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Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
And today is the day! It's release day for Caraval! Are you guys excited? I know we here at Shelfie are!

Have you already picked it up and started reading? Go ahead and share your thoughts here!

WARNING: This thread it going to be full of spoilers. Turn back now if you haven't finished the book.

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments I picked it up as soon as it was out and I think it was pretty good, more than good actually. The ending had a lot of twists and I think we can all guess whose going to be the protagonist in the next book ;)

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
That is fantastic to hear! I am planning to pick it up after I finish the ARC I am currently reading. :D I hope I like it just as much. I have very high hopes!

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Caitlin, I hope so too! You're going to have to let me know :) What ARC are you reading now?

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
The Dragon's Price by Bethany Wiggins. I had high hopes. I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned dragon tale, but it's not doing it for me.

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Really? I hate it when that happens. I'm actually reading an ARC now and it's just not as good as I'd hoped. It's called Noble Servant.
I was very relieved when Caraval lived up to my expectations. I hate writing bad reviews for books.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
It's not my favorite thing, but I often find it easier to write a bad review as I (for some strange reason) find it easier to that explain why I didn't like something than why I did like it. :P I'm weird.

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Nah not that weird ;) I actually enjoy reading bad reviews cause they make me feel better about my own writing, haha.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
So, I just picked it up, guys. I am not very far in, though. I hope I enjoy it! I don't think Cynthia liked it much