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message 1: by Joseph (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 1864 comments Mod
Share here your great February book buys.

message 2: by Betsy (last edited Jan 31, 2017 09:45PM) (new)

Betsy James Lucas - War on the Eastern Front
Jack Sheldon - The German Army in the Spring Offensives 1917

message 3: by Wendy (new)

Wendy  (breezy259) | 11 comments If you love romantic comedy then you MUST buy P.I.T.A by Brooke Blaine! It is absolutely fantastic! This is the 3rd book in her LA Liaison's series but it can be read as a standalone. I guarantee if you read it, you'll want to get to know the other 3 friends in this fabulous romantic comedy series about 4 outrageous, outspoken, strong willed women who find love. (Book 1 is called "Licked" about an ice cream parlor owner who whips up boozy shakes at night; Book 2 is called "Hooker" about a matchmaker).

message 4: by Karen M (last edited Feb 02, 2017 05:31PM) (new)

Karen M | 418 comments Two more books arrived today, Raise the Titanic! and The Quiche of Death

message 5: by Betsy (new)

Betsy I really enjoyed RAISE THE TITANIC although I read it long before Robert Ballard's discovery.

message 6: by Karen M (new)

Karen M | 418 comments Betsy wrote: "I really enjoyed RAISE THE TITANIC although I read it long before Robert Ballard's discovery."

I've wanted to read it ever since I saw the movie based on the book. Love the Dirk Pitt character and I've read several other Ludlum books that feature him.

message 7: by Yuuki (new)

Yuuki Nakashima (yuukin) | 21 comments I got two paperbacks and one e-book.
Since the e-book is what I've translated from Japanese into English, the publisher gave me a free copy. ;-P

First and Only Destiny by Gloria Silk First and Only Destiny
Second Destiny (Destiny Series) by Gloria Silk Second Destiny
Cats Hatsumode by Yumiko Takeuchi Cats Hatsumode

message 8: by Ashley Marie (new)

Ashley Marie Reliquary (Pendergast, #2) by Douglas Preston arrived via PaperbackSwap the other day :)

message 9: by Joseph (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 1864 comments Mod
My first buys of the month: Hard to Handle (Gargoyles, #5) by Christine Warren Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn Gateway by Sharon Shinn Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn Heart of Gold by Sharon Shinn General Winston's Daughter by Sharon Shinn Wrapt in Crystal by Sharon Shinn The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen

message 10: by Cammie (last edited Feb 28, 2017 08:18AM) (new)

Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥ (brotherlyloveisbeautiful) | 43 comments Darkness Falls (Hardy Boys Casefiles, #89) by Franklin W. Dixon arrived today :)

message 12: by Joseph (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 1864 comments Mod
There was a Scholastic Book Fair at a local school I visited today, so of course I had to buy something. I came home with just: Lost in the Pacific, 1942 Not a Drop to Drink (Lost #1) by Tod Olson The Boys Who Challenged Hitler Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club by Phillip M. Hoose Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales, #4) by Nathan Hale The Enemy Above A Novel of World War II by Michael P. Spradlin Prisoner of War A Novel of World War II by Michael P Spradlin Into the Killing Seas by Michael P. Spradlin Making Bombs for Hitler by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond Night Witches A Novel of World War Two by Kathryn Lasky

message 13: by Karen M (new)

Karen M | 418 comments Death in the Shadows (Father Gilbert Mystery #2) by Paul McCusker arrived yesterday.

message 14: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (herbtiff) | 411 comments Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Lost in a Book An Enchanted Original Story, and Hidden Figures.

message 15: by Dimitri (last edited Feb 13, 2017 01:34AM) (new)

Dimitri | 109 comments Men of Order Authoritarian Modernization Under Ataturk and Reza Shah by Touraj Atabaki Men of Order: Authoritarian Modernization Under Ataturk and Reza Shah by Touraj Atabaki e. a.

Most of us will encounter this dichotomy in a panel of Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis: "At the time, the republican idea was very popular in the region"...


Once again, established scholars have stolen my idea to write a book : that Atatürk and the Shah sound a lot alike, kicking Islamic countries into a Westernized 20th century during the interbellum.

It's a lot more complicated than I tought, with Atatürk having the benefit of total control over a state structure that had been partially reformed in the course of the 19th century. Reza Shah had a capital, a few army units and a bickering Parliament of merchants and religious men used to having their way.

message 17: by Veronika (new)

Veronika (vforveronika) This beautiful box set just came in the mail today! March (Trilogy Slipcase Set) by John Lewis I'm so excited to read it!!!

Bryan--Pumpkin Connoisseur (theindefatigablebertmcguinn) I ended up buying quite a bit over the month, but here were a few that I bought with some birthday money

Traveler of the Century by Andrés Neuman

The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati

The Anatomy of a Moment by Javier Cercas

The Polish Complex by Tadeusz Konwicki


The Planets by Sergio Chejfec

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