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Zoe Nightshade

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Yasmin Zoe i loved her from the very start.
She got killed by her father witch is so mean.
Zoe was strong and all about girl power she should have bean in more books.
And she is the girl among the stars.
This is a discussion is all about our girl Zoe Nightshade.

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Bree I like how loyal she is to Artemis. There will never be another person like her

message 3: by Bree (new)

Bree Why did she and Thalia fight so much again?

Yasmin Ya she was really loyal to Artemis. They fighted because Thalia was supposed to become a hunter.

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Bree Oh, that's right!

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Bree I hope that Zoe knows that Thalia became a hunter in the end.

Yasmin Ya me2 i miss Zoe i have a reading slump bacuse her deth. Thanks Rick

Aysha She is a detailed well thought-out character. Loyal, kind and had a small sense of humour.

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Josie Preuitt Small, remember the Dam chapter? I liked her but I felt like I was hitting a brick wall trying to understand her.

Grace Bree wrote: "Why did she and Thalia fight so much again?"
Zoe tried to recruit Thalia and when Thalia didn't join the Hunters, Zoe said that Luke would end up letting her down.

I miss Zoe so much, even though I've finished all the books that have come out so far. I'm still not over her death.

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Josie Preuitt I miss her to. She was a good person and a reminder of greecian past. When her death came my heart hurt for her. I feel like she should have been able to go back to the hunt in the end.

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loved the character of Zoe Nightshade. she was one the characters that you can't help but fall in love with

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one of the things I admire most about rick is his strong female characters

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Josie Preuitt He does do great with females, as in character development. Zoe was a sort of hero in her own way, giving hercules riptide.

Caitlin Poeschel I loved the character of Zoe Nightshade. She was extremely loyal to Artemis, and she was intelligent. Even though she didn't understand most modern electronics because of her time with Artemis, she still managed to fit perfectly within the book and plot.

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