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Naoé | 361 comments It is one of my favourite book of all time because I connected a lot to Cath she's like me for quite a few things
I found the story cute and funny but still really touching it also felt real as a story like it could happened to anybody
For me it is one of my feel good book I reread when I'm feeling down or sad and it always cheer me up
And I must admit that Levi is one of my book boyfriend like I love him he is sooooo adorable and nice and cute

What about you ?

Abbie Lucy (abbielucy) | 1 comments I read this book a few years ago, when I was first getting into reading. I had been going through a dystopian and John Green phase (as you do). I connected a lot with this book and honestly adored it. When I think about this book or even look at the cover I get such a sense of nostalgia. I really want to re read it soon and buy a new pretty edition of it, or even get it in the American hardback :)

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The Chocoholic I read Carry On but I'm not sure if I'm going to read this one. I've heard Carry On is much better so... we'll see. Fangirl has lots of potential and look like it found be interesting

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