rounder shape. She is stunning to most as a Princess typically is but she likes to dress down and make herself look more masculine.

Personality: Leslie is an extremely brave person. She is selfless and would do anything for her family, even if they do not agree with everything. She radiates authority and always has her chin in the air, but deep down she is flanked with worry and insecurity. However, she uses these things to inspire her. Leslie has strong beliefs and will fight to see what she thinks is right, is made right and left that way. Her strong will and determination make it impossible for her to abandon a mission or thought.

History: Leslie grew up the eldest daughter in the Royal family, but as she grew she learned how the Kingdom came to work. With age and education she learned that the Kingdom was off balance, and those with different marks were treated unfairly and forced into a class they didn't necessarily deserve. Leslie is closest with her younger brother and middle sister. When Leslie turned 16 she decided she would make a change, so when she confided in her sister and brother, lady in waiting and guard she accidentally began a resistance. Now there are more and more people joining while they plan secret missions and plans that will adventaully lead to the change the Kingdom needs. When Leslie isn't planning she is training or sneaking around the villages to learn more about her Kingdom. She disagrees with her Father and twin brothers belief and will stop at nothing to keep her Kingdom from continuing this way. In her free time, Leslie reads and plans and has no time for anything else. She is very close with her little sister and little brother, letting them in on most of her plans within the resistance. She trusts her siblings with her life and would do anything to protect them. Her biggest fear is being married off and failing her Kingdom. She is the furthest thing from a normal Princess and can't wait to prove it to her family.

Occupation: Eldest Princess of Kortana

Status: Royal


-The Royal family of Kortana, the Callaghans

Friends/ Alliances:

-Her guard John who basically raised her
-Her lady in waiting is her partner in crime
-The resistance she created

Additional Information:

-She excels with a bow
-Her favourite thing to do is read and plan
-She has an extended knowledge on military moves and plans

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Dionne | 73 comments Name: Maidlin (pronounced: Maud-dee- lynn) Callaghan

Age: 16

Ability (for this state their class then special ability... ex. Symbol- Swift): Emblem (Matter)

Strength of Ability (for this put what they excel and fail at. See Abilities page for descriptions): Young Maud (that's her name shortened)'s ability is a strong one though she likes to play it off around others most specifically her family though they already know she's a strong one. She maybe be the strongest Matter to be born of late.

Appearance (Feel free to face claim in the 'faceclaim' thread or post a picture along with your description): a pretty young girl (not saying lady unless needed) with blue eyes and long blond hair. She has a slim, willowy sort of figure which likes to hide.

Personality: Maud tends to be iron willed unless around her family (and anyone of Noble/Royal) birth then she's all sweet and ladylike. You see she more of a tomboy and likes going outside whether is with a bodyguard or not, though true be told she prefers not to have one and makes it her business to ditch them whenever she goes out.

History: Maud was raised by her family and tends to hang with her siblings (when they're around that is). She loves horses and will spend time around them. Maud's one of those tomboys who likes getting dirty when she was younger. Now she tries not to, but that doesn't stop her from having fun.

Occupation: Second daughter (I think) of the Callaghans

Status (for this put peasant, noble, royal...etc): Royal

Family: The Royal Family of Kortana, the Callaghans

Friends/ Alliances: family, friends, anyone she meets that is.

Additional Information: ....

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Alexandria | 194 comments
{Name} ~ Eleanor Victoria Marie Callaghan

{Age} ~ 42

{Status} ~ Royal

{Occupation} ~ Queen & Royal Adviser

{Ability} ~ Emblem || Mind || Eleanor can see into the thoughts of others and manipulate their minds.

{Ability Strengths} ~ She is highly capable with her ability, she is likely the strongest user of the ability at this moment in time and one of the greatest throughout time, though a very select few have been superior in the past. She knows how to best use her power to manipulate others and has vast natural skill with it. The issue is that if she isn't careful she can become overwhelmed with thoughts when she doesn't want them and can get headaches if she overuses it.

{Appearance} ~
Eleanor's appearance if often described as either stunning elegant, she has youthful and almost elven features. She is snowflake pale as she never participates on physical labor and gets very little sunlight. Her complexion is flawless, not a single blemish can be found due to her rigorous pursuit of beauty. She is very thin, weighing a mere 115 pounds, and standing at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Eleanor dresses in a way fit for a queen, beautiful and expensive dresses. She usually wears lightly coloured clothes and either a crown or flower in her hair. When she goes outside she often wears a large hat to keep the sun off of her. She usually keeps her dark brown hair tied up neatly. Her eyes are a rich shade of brown and they are very expressive of her emotions.
(view spoiler)

{Personality} ~
Eleanor is cunning, clever and all other words of the such. She spends much of her time in a library, studying up on new things or enhancing her knowledge on old topics. She has a natural aptitude for learning and a fantastic memory. This compliments her ability perfectly and is a contributor to her mastery of it. She is likely one of the most intelligent people in the kingdom, even going toe to toe with some scholars.

Eleanor is noticeably vain, whilst it isn't overbearing it is clearly a trait she possesses. She takes great care of her appearance fearing that she will be forgotten or ignored if it fades away. She will do whatever it takes to keep herself and those she cares for above everyone else, giving her own family the best life possible, not caring about others.

Despite her vanity, Eleanor is very caring towards her family and close friends, she would do whatever it takes to keep them together and safe. She is kind to them and likes spoil her children when she can. Anything or anyone who tries to cause them harm is in danger of being crushed underfoot by her. She tries to spend all her free time with her family, though it can be difficult as Eleanor's schedule is often clogged up by royal duties.

Eleanor's style of combat consists of words and carefully thought out contracts. She will often solve problems quickly to prevent any danger. She uses far more civilized ways than many, preferring to speak with someone and sort things out in a calm, quiet setting in a way beneficial to both sides.

Eleanor is dutiful more than anything else. She places what must be done ahead of her own interests, she has the duties of a royal adviser, the Queen and a mother and wife. She puts those above herself, never failing to get them all done. Anything she must do is done with elegance, efficiency and skill.

{History} ~ Eleanor was born in a highly esteemed family of nobles, their status was near that of the royal family, but not quite as powerful. The family were known as the Wyndhams. They owned land and possessed great wealth. When Eleanor was born she was almost instantly betrothed to the crown prince of the time, it was a grab at power by her family and a way to maintain the purest bloodline possible by the royal family. She was raised to be the perfect Queen, wife and mother. Whilst Eleanor's siblings were playing and having fun Eleanor was sitting at a desk learning how to manage a kingdom treasury and while they were off to enjoy time visiting their friends Eleanor was locked up inside learning war tactics and the advanced methods of cooking. Eleanor began to show great proficiency with her mind ability, easily surpassing that of her tutors at a young age, using it to high degree with relative ease. A few years later she was to be married to a man she barely knew, one she had met a select number of times, but none the less it was her duty to her family, she had to do it even if she didn't want to. She acted not only as a wife and mother to his children, but became an adviser, assuring that the kingdom ran smoothly. She would however filter information, depending on the situation she would hold back some things and deal with them herself rather then letting her husband do it. As far as how she got along with her children it depended on the child, some of them naturally liked her more than others did, but she still treated them all fairly, but the issue was that she would often distort their ideas of the outside world, trying to make sure they wouldn't leave her behind one day and forget her.

{Family} ~
Mother - Angelica Wyndham
Father - Gordon Wyndham
Sister - Catherine Wyndham
Brother - Henry Wyndham
Brother - Theodore Wyndham
Husband - Christian Callaghan
Son - Cray Callaghan
Son - Prince
Daughter - Leslie Callaghan
Daughter - Maidlin Callaghan
Daughter - Mia Callaghan
(She also has several nieces and nephews)

{Alliances & Friends} ~ Family & Several nobles

{Additional information} ~ Plays piano || Loves tea || Loves flowers || Hates bad manners || Hates stupidity || Loves reading || Hates being lied to || Loves to have conversation

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emma (theonlytanman) ----- CRAY CALLAGHAN -----

•Name: Cray Niall Callaghan

•Age: 20

•Ability: Motion | Cray can move objects and humans with his mind.

