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Viral Ember
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Book Issues > Name issues with a book that isn't on my profile yet

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message 1: by Martin (new) - added it

Martin McConnell (spottedgeckgo) | 4 comments Hi, I've been all over GR and the help pages and was finally referred here. Somehow, a period got left off my middle initial and this book wasn't added to my profile. Short of calling amazon to fix the naming issue (which I'm not sure will be reflected on GoodReads), I figured I'd start by asking for advice here.


message 2: by Alex (last edited Jan 31, 2017 07:29PM) (new)

Alex | 2739 comments Done. There were a few more editions of your books on the other profile, so I moved them over and cleaned up the records a bit.

As per GR policy, I removed the attributions to the cover artist and editor (noted the cover artist in description instead).

I was not able to find usable covers for some of your editions, but added those I did (ETA: source: amazon).

Are these books part of a series? If they share characters, one can be created for them.

message 3: by Martin (new) - added it

Martin McConnell (spottedgeckgo) | 4 comments Wow, that was fast, thanks. Yea, I saw some cover-less items while I was scanning around earlier. And they are part of a trilogy, Viral Spark, Viral Fire, then Viral Ember.

Thanks so much for jumping on top of this. I really appreciate it. It wasn't too big of a deal to me, just wanted to get things right.


message 4: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 19392 comments What would be the name of the series? Viral, or Viral Trilogy, or something else?

message 5: by Martin (new) - added it

Martin McConnell (spottedgeckgo) | 4 comments We've just been calling it Viral, or "The Viral Series" I think is how it appears on the Ingram DB.

message 6: by Alex (new)

message 7: by Martin (new) - added it

Martin McConnell (spottedgeckgo) | 4 comments Thanks so much!

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