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I love everything about JnJ

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Ayuni I finished reading this one, few months back. All in all, I love everything about it. Who doesnt like Jihad?haha

I love the way the characters were built and developed. I totally can relate to Jannah, and reading this novel, I feel like I was reading about myself, if it's not everything, some of her characters resemble mine. Hence, I learned a lot on how to deal with things. Indirectly, yes I did learn a lot.

Plus, saya suka cara penulis menggambarkan watak Jannah. Secara ringkas, dapat saya gambarkan bahawa Jannah adalah representasi wanita sekarang. We're full of ambitions, very goal-oriented, tough, but we do need someone's shoulder to cry on, to show our vulnerable sides and to have our back. We're human being after all, arent we?

Looking forward to reading more and more from you.


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Suzana Sulaiman Salam! Believe it or not I just saw this! Thank you for your comments. I love the fact the Jannah kind of resonates with some readers and I am glad that you did learnt something from this book.

Love - right back at you! *wink-wink*

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