•Strength of Ability: Cray's biggest strength is that he is very confident about his power most of the time. He really likes showing off what he learns to his family.

Cray's weakness is that he wonders what is would be like if he didn't have a power and he tends to give up most of the time.

•Appearance: Cray is a tall young man, around the height of 5'8. He has pale skin, brown hair that is usually swooped over to the right nicely. Whenever he smiles, his dimples appear. He usually wears his contacts, but when he isn't in the prince mood he wears his Clark Kent black framed glasses.

He has brown chocolate eyes. He is very slim and he has a faded red scar on his neck that he got from a horse accident, but he doesn't really like to talk about it. He has pearly white teeth and a thick British accent. He also has a really strong jawline.


•Personality: Cray tends to be very serious most of the time. After all, he is a Crowned Prince. He thinks that he has to be serious all of the time, wave to everybody and even kiss little babies heads. When he isn't acting like a prince, Cray can be extremely geeky, reading the next science fiction novel in his collection or drawing landscapes. He is also very protective and caring over his siblings and he loves to be very imaginative most of the time. Around his mother and siblings, he is mostly very cheerful and peppy, but around his father he tends to be very serious like a soldier.

•History: Cray was raised by the Callaghan family as the eldest son, which made him be the next crowned prince. When Cray was little, he usually spent his days kicking around the soccer ball in his room, listening to the guests in the house complain that he was causing a lot of mayhem in the palace.

However, Cray was always that imaginative and confident kid. He was always very independent and he loved doing things all by himself. He often read books and he excelled in school, in all of his subjects. He was labeled one of the smartest in his class, which made his father and mother beyond proud. When he become a Crowned Prince, he and his father knew that running a kingdom would be hard and he still had a lot to learn. However, Cray has to admit that he and his father make a great team together.

•Occupation: Crowned Prince of Kortana.

•Status: Royal

•Family: The Royal Family of Kortana, the Callaghans

•Friends/ Alliances:
- his family.

•Additional Information:
- Cray has a very strong dislike for lobsters. They creep him out a lot.
- Cray loves to read and to sketch people, mostly his siblings or his mother.
- In his free time, he loves to dance to his own dance moves and do yoga. It calms him down when he happens to be stressed.

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((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Name: Duchess Silver Ora Smith

Age: 18

Ability: Emblem: Mind

Strength of Ability:
Strong at: Seeing through lies, implanting ideas, sensing emotions

Weak at: Focusing on one point, blocking out thoughts, mind walls

Hair: (

Eyes: (

Earrings: (

Bracelet (Left): (

Bracelet (Right): (

Ring (Left): (

Necklace (pictures of her birth mother): (

Dress: (

Party Tiara: (

Regular Tiara: (

Shoes: (

Other: Silver has a silver left eye and a right black eye. She has a scar going two inches above her left eye, through it, and ends a half an inch above her red lips. She is quite tall and fit. She will often train and is strong. She is deathly pale.

Personality: Silver is a precocious, pensive young women. She loves to train, sing, dance, experiment with technology, reading, and acting. She will often be caught doing one of those. She fears heights, depths, being trapped, and others dying or getting hurt because of her. She loves the people and will listen to see what they need. She completely agrees that the kingdom needs to work on equality but she keeps those views to herself. She will often talk about others and not about herself. What no one knows is that Silver has a whole set of armor, ready to enter war for herself.

History: Silver was born to Duke John Smith and Duchess Sarah Smith. she lived with them happily and all was well. she was taught by tutors but also by her parents. They loved to hear Silver talk and thought the rule 'children are to be seen, not heard' stupid. all was well till Silver's seventh birthday, Dec. 24. A shot rang out in their home and Sarah was found dead. The assassin went to Silver's room but Silver had already awoken and tried to fight, gaining her scar. The man, Insidious Fox, ran when he heard the Duke coming. Silver hasn't gotten over her mother's death and nether has John. John remarried after three years and his new wife, Duchess Era Jackson, has been a wonderful step-mother. Silver has one problem though: Era won't leave Silver alone about marring a royal.

Occupation: Duchess

Status: Noble

Family: Duke John Smith - father - 49, Duchess Sarah Smith - mother - dead at 48, Duchess Era Jackson - step-mother - 47

Friends/ Alliances: the homeless, royals, nobles

Additional Information: Era really wants Silver to marry a royal. Particularly the prince. Silver doesn't want to though.

Secret outfit: (

She has a diamond sword instead of arrows.

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((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Name: Finious Doxi (Call him that and you die.)

Goes by: Insidious Fox

Aliases: anything in another language that mean Sly Fox

Age: 30

Ability: Symbol - Swift

Strength of Ability:
Strong at: quick, agile, smooth

Weak at: Staying visible, long distances

Clothes: (


Weapon: ( ((at hip), ( (inside coat pocket)

Looks: (

Personality: Fox is sly, cunning, tricky, and sneaky. He'll kill anyone for the right price and rarely fails. He sends his victims threatening gingerbread Man themed messages. He failed once because he didn't kill Silver but he's coming back, stronger. He knows anyone's weakness and will exploit it. He can persuade anyone even though that isn't his power.

History: Unknown

Occupation: Hired Assassin

Status: Peasant

Family: Unknown

Friends/ Alliances: Black market, criminals, enemies of the crown and people

Additional Information: Don't cross him.

Voice Claim: Jude Law

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emma (theonlytanman) >
----- HALEY "SCRUB" BLOOM -----

NAME: Haley "Scrub" Bloom
AGE: 18
ABILITY: Symbol | Swifts

STRENGTH: Haley is very quiet when it comes to walking, which is a good thing because she loves to explore at night when nobody is awake. Also, she isn't the social kind of person, so when she explores in the day most people don't suspect a thing.
WEAKNESS: Her weakness is that she is a peasant and her powers aren't strong enough. Therefore, it doesn't last long and somebody usually finds out that she is at a certain place.



Haley is a tall girl, that is what she thinks, around the height of 5'6. She has olive skin and walnut brown eyes. She wears her usual dresses, which are sometimes torn up and in very dull colors, and her usual brown shoes. She has a few bruises on her neck, arms, and legs from all of the trips, falls, and bumps on her little adventures. She also sometimes wears her wired framed glasses, but she barely does because she believes that they look nerdy.

PERSONALITY: Haley is a very curious girl who is very sweet, motherly and very caring. However, she is a bit rebellious by sneaking off when she is supposed to work at her family's bakery. She isn't afraid to say what is on her mind in front of somebody's face. She is very headstrong, confident, and very independent. She also thinks that she is sometimes the "fairest of them all," but everybody says that it is all in Haley's head.

HISTORY: Haley was born in a run-down little cottage that her father's side of the family built over fifty-five years ago on a grassy green hill in the village of Kortana. Haley earned her nickname Scrub by cleaning everything in her parent's bakery. When she cleaned everything, it was practically spotless.

When Haley was eleven, she learned that there were so many more things to see besides the inside of the bakery every single day for five hours. So, she made a little plan to sneak out of the bakery and go on adventures before her parents came back with anything from the mail to supplies to fix the roof on the bakery.

Haley still hasn't been caught by her mother or father, and hopefully she will never get caught. She still goes on adventures and she still works at her parent's bakery every single day for five hours.

OCCUPATION: Baker / Aspiring Explorer
STATUS: Peasant.
FAMILY: Mother and Father / Up for Creation.
FRIENDS AND ALLIANCES: To be determined through RP.
- Haley is very allergic to poison ivy. Once she ended up with rashes on both of her arms and her parents had no idea where she had got it from.
- Haley dreams of marrying a prince, which will probably never happen.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Hayley is approved :D

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Alexandria | 194 comments Product of my collaboration with emma

{Name} ~ Selene Karen Aurelia

{Age} ~ 20

{Status} ~ Noble

{Occupation} ~ Marquess

{Ability} ~ Emblem || Motion || She can move medium sized objects around with her mind

{Ability Strengths} ~ Selene is decently skilled, she isn't exactly great, but she is no pushover, she is good at precise movements however her overall ability is lacking in both power speed.

