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Salt to the Sea
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DUPLICATE/ABANDONED BUDDY READS > Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys start date: February 7th

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message 1: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara | 15 comments Hi everybody! For whoever is interested in reading Salt to the sea feel free to join us in this thread we'll start in 3 days. Use SPOILER ALERTS if you're going to talk about a part we haven't reached yet. Thank you!

message 2: by dianis. (last edited Jan 31, 2017 01:51PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

dianis. | 509 comments Thank you for doing the thread!

dianis. | 509 comments Could we change the date? I mean, I can do it that date. But I would prefer the next week or something like that

message 4: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara | 15 comments Yeah sure no problem :D So February 7th is ok with you ?

dianis. | 509 comments Much better, thank you!

message 6: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara | 15 comments Nice to meet you Vivian! Feel free to join us :D

dianis. | 509 comments Welcome!:D

dianis. | 509 comments Hey! Ready to start?(:

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Sara | 15 comments yeah

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Sara | 15 comments First and foremost, let's discuss the title and what it connotates for :D

dianis. | 509 comments Well... It certainly looks like it will have an important meaning in the book. It looks like an analogy, what do you think?

dianis. | 509 comments That's a good description. Yeah, it seems like it would be a significant metaphor in the book.
Sadly, I haven't been able to read much, but I'm dying to start.

message 13: by Sara (new) - added it

Sara | 15 comments well, in my opinion, the word " salt " connotes for liveliness and life necessity and life-giving forces. While the word sea connotes for beauty, serenity, peace, depth and secrets. So I agree with you both that this metaphor will be related in the novel to a great extent. I think the whole title can be a metaphor for bringing life to deeply hidden secrets.

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Sara | 15 comments I also noticed in the book cover that the overwhelming theme will be winter, which symbolises a period where everyone is in greater danger than before. So this suggests that revealing those secrets will pose a threat to the main characters.

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