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The Kingdom of Kortana is divided by two groups- Emblems and Symbols. What you are is genetically passed down, (Symbols have Symbols and Emblems have Emblems). What you are is determined by a mark you bare on your wrist from birth. There are 6 different marks meaning 6 different abilities.

♔Symbols♔: These are the lower class of the Kingdom, for their powers are weaker than Emblems. The most successful Symbols often have medium sized houses and more important jobs, such as a royal servant or blacksmith.

Swifts- Swifts have the ability to more agile and quiet than others. Weaving through a crowd or forest is no issue for them, especially if they want to go undetected. This makes swifts wonderful hunters and blacksmiths, being able to use tools quickly and efficiently. Some stronger swifts have increased speed and can move quicker than others, sometimes at animal speed. (Their mark is a large S defined by a swirl in the op portion of the letter)

Singers/ Songs- Singers have the ability to talk smoother than others and appear more convincing. Singers cannot fully enchant another human but it is legend that some that are strong can enchant some, often smaller animals due to a less complex thought process. Songs don't often hear the word 'no', but when someone is onto them, it is much harder to convince/ persuade others. Those who are songs are often thieves and conmen. (Their mark is a Large S defined by a swirl in the middle of the letter)

Sights- Sights have the ability to see further and deeper than those of different ability. Sights can see over extreme distances and in finer detail, like a built in microscope. Those who are sights are often farmers or seamstresses and anything that is benefited by a fine eye for detail. (Their mark is a large S with a swirl defining the lower portion)

♔Emblems♔: Emblems are the strongest of the Kingdom, politically and ability wise. Emblems are the royal family, to nobles, even the weak ones have better jobs than Symbols. Emblems have stronger and more manipulative powers than Symbols.

Motions- Motions have the ability to move matter by their own will if they are able to learn their strengths. Most motions can only move small to medium sized objects. Only the strongest of these can move larger materials. This includes the King and his first Son, being able to even move a human. (Their mark is defined by a large M with a swirl on the left side of the letter.)

Matter- Those with the matter mark are able to change matter and its natural form. Like with motions, it is usually small to medium objects. There are no matters in the royal family currently but it is legend some of the strongest can change their own forms and appear as someone else. (Their mark is a large M defined by a large swirl in the middle of the letter)

Minds- Minds have the ability to peer into others thoughts. However, most that are minds can only see some thoughts, and this is, the thoughts that are most venerable. In many cases, what minds see can be wrong or slightly from the truth due to the complex human mind, but they are able to manipulate, creating at best false memories for someone. However, the strongest in the Kingdom have more clear visions into others minds and the ability to do more manipulation. The rest of the royal family currently alive are minds and are stronger ones. (Their mark is a large M defined by a swirl on the right end of the letter).

Everyone is born with one of the 6 possible abilities. Your power may vary. Weak can be just as good as Strong, it's about how you play your cards in Kortana. The marks are genetic, so you cannot have an Emblem from 2 Symbols, but you can vary in that sub divisions powers. Remember there is riff between the two classes, but you can find friendship and trust.. even love in those of a different kind. Just as you can find violence and betrayal in your own. Be careful who you trust in Kortana, for everyone posses something that could defeat you.

*just so you know only Royals and some nobles have electricity and running water. It is very rare and just being discovered so anyone below the royal famiyl really hasn't been exposed to such elements*

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*Only one power is permitted for a character, no matter if they are noble or overpowered character*

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