{Appearance} ~

Selene is a lovely young lady, she has brightly coloured aqua green eyes and very dark brow hair. She has a freckle or two on her cheeks, but beyond that she has a clear complexion. She is rather short standing at 5 feet and 1 inch. She is rather light, but that is merely correspondent to her height.

{Personality} ~
Selene is the very definition of sweet, everything she does is out of the goodness of her heart. She wants everyone to be happy which makes her feel quite conflicted about revolution idea, she just wants both sides to stop fighting a come to a compromise. She likes to give away little things she bakes in her free time just brighten people's day.

Selene is very timid, she usually freezes up when put into social situations and doesn't reply until some tells her to. This often leads to her stuttering when speaking. She is only willing to speak to people she knows very well and even the she still comes off as a bit shy.

Selene is generally quite curious, she likes to learn things, whether or not she remembers is the problem though. She can often seem a bit snoopy, which she is, but it is really just because she wants to know, there is rarely ever a purpose as to why she wants to know.

{History} ~ For one to understand Selene they have to know about the history of her family first. Her family is very wealthy and owns large plots of land, but they hold almost no power what so ever, this is something many people wonder about, but there is actually a vast history to explain it. The Aurelia family was once a royal family for a kingdom far, far older than Kortana. They were powerful, important and influential, but the kingdom became old, it lost power over it's many colonies, people began to dispute their ways and so it did what all things do with time. I faded until it died. The royal family however still lived, they moved to a small and growing kingdom known as Kortana. They bought a large plot of land and settled there after being given minor noble titles. Their family lived there, slowly losing power, but still possessing great wealth and land. The family remained known, being invited to every royal ball even though others of higher status were not, but it was merely courtesy, they had very little respect and were the laughing stock of most aristocrats, only a small few still treating them with the respect they deserve. Selene is the youngest daughter of the current generation of the Aurelia family. Selene grew up rather spoiled by her parents and a very social little girl, she trusted just about everyone. One day she had been playing in the gardens and a man offered to play with her, the two played for a little while, before he offered to show her something he found near by and out of curiosity she went with him. The man led her far away before picking her up and running. She had been kidnapped. For a week or so she was held hostage, used as a way to get money from her parents, which they gave away willingly. Finally the criminal was caught and she was taken back home, but she was never social or trusting again. Very few people beyond her family had noticed she was gone which upset her, she thought that people would be worried, but she wasn't as important as they were so it went by unnoticed. She would only spend time around her parents and siblings, the closest of which was her oldest brother, he became almost like a walking diary for her, she would almost always be with him. Years later she was sent to a ball at the royal palace. Alone. She was spent her time there on the side of the room alone. It was at this ball that she would meet the crowned prince of Kortana, someone with whom she would soon become quite close...

{Family} ~
Mother - Phoebe Aurelia
Father - Markus Aurelia
Brother - Leon Aurelia
Brother - Alexander Aurelia
Brother - Sirius Aurelia
Sister - June Aurelia

{Alliances & Friends} ~ Family & Cray Callaghan

{Additional Information} ~ Loves baking || Hates large crowds|| Loves board games || Hates loud noises || Likes writing stories || Scared of the dark || Plays several instuments

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Name: Mia Louise Callaghan

Age: 11

Ability: Emblem - Mind

Strength of Ability: From young age, Mia could easily step into someone’s brain unaware, twist solders memory to let her out of the palace so she can play with the Symbol’s children. Mind manipulation has helped have many people who work in the palace under her little finger.


A P P E A R A N C E ;
Appearance: She has long blond hair that goes all the way down to her waist. Sometimes she wears her hair loose and sometimes she braids her hair. She has pale skin. She has sparkling blue eyes and long eyelashes, which seem to question everything. Her height ranges from 5’4-5’5 and she always tries to look her best. Her signature clothes is long flowy dresses which when she spins abounds flare around her, A roman laurel wreath decorated her head. has thin pink lips and a small nose, which only beautifies and makes her appearance more dazzling and welcoming. She is extremely beautiful and her family calls her the most beautiful girl in this kingdom.


— P E R S O N A L I T Y ;

{Kind}Mia Is kind and caring. She would do anything for those she loved, even things as extreme as giving her life hates inequality and easily concerns herself with other people’s well-being. Therefore she hates what he father believes in and lips out of the place for an answer. Mia has gentle ideals she is on a neutral side meaning she will make the world a better place in her way

{Artistic}She is creative, impulsive, sensitive and visionary. She expresses her feeling with paint and canvas, which uses to create a amazing and heart touching art. She uses her sketchbook to get to know people. She would rather draw a person that she finds interesting then collecting her nerves to talk to them, She really tries to capture their personality in the sketch or painting. She believes that words and knowledge possess the biggest power in the world. She studies a lot, but sometimes her hobbies just like to take over such as art.

{otheaded}Mia has a keen analytical mind and a great sense of humour, enjoys making sarcastic comments, and engages in verbal fights with her older sibling. Mia is a hotheaded, strong but a caring girl that everyone loves. She has a calmed and elegance attitude characterized by her serenity and capacity of understanding. She is overconfident in everything, which can sometimes be a weakness well that what her father says.

{Clever} However she is great at coming up with strategy and plans which comes to her naturally. Her brain works differently to many campers, strategy, extraordinary ideas come to her naturally, weakness. She is cunning and resourceful.

{Curious} Too curious for her own good, curiosity made her venture out to the village and made her see what horrible lifestyles they have. Curiosity helps her enter people brains.

When she was young=

— H I S T O R Y ;

History: Mia Louise Callaghan lived a peaceful, happy life as the youngest princess , she was loved by all her family. Treated by her older siblings and extremely and uncritically fond of anyone in the royal court. However, she is extremely close to her oldest sister who taught her how to read and shoot with a bow. Her happy nature made her the most loved of the children of the king. She had no idea of the terrors of the outside world.A t the age of six she slipped beyond the walls of the palace and saw the lifestyle of the Symbols. Her oldest sister told her stories about the outside world but this was the first time she ever been there. She made friend’s with this young boy from the village. Constantly sneaking out to meet him, they became really close friends.
When they were both eight he passed away. She was kept heart broken, not even being able to share her feeling with her family in fear of being prevented to visit the village again. She acted like she was fine, smiling and holding her head up. She still visits the village and have made many friends the. The injustice she has seen shocked her but there constant smiles of the kids keeps her spirits up.

{Occupation:} Youngest princess of the Kingdom

{Status}Royal- Daughter of the king

{Family:} -The Royal family of Kortana, the Callaghans

King |
Queen | Eleanor Victoria Marie Callaghan
Crown Prince | Cray Niall Callaghan
Eldest Princess | Leslie Marie Callaghan
Youngest Prince|
Middle Princess| Maidlin Callaghan

{Additional information} ~ Archery (but not as good as her older sister) || Loves playing|| Loves flowers || Loves painting|| Hates inequality|| Loves drawing || Hates being lied to || Loves hanging with her older siblings

{Friends/ Alliances:}
The children of the village
Her older siblings
The guards in which she controls with her Mind power

Her Crown which she only wears on special occasions or when she is feeling down. The gol dcrown beautiful makes her look older and gives her authority and power.


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Bray  Knox (brayknox) She is so adorable Skye, love it!

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((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Name: Dr. Sapphire Opal Diamond

Age: 20

Ability: Symbol - Singer

Strength of Ability:
Strong at: Calming, cheering up, making someone think

Weak at: Persuading, charming

Appearance: Sapphire has brown hair that reaches her waist but is often pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes are brown and are ardent with warmth. She has a scar tracing her jaw, going from her left ear to her chin. She has a slight tan. She is tall and slim.




( ((all of her supplies))


Personality: Sapphire is kind and caring. she loves to care for others and finds joy in bringing health. she fears that someone would die if she can't get their on time, her father, and death. She has the annoying habit of cleaning everything. She often picks at her scar and loves her brother. Her scar will look new at some points.

History: Sapphire was raised by Hera and Richard Diamond. Richard was abusive. Sapphire got her scar from him and a very low self-esteem. Her brother, Zach, got more of the beatings. Hera died when Sapphire was nine and Sapphire ran away with Zach at age twelve. Richard was often drunk and high. also he had seen the horrors of war.

Sapphire and Zach tried to live on the streets but couldn't survive. One day Zach was passed out from lack of food and Sapphire could feel the cold hand of Death. When a lady appeared. The lady brought the Diamonds to her home and was able to bring them to their full strength. Sapphire thanked the lady who was Duchess Silver Smith and Silver said it was the least she could do. Sapphire was sixteen at the time and Silver got her an apprenticeship with the kingdom's doctor. Sapphire flourished and she will visit Silver.

She knows of Silver's dream and has agreed to be her doctor if it comes to war.

Occupation: Palace/Emerald City Doctor

Status: Peasant

Family: Hera Diamond - 46 - dead, Richard Diamond - 50 - alive, Zach Richard Diamond - 18 - alive

Friends/ Alliances: Duchess Silver Smith

Additional Information: She's with Silver.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Name: Zach Richard Diamond

Age: 18

Ability: Symbol - Sights

Strength of Ability:
Strong at: seeing far (day or night), seeing details for two miles

Weak at: he has trouble seeing close things

Appearance: Zach is tall and has short spiky hair. He is slightly darker than Silver but not much. He has sterling gray eyes that seem to look into your soul, which is probably true. He has scars going up and down his back due to beatings.






Personality: Zach is quiet and deadly. He can follow you for miles and you wouldn't know. He knows German, French, and Cuban because his father would talk in those. He loves to follow, train, and spy. He fears tight areas, being blinded, and losing Sapphire and Silver. He secretly likes Silver but she doesn't know that. He also fears his father. He is looking for Fox and is ready any day for Silver to call him to war.

History: Zach was abused and learned quickly to stay quiet. He lost his mother at age seven and then left home at age ten. He was thankful when Silver took him and his sister in and he fell slightly in love. Silver got him an apprenticeship to a hunter and Zach's Sights grew stronger. He now is looking for Fox to make him pay for his crimes and is waiting for war.

Occupation: Hunter, hired guard

Status: Peasant

Family: Hera Diamond - 46 - dead, Richard Diamond - 50 - alive, Sapphire Diamond - 20 - alive

Friends/ Alliances: Duchess Silver Smith

Additional Information:

Secret outfit: ( ((the boy one)) ( ( ((His face is always in shadow))

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Dionne | 73 comments done with copy and pasting my character. lol

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
Name: Krystal Kim
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Status & Occupation: Peasant ; assistant and daughter of tailors
Appearance: She has brown hair that falls midway to her waist, which she often holds back with a headband. She has curious, dark brown eyes and can often be seen fidgeting nervously.
Ability & Strength: Symbol — Song. Since Krystal is still quite young, her ability is not as strong as it will in the future, though she is already able to persuade temperamental customers to calm down. She's also quite good with small animals.

Personality: Krystal is first and foremost kind and caring. It's in her nature to help anyone in need, though sometimes her anxious nature and skittishness get in the way. She can be easily fooled and changes her mind with little persuasion, which is ironic due to her Symbol.

History: Krystal's father, a Mind, was only a year old when his father was disinherited from his noble family. He grew up as a peasant, having told to hide his Emblem, and to tell others that he was a Song instead. Terrified of the fact that he would never fit in, though, he vowed never to use his abilities ever again. His father and mother both died of disease when he was 17, and it was during then that he met Krystal's mother, a Sight, who worked as a seamstress, and had lost her father to the same disease.

When they both turned 20, they immediately married each other, and soon afterwards, Krystal came along. By then, they'd built up a good reputation as an excellent husband-and-wife tailor duo, and it was in that very shop that Krystal was raised. Her childhood was a loving one, but being a tailor was not a job that paid extremely well, so by the time Krystal was 11, she was already sometimes sent off to deliver or receive packages from suppliers or for customers. Deposit this, her life was normal and happy, and Krystal is extremely excited for the second baby's arrival.

Relations: Krystal is extremely close to both her parents. Because she works often and she gets nervous easily, she has few friends, so she's particularly excited to have a little sibling.

Additional Information: x

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Name: Kimberly (Kim) Clarkes

Age: 14

Ability (for this state their class then special ability... ex. Symbol- Swift): Emblem- Mind (can only read thoughts by touch)

Strength of Ability (for this put what they excel and fail at. See Abilities page for descriptions):
Despite her only being able to read thoughts of she's touching someone, she is able to make false memories. She usually reserves this for her enemies though.
She's not the strongest Mind ever but she is young and has the potential to become as strong as the royal family.

Appearance (Feel free to face claim in the 'faceclaim' thread or post a picture along with your description):

Kim has long soft wavy brown hair, big green eyes, and skin that has a porcelain like color. She is 5'3 and she has a slim build. She has never been all that tall or weighed all that much, but she is fairly confident in the way she looks.
Kim is normally sweet, kind, and caring. She's overwhelmingly intelligent, and reads whenever she gets the chance. She is quiet and soft spoken, doesn't like to talk much. Her beauty gets her far in life but she chooses not to be vain and just goes about her business. Kim doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does have, she's very loyal to. She's very talented. Aside from her mind powers, she's a violin prodigy, can speak Latin fluently, and can draw decently well. She's very modest though so you won hear her talking about it much.
Kim was born into a family of nobles. She was treated like a queen growing up, having maids and such waiting on her hand and foot. Her older sisters adored her and made sure she was always presentable and looking pretty. Kim still makes sure she looks presentable to this day out of habit.
Growing up, Kim watched her sisters snub the Symbols, and wondered how such loving sisters could be so rude to the less fortunate. So whenever she was out, she made it a point to be kind to Symbols. Her sisters tried to discourage this, but Kim was adamant. She was fair and honestly didn't see what was so bad about the Symbols. They were just like the Emblems, just with lower ability powers.
Most of her family members were Matters, so she had to figure out her Mind powers pretty much on her own. Being a smart kid, she eventually did learn how to control them.
To this day, she only uses powers if she needs to, or if she needs to desperately know someone's thoughts.
Student (homeschooled)
Status (for this put peasant, noble, royal...etc):
Mother- Sasha Clarkes
Father- Landon Clarkes
Older Sister- Felicity Clarkes
Other Older Sister- Madilyn Clarkes
Friends/ Alliances:
Adam (Boyfriend)
Additional Information: N/A

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Amanda | 93 comments Mod
Name: King Christian Callaghan

Age: 43

Ability: Emblem/Motion

Strength of Ability: It was clear from an early age that Christian's power of motion was one if the strongest the kingdom of Kortana had ever seen. He can move virtually anything with his mind.


Face Claim: Ryan Gosling

Personality: Christian is a very calm, even keeled, and collected man. He's quiet and very reserved. He hates arguments, yelling, and loud noises because of the horrible situation he grew up in. All of his actions are carefully and precsiedly planned out. He hates impulsivity and craves structure and organization. Because of his past Christian is a little off, never completely able to move past such a traumatic past. Not only does he physically have the scars from his childhood but he also carries a lot of mental scars. Always alert and on his guard it's as if Christian is merely waiting for something to go wrong. He's startled quite easily and although he always has on a carefully crafted facade of coolness he's shaken up very easily. Unlike his father Christian is neither adoring and loving nor greedy and tyrannical towards his people. He's reserved and caulating always thinking about and evaluating his descions carefully before going through with them. He isn't a sweet and kind ruler but he is a just and fair one. He always has a sort of empty look in his eyes from being broken repeadtely as a child so most people realize something idn't completely right with him. He almost never gets upset and treats his wife and children and people with the respect they deserve. His father's mistreatment is as fresh in his mind as it was when it was happening and he always keeps that in mind in his treatment towards others. His greatest fear is that he'll become the monster is father was. He's horrified of small spaces, the dark, isolation, belts, and water because they were all different forms of the punishment his father used against him. Christian still has nightmares every night and wakes up nightly drenched in sweat and shaking.

History: Christian was raised by the former king of Kortana, King James Callaghan and his wife Queen Eliza Callaghan. To his kingdom Christian's father was kind, giving, and adoring but behind closed doors he was a power hungry, monster who would stop at no means to get whatever he wanted. From a young age Christian was mistreated and abused right alongside his mother. James physically and verbally abused his son and wife claiming it was in order to keep them "loyal". He used an array of diffent types of punishments to keep his wife and son in check but the one that remains the clearest in Christian's mind is not the physical beatings his father used to duel out but when he would lock him in a tiny broom closet for days she on end. Christian never told anyone about his father's horrific temper because he knew no one would believe him. He did his best to try and protect his mother who was already very fragile, taking the grunt of his father's abuse on his own shoulders. Christian learned early on to play docile and submissive around his father because it was power that he craved the most. Growing up in a terrible situation himself Christian's father was content to carry on the cycle and display his own force and power over his son and wife. Christian did everything asked of him, never complaining when his father demanded that it wasn't enough. No matter what he did and no matter how hard he tried he was never enough for his father. Christian kept how strong his power was concealed from his father. He rathered to look weak and useless than to show his father just how much power he harnessed. He willingly took his father's abuse because he was "weak" and "soft" and hadn't carried on his father's legendary strength because he knew that if his afather ever found out how incredaibly powerful he was he may very well kill him. Christian always knew that his own power trumped his father's very significantly and it was for that reason he kept it a secret. His father hated being one upped more than anything else in the world. When Christian was 22 and. His father insisted that he be married he made no complaints and went along with his familes plans. Once married he began to like his wife Eleanor very much. Although it wasn't by no means a loving relationship they had a strong partnership. Although never really "in" love with her he trust her as much as someone with his reservations about other people can trust. He had children just like he was supposed to in order to produce an heir but Christian couldn't help but feel like he was merely going through the motion s if what he was supposed to do. Never asking himself why he wanted to do he'd always just gown along with what everyone else wanted him to do. When alas his father passed away from heart failure when he was 25 Christian yoke over the kingdom because his mother was by then psychologically fragile from his father's mistreatment. He took o er the kingdom because it was what he was supposed to do.

Occupation: King

Status: Royal

Family: The Royal Family of Kortana, Callaghans

Friends/ Alliances: Family, various other kingdoms, a handful of nobles

Additional Information:

Likes: to read, quiet, his wife, his kids

Dislikes: loud noises, arguments, disprespect toward such others, water, dark, small spaces, belts, disagreements, sexism, isolation

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emma (theonlytanman) >
----- SKANDER HAYES -----


i'll sell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

NAME: Skander Fin Hayes
AGE: 21
ABILITY: Symbol | Song

STRENGTH: Skander is known as the fatherly figure to people. He often sings songs softly and it makes other people feel like they belong. He can also persuade people into doing what he wants.
WEAKNESS: The twist is that sometimes when he sings his voice gets rough like he had eaten a bowl of gravel for breakfast. That makes him fail miserably.


Skander has short black hair that is usually stuck to his head because of sweat. He has pale skin with a few brown freckles under his eyes. He also has a thick British accent which he is sort of ashamed of, but the girls seem to love it. He is very slim, around the weight of one hundred and ten pounds, and he often wears a t-shirt and jeans with a pair of nice dress shoes that his father loaned him. He also has scars from cuts lining up and down his arms from his father. He is also very tall, around the height of 5'8.

PERSONALITY: Skander is known as the daydreamer. He daydreams while he works. He is also excellent with kids and he dreams of being a father one day. He is also caring and supportive, but when something unexpected happens he becomes scared and worried and he tends to bite hid fingernails. He is also very cheerful and he isn't afraid to say what is on his mind most of the time.

offer me that deathless death

HISTORY: Skander grew up in the village of Kortana, working at his family's blacksmith. At a young age, he knew that he had to stick to his father's standards. After all, he wanted to be just like his father. When he was seven, his mother died of smallpox. They couldn't afford vaccinations because nobody was buying weapons or tools from the blacksmith. Sadly, it was just him and his father.

His father started going tough on him when he was around the age of twelve. Even though he was still mourning the death of his mother, he knew why his father was going tough on him. He wanted him to be independent when he got older. However, the punches and the cuts were not needed. He didn't know why he deserved them when he did nothing wrong. Two weeks later, his father spread a rumor that Skander made his mother die.

When Skander was eighteen, he moved out from under his father's roof. He was relieved and he felt like he was actually free from what was happening. He started going around town, doing his own work for cheap pay. Now, he feels like the happiest man in the world, doing what he loves without being pushed around all of the time.

Good God, let me give you my life

OCCUPATION: Blacksmith
STATUS: Peasant
FAMILY: Nicholas Hayes (father + up for creation), Mother (deceased)
FRIENDS / ALLIES: Comment and/or message me.
OTHER: - He loves black and white movies. Something makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, he watches them a lot.
- He has a knife that is usually in his back pocket most of the time that he twirls around in his hand. He is rather skilled with it.

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lorien | 616 comments [
Name: Corra Lockwood
Age: 20
Ability: Mind
Strength of Ability: Corra is allowed to slip quietly into someone else's mind depending if they have a weak mind. Usually this isn't a problem but sometimes she encounters a cunning noble or servant and is forced to slip out of their mind. When she is searching for information, Corra can only go in another person's mind for a full hour. Any longer would cause headaches and she isn't pleasant when those rise up.
Erasing memories or replacing them with new ones have always been difficult for Corra to accomplish. She rarely practices on prisoners or subjects but if she's ordered to. . . she will do it and complete the task.

Chocolate, brown hair comes to the middle of her back and she stands a whopping 5ft 9in. With sharp eyes sometimes she looks like she's constantly mad but this is not the case. Usually it's because she's deep in thought or concerned.
Her formal attire is a slim olive green dress with long sleeves and gold trim at the edges.
Daily attire is usually brown pants, leather boots, and a leather jacket. Along with a sheath of a knife clipped to her belt.

Corra is usually grumpy, but with the right people that she is forced to play nice or voluntarily, she's a very pleasant person to be with. She does pretend to be harsh with servants whenever fellow nobles are around then as soon as they leave, she gives the servant a quick wink. Corra is hardly clumsy and moves with precision and grace.

Her fiancé was one of the victims of a mysterious death. This was five years ago. Ever since then, Corra has been trying to find who the killer was, of it wasn't an accident, and what it is they wanted, But this isn't for revenge, oh no, she wouldn't want to have such an irrational motive. The reason for her trying to stop and figure out the mystery person, is to prevent anymore deaths so then not a single loved one would have to die under the same killer.
The death of her fiancé took a heavy toll on her family and Corra was constantly depressed and never wanted to be seen in public. But a few months later, she controlled herself and swore to help those who were victims of killers. To this day, she thinks about her fiancé and wishes he was here with her.
Recently, Corra has helped servants with whatever it is they need if she could provide it however. Sometimes she makes trips into town away from the castle, and disguises herself as a peasant so she could slip in and out, unnoticed. Corra fears, though, that soon someone who is loyal to the same murder will find out what she's doing.
Corra also helps with the prisoners if they are hiding anything from the royals. It's a tricky business but she has proven to be helpful to the royals. However, if a prisoner seems to be tried for a crime they didn't commit, Corra searches for the one responsible for putting the person in jail in the first place.

Occupation: Duchess

Status: Noble

Mark - Father
Rose - Mother

Alliances: Hasn't really bothered to make any.
Frana Hoke
Liora Armitage
Raden Armitage

Additional Information:

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Name: Anne Elizabeth De`Henry Callaghan

Age: 20

Ability: Emblem~Matter

Strength of Ability: She is strong but not the strongest. Mostly because she doesn't use it often.


(Her hair is normally straight)

Personality: Pretty much easy going and friendly with everyone. Of course that's all until someone gets on her nerves. She doesn't care about class differences. Likes to mingle with people. Often sneaks out to go to the city. But to everyone else she is the epitome of a lady. Also no one should forget that under her easy going smile she is quite observant and calculating.

History: At the age 10 she and her twin brother Alec went to east, to take a look at their mother's country and spend 10 years there much to their father's displeasure. They were asked to come to Kingdom of Kortana continuously but since they were small they needed to stay with their grand mother. However, after 10 years when their father was done waiting for them, he ordered them to come immediately which led them to board the next ship to the Kortana.
But in those 10 years with her grand mother, she learned many things including eastern music and medicine and during those years she was known as the "Maiden of the moon" after her performance in one of the banquet for King's birthday.

Occupation: Next duchess of the manor

Status: Noble

Family :
Father- Nathaniel De`Henry Callaghan
Mother- Ayako Reichi ( she is a eastern country princess )
Brother- Alexander De`Henry Callaghan

Friends/ Alliances: At the moment she doesn't have any

Additional Information :
She is good with her sword and martial arts.
She is excelled in playing eastern instruments, especially Zither, harp and flute.



~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Name:Alexander De`Henry Callaghan

Age: 20

Ability: Emblem~Motion

Strength of Ability: Just like his sister he is strong but not the strongest.


Personality: Alec is a silent boy since he was a child unlike his trouble making twin sister. He loves his sister more than anything in the world and will do anything to make her happy. He likes to read books and good at strategy planning. They are twins so they should have something in common, right? That is good at observing and calculating.

History: At the age 10 he and his twin sister El (Anne) went to east, to take a look at their mother's country and spend 10 years there much to their father's displeasure. They were asked to come to Kingdom of Kortana continuously but since they were small they needed to stay with their grand mother. However, after 10 years when their father was done waiting for them, he ordered them to come immediately which led them to board the next ship to the Kortana.
In those 10 years, his sister encouraged him to learn martial arts and sword play and bow telling, "Are you going to protect me with a book?". He didn't like the idea of his sister in danger so he learned everything including strategy.

Occupation: Next duke of the manor

Status: Noble

Family :
Father- Nathaniel De`Henry Callaghan
Mother- Ayako Reichi ( she is a eastern empire princess )
Sister- Anne Elizabeth De`Henry Callaghan

Friends/ Alliances: At the moment he doesn't have any, all he needs is his family.

Additional Information :
Everyone tends to underestimate him
Excelled in martials arts and sword play
Likes to watch the night sky

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emma (theonlytanman) ۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬● KAIT HAWK ●▬▬▬▬▬▬๑۩


NAME: Kaitlyn "Kait" Maggie Hawk
AGE: 19
ABILITY: Symbol | Sight


STRENGTH: Kait can see what is happening around her with her eyesight, mostly ahead of her. She can see the tiniest bit of detail in the most dullest thing.
WEAKNESS: However, Kait barely uses her power and sometimes people tend to control her with their own powers. Also, Kait's powers are weak because she is a low class citizen. She hates being called a peasant.


APPERANCE: Kait has long brown hair that goes down to her shoulders. She usually has it in a really unfashionable messy bun or down. She has pale skin and brown eyes with a hint of hazel. She is very slim and is the height of around 5'7. She also wears a huge green rain jacket, a gray shirt, and her black jeans most of the time that are covered in dirt stains and torn at the knees.
PERSONALITY: Kait doesn't talk to anybody. Even if you try to open her up, she is still a tough nut to crack open. She isn't afraid to say anything to somebody's face, nice or not. She is also ruthless, a bit rebellious, and a fighter. She often thinks that she is the boss of everything, but everybody usually just ignores her. She just tends to call it confident, independent, and a leader.


HISTORY: Kait's history is very complicated and very blurry. She doesn't remember a lot of it, but she remembers pieces of it. Kait was born and raised down in the dump, a little nickname that she gave her old house because it was so messy and so crowded because of the trash. She was often bullied around at school for being called a tomboy. Just for fun, she started taking karate and self defense classes on her own. It turned out to be a hobby for her. The karate turned into weapons and the weapons turned into full body combat.

At the age of seventeen, Kait left her household. Her parents were constantly fighting all of the time. Now, she is pretty much homeless, but she roams the streets always looking for a fight or two to join.
OCCUPATION: Street fighter


STATUS: Peasant
FAMILY: Father and Mother (alive, not up for creation)
OTHER: - Besides her rough attitude and scary look, once you get to know Kait she is really soft. She loves old records and how some of them crackle when you play them. She also loves playing the mandolin and the smell of lemons.

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~Perry~ Soul Taker!!!! (userperry) | 40 comments Name: Daniel McKenzie

Age: 21

Ability: Song

Strength of Ability: For a symbol he is too strong , strong enough to protect others but he doesn't show it.


Personality: He is hard to approach and gives a cold shoulder to all the royals and nobles even though he serves them. He does his duty but that's it. But with other guards he is a popular character- a young, friendly man to talk with. He doesn't believe in love or marriage, instead he likes fools around been a headache to the captain of the guard.

History: He was born in Kortrite village, his mother was a bakery owner but died when he was 17 years old. He never knew his father, and his mother never talked about him either. Daniel never pressed her for details but he knew his mother was carrying a secret she wishes not to reveal even on her death bed.
When he was 16 he joined the Imperial army, then ranked up quickly and joined the royal guards for he was strong and a capable young man. After his mother's death he settled down in the emblem city.

Occupation: Royal guard

Status: Peasant

Family :
Mother - Ann McKenzie
Father - Unknown

Friends/ Alliances :
Palace gaurds
Some soldiers
(Later he will find a soft spot for Anne De`Henry )

Additional Information :
A talented swordsman (one of the best in the guard)
Has a dog for a pet

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juno. (junosummers) | 28 comments
Name: Isla du Lac
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Status & Occupation: Royal servant ; bastard child of noble and courtesan
Appearance: She has long brown hair that frames her face in curls. Her deep, warm brown eyes are especially beautiful when a smile lights up her face.


Ability & Strength: Emblem — Mind. Isla is one of those children of Emblems and Symbols, stuck with an Emblem ability, but much weaker than a normal user. She can feel little more than a vague emotion from others, but she is better at blocking her mind from other Minds, and can catch them off guard if they underestimate her.

Personality: Isla is a solemn, soft-spoken girl. Obedience would be one of her personality traits if it counted, and she's hesitant to go against anyone at all. However, there's a quiet resilience inside her, an unbreakable spirit, and once she's set her mind to it, there's no stopping her until it's too late.

History: Isla's mother was a courtesan, her father some faceless noble. She hadn't meant to get pregnant, but when she did and the noble found out, he cast her from grace, tarnishing her reputation to nothing more than a common brothel whore.

Then Isla was born. The midwife said she'd be a quiet baby, and quiet she was, for when she first entered the world, she did not cry, but only gazed around with large, round eyes. Unfortunately, Isla's mother fell sick soon afterwards, possibly from a broken spirit, and has been sickly ever since.

When people think of a parent and a child, they think of the parent raising the child. However, it was the opposite for Isla — she was the one who worked and the one who fed the both of them, kept the roof above her head. Sometimes, her mother would regain some of the old spirit she had, make a few more gold coin from a night out or two, but then she'd sink back into bed, unresponsive once more.

On one desperate winter's night, Isla almost tried her hand at her mother's former profession, but was instead scouted by the head of staff at the royal palace, and she's been a servant there ever since.


Relations: Isla doesn't feel much love towards her mother, but more attachment and responsibility. She has no desire to find out who the cruel noble was — and she'd prefer to keep it that way. The midwife who attended her birth is the closest to family she'll ever get, and even then, the midwife was more like an aunt to her who dropped by every once in a while to help her out.

Additional Information: x

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Kathryn Ford (cathy87) Name: Matthew [Matt] Steel

Age: 18

Ability: Symbol, Swift):

Strength of Ability: He is very good with his strength helping to forge weapons and other necessary items. He is quick on his feet and can usually take down prey easily. His weakness is that he doesn't believe in himself and thinks his powers are minor in comparison with others.

Occupation: Black Smith

Status: Peasant

Appearance: Matt is very tall, standing at 6.8 feet. He is also very broad in the shoulders and has very muscular arms. He has eyes the deepest colour of sapphires that are always kind looking. His hair is golden blonde and it is slightly shaggy, always getting in his eyes. He usually wears a black smith's apron when at work. Otherwise you will see him in rough spun clothing fitting his status.

Personality: Matte is a gentle giant. He is very kind to those he meets which can sometimes get him into trouble because he is easy to manipulate. He is extremely loyal to his friends and family though, and will defend them no matter the cost. His preferred weapon is a great sword and he is very good at using it. He is not great with a bow and arrow, it is more his speed that gets him prey, rather than his skill with a bow. He is very shy and it is hard for him to make friends, his shyness is particularly annunciated with girls. When he is unhappy he often looks like a big dog who has done something wrong. All in all, if you can get past his shyness, he will be the best friend he can to you.

History: Matt was born in Canyon Village and still resides there. He took over the family Black Smithing job from his Father after he was killed during the unrest that plagues the kingdom. He has 5 sisters and a mother to support. His Mother, Violet, is a cripple and cannot do much for herself. His 5 sisters, Laurel 17 years old,, Holly 17 years old [twins], Rose 15 years old, Lily 12 years old and Daisy 9 years old are his sisters and all depend on him to support them and help them make advantageous marriage matches. There is a lot of pressure on him from all sides.

Friends/ Alliances: His family and friends

Additional Information:
He can play the fiddle which usually brings joy to the household or pub if he is playing there.

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Theodore Sommer is approved!!

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Emilie Andersen YAY! :D

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For those of you who have seen/watched know who this is :P



Name: James Lovelace
Nicknames: Jamie, Lovely (Teasing), and JJ

Status: Peasant
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Age: 27
Birthday: January 1
(view spoiler)

Gender: Male



description description

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'
Weight: 161
Scent: Smoke (Campfire)
Body Shape: Lean Athletic
Distinguishing Features: Scars along his chest and back



Ability: Motions

Strength Of Ability: The ability of his is very strong, he can move humans and objects with his mind, he chooses to keep this a secret though because he likes messing with people. (Meaning: He likes pushing people over. Literally. He's an jerk)



James is kind of an a**. He uses his powers to cause small chaos and loves it. He starts/picks fights and normally wins them because of his upbringing. Most people know not to mess with him, but he messes with them and that's what normally starts the fight. If he's not picking them, he's probably just messing with them like pulling their seats out from under them or dumping water on their heads. Though he has a tough outside, on the inside (if you ever get in) he can be a real teddy bear and can be very over protective.




-Small Spaces
-People who chew with their mouth open
-When he sneezes and no one says bless you or something.



Child Years: As his parents tried for a kid for years, they were thrilled to have a baby boy. As they were both Motions themselves, they were excited to see him come out with promised strength. Though they were poor, they did the best they could as they made deals with thugs and did favors for money.

Teen Years: As there was never a fulfilling amount to eat between the three of them, he started working when he was 14. He ran favors for anyone who would have him, and his work included cleaning, to running all the way across the kingdom to deliver something. But him and his parents just couldn't support a growing boy as they grew deep in debt. As the parents couldn't pay it off, they were killed, and he was taken in to help work with the thugs.

Adult Years: Once he was old enough to leave, he started making money off killing or finding people in bounties, and it was good pay too. He mostly spends his money on alcohol to wash away the blood from his mind, and it normally works so he keeps doing it. (For those of you wondering (probably none of you) he's a fun/mean/charming drunk)



Father: George M. Lovelace | Age: 46 | Deceased
Mother: Julia R. Lovelace | Age: 46 | Deceased


Theme Song: Once I was 7 years old - Ben Schuller
Favorite Food: Alcohol
Favorite Animal: Cats (any type except for the hairless ones. Those scare him)
Favorite Flower: Snow Drops
Favorite Season: Fall


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Bray  Knox (brayknox) OHH I like him, sassy!! James is approved!

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Name: Lucia Sybella Rosaline Adelina Lockwood

Age: 16

Ability (for this state their class then special ability... ex. Symbol- Swift): Emblem-Mind

Strength of Ability (for this put what they excel and fail at. See Abilities page for descriptions): Lucia is actually very competent in her ability. It would be best not to underestimate her, as not only is she able to read minds, she is able to manipulate them.

Appearance (Feel free to face claim in the 'faceclaim' thread or post a picture along with your description):

Lucia is a young woman of extraordinary beauty. She follows after her mother in that respect. Fate was kind to her, blessing her with fair looks. But she leaves nothing to chance follows a strict beauty regime. There are many different kinds of beauty. Lucia's is the delicate kind. She stands at five feet and two inches and her figure is rather fragile.
Rarely does a blemish ever dare to mar her soft porcelain skin. Her eyes are her most distinct facial feature. A rich brown in colour, they are like two miniature pools of melted chocolate. Most of the time, they radiate warmth, love and kindness. But even those eyes, with their inviting colour, can ice over and send a shiver down your spine.
Her tresses are her pride and joy and are always kept in immaculate condition. They possess an everlasting lustre, and are never dull or untamed. Never is a single strand out of place. When left loose, her glorious locks tumble down her back like a waterfall. More often than not, however, her hair is crafted in an elaborate style, or at the very least accessorized.

Personality: Although her personality may appear simple at first glance, Lady Lucia is much more complex than she appears. Like an onion, she has many layers; like the weather, she is ever-changing; like the chameleon, she is able to adapt. Although Lucia's surroundings rarely change, she is able to mould herself to best fit the circumstance she is in and the person she is with.
Lucia is very grateful to the King and Queen for taking her in. Even before they adopted her, she loved and idolized them. Since they adopted her, she has striven to repay them by being the ideal ward. She is loving, dutiful and malleable. She shows an interest in their work, but she does not attempt to involve herself in things they do not believe she should not be involved in. She is, however, a prominent public figure.
Lucia is obedient, yes, but she knows when not to obey as well. She is not a pushover. She will obey almost any command from a person of a higher station, as long as that command does not go against her honour. She will not, however, permit someone of a lesser rank to order her around. Despite this, she is kind to people of all ranks, as long as they are kind to her. If a person is unkind to her, however, she will make their life difficult. Lucia is not above manipulating others to get what she wants, or threatening them if they have wronged her, though she prefers to rely on her charm and natural kindness and hope that people will just be kind in return.
Lucia is, for the most part, innocent. There is still a lot that she does not understand about the world around her. However, she is intelligent and she has a curious mind. If there's something she really needs to know, she knows that all she has to do is look into a person's mind. However, she is careful not to taint her mind too much. She still wants to remain quite pure,
Lucia is kind to most people, servants included. I suppose you could say she has a gilded heart. It is not entirely made of gold, for she cannot bring herself to return cruelty with kindness, and like everyone else she has her sins. Lucia is well aware of her great beauty and this knowledge has made her vain. Definitely not as vain as some others are, but there are traces of vanity in her, She is also subject to moments of pride, as well as greed for material objects, though she has many virtues. Despite her love of material things, she is charitable. She is also creative, dependable and loyal. Lucia is always honest. She will never tell a lie, though she is able to manipulate situations if necessary. She tends to trust most people, unless they give her a reason not to, and is trustworthy unless you wrong her. If you do wrong her, she will not easily forgive you. Lucia's forgiveness must be earned back, and so must the trust you have lost.
On the surface, you will see a bright smile, and hear soft, sweet, eloquent words. You will see a happy, well-dressed girl with impeccable manners who is perhaps too good to be true. But if you look into her mind, you will see that she is so much more.
"All that I am, I am for them." -- Lucia Lockwood

History: Lady Lucia Sybella Rosaline Adelina Lockwood was born to Lady Susanna Floria Lockwood (née Wyndham) and her husband, Lord Demeterius Abraham Lockwood, on July 14th. As dawn broke across the sky, Lucia came into the world. The first face she saw was her mother's, yet now that lovely face is one she can hardly remember. For the first five years of her life, she resided with her parents in Castle Lockheart. One day, however, they left their daughter at home in the care of a servant to make a routine journey. She could not come with them. They were making a political visit. But they never came back to her. Their carriage overturned. What she does not know -- what they never told her -- was the body of the driver, a Symbol, was never found among the wreckage.
At age five, Lucia was taken from her old home and brought to a new one. Fortunately, it was a place she knew well, and her new guardians were people she knew well. Her maternal Aunt, the Queen, and her husband, were to take over as her parents and raise her as their own.
As time passed, Lucia settled into her new life and it stopped feeling new. Memories of her parents became distant and hazy, almost like dreams. Sometimes, she wonders if they ever existed at all, and she finds herself having to bring one of the clearer memories into focus, or ask someone about them, just to prevent them from fading altogether.

Occupation: Lucia does not have a set occupation, but as the ward of the King and Queen, she helps out where she can in the kingdom. Although she never gets involved in anything her guardians don't want her to politically, Lucia is a prominent public figure. She is also a Duchess, having inherited the title from her deceased mother.

Status (for this put peasant, noble, royal...etc): Lucia is of royal blood, though she is not a direct descendant of the King or Queen. Still, she is like a daughter to them.

The Wyndham family (by blood), the Lockwood family (by blood) and the Callaghan family (by her aunt's marriage, and by their guardianship of her).

Friends/ Alliances: Lucia has a few best friends of her own class, but she is on good terms with quite a lot of people.

Additional Information: As Lucia was an only child, she inherited all of her mother's jewellery upon her death and she likes to wear it often. Her mother had quite the collection, so she has a wide selection, though of course her guardians have provided her with jewels of her own. Lucia's favourite colours are black, white, pink, cream and gold. Her favourite flower is rose, and this also happens to be her favourite scent.

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Arthur Manic Plot is approved !!!

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----- XANDER CRAFT -----


NAME: Xander Gale Craft
AGE: 22
ABILITY: Symbol | Song

STRENGTH: He often gets what he wants because of his beautiful singing voice.
WEAKNESS: However, he doesn't have the strongest power. He is often very sloppy and his power isn't the strongest.

APPERANCE: Xander Craft is around 6'3. He has a thick Australian accent and broad shoulders. He is very slim and skinny. He has brown eyes and his eyesight is terrible. He is often seen wearing contacts, but some people don't recognize him with his wired framed glasses on. He thinks that they are in style, but they are not. In the castle, he is usually seen wearing his jester's outfit, trying to pretend that he is actually funny even though he clearly isn't.

PERSONALITY: Xander is usually very quiet. He likes keeping to himself because he hates talking to people half of the time. He is very shy, but once you get to know him he can be very lovable, caring, and overprotective however he just calls it being protective. However, he is very mysterious and dark for no reason at all. Maybe a secret reason...

HISTORY: Xander grew up in a huge family which consisted of his five other siblings, his mother, father, and grandmother. If you wanted to talk to any of the adults in the family, you had to stand out because they were not going to look at you. So, Xander started to be funny. At first, his family loved it while the other siblings actually got really jealous. Then, his family said that it was starting to get really annoying, which led him to stop with the jokes and the pranks.

He got a job at the castle as the official Jester. However, he holds many secrets. He actually remembers people's faces and learns who they are and learns more about them. He does it just for fun though, but what he doesn't know is that it can hurt people in the worst way possible.

OCCUPATION: Kingdom Jester + Uncover Spy, mostly just for fun, but he doesn't know that it can hurt people.
STATUS: Peasant, but hoping to get ranked up in higher classes.
FAMILY: Mother, Father, Grandmother, and five other siblings.
- he really likes cooking. honestly if he could quit being a jester he would have to be a professional cook for the castle.

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Xander is approved :D!

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Adam Stewart is approved :D

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) Quinn Thorne is approved (sorry for the late response) :D

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Name: Felicity Clarkes

Age: 19

Ability (for this state their class then special ability... ex. Symbol- Swift): Emblem-Matter

Strength of Ability (for this put what they excel and fail at. See Abilities page for descriptions): Felicity is pretty strong. She can only change into two people and those are her sisters, (no one is sure why) but she can change things into something different as well and rather easily.

Appearance (Feel free to face claim in the 'faceclaim' thread or post a picture along with your description):

[image error]
Felicity is tall for her age at 5'8. She has a muscular build and carries herself well. She has long straight/wavy brown hair and big hazel eyes. Her skin always has a slight rosy tint to it.
Felicity is a sassy and daring girl. She defies her mother and father's wishes for her to be a proper daughter and is anything but. She loves all kinds of physical activity, whether it be running, or soccer, or any type of activities they offer in Kortana. Unlike her sisters, she is not a dreamer and is more of a realist. She has a big mouth that gets her into trouble, but luckily she's pretty good at getting out of it. She talks a lot and is blunt. Sometimes she has no tact but she means well. She is also quite mean to Symbols. She believes she is above them and they are just filthy peasants. So don't think about talking to Felicity if you're a Symbol.
Growing up Felicity was told she needed to know the proper etiquette so that someday she could grow up and be the new duchess and work closely wi the royal family. However, she began to resent the etiquettes rules she was forced to learn. She longed to be free and to do whatever she wanted. Eventually, she began skipping her lessons to go outside and play. When her parents found out, they tried to put a stop to it, but their strong willed daughter defied all odds and continued to miss her lessons. Eventually her parents gave up on the lessons but still continued to remind her that she was to be Duchess someday, and to set a good example for Kortana. At age 7 she was learning how to use her powers. At first she could barely pick up a mouse. But, with lots of lessons, she got better. Although her lessons were tiring and boring, learning how to use her power was fun. It was probably her favorite lesson.
To this day, she still hates her lessons and can't wait to be old enough to be done with homeschooling and focus her time on bettering her powers.
Next in line for Duchess and student (homeschooled)
Status (for this put peasant, noble, royal...etc):
Younger Sister-Madilyn
Younger Sister-Kim
Friends/ Alliances:
Her sisters
Additional Information:

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Bray  Knox (brayknox) I love her, the only thing is you describe the ability of a Motion rather than a Matter! Matters can change matter while motions can move it! Just clarify what one you mean and then she is approved :D

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Lol whoops! :) I'll change it

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Name: Madilyn Clarkes

Age: 17

Ability (for this state their class then special ability... ex. Symbol- Swift): Emblem-Matter

Strength of Ability (for this put what they excel and fail at. See Abilities page for descriptions): Madilyn is actually one of the weaker Matters. But she has always been rather sickly. She can only change into small animals. Despite this she tries hard to work on getting stronger.

Appearance (Feel free to face claim in the 'faceclaim' thread or post a picture along with your description):

Madilyn has creamy white skin, long wavy blonde hair, and big brown eyes. She is about 5'5 and slender. As a child she was a bit of an ugly duckling but she grew up to be a beautiful swan. She loves to wear jewelry and dresses
Madilyn is a down to earth, friendly sort of girl. She is a huge dreamer and loves to write stories about princesses and princes falling in love. She dreams of marrying into the royal family, although she realizes the chances of that are very slim, she still wishes. She is polite and like her younger sister Kim, doesn't like to talk much. She would much rather sit in her cozy nook and just write for hours. She does like to read but she much prefers to write her own stories. She follows in her older sister Felicity's footsteps and dislikes Symbols. They used to make fun of her as a child for being so pale.
For most of her life, all Madilyn has known is sickness. She was not a healthy baby and the doctors were sure she wouldn't survive. She defied all odds though and is still going strong today, although the doctors think she won't live past her thirties.
Despite being a sickly child, Madilyn was lively and loved to play with her older sister. She would often sit at the windows and watch as her older sister would play with the other Emblem kids. She wasn't allowed outside much because her parents feared for her health.
When she did get a chance to venture outside, the children would tease her for her pale skin and sickly look. The most persistent perpetrators were the Symbol children that she sometimes played with. Because of this she began to resent them and only play with Emblem kids.
Eventually she grew into a beautiful young lady and the teasing stopped, but her resentment of the Symbols stayed.
Student (homeschooled)
Status (for this put peasant, noble, royal...etc):
Older Sister-Felicity
Younger Sister-Kim
Friends/ Alliances:
Her sisters
Additional Information:

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Awesome!! Which sister do you wanna rp with? Kim is taken

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I only have the eldest Princess, so whoever you think would be best wth her

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Well I'mma have to go with Madilyn because Felicity is currently in a pending rp. :)

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We could do the grand park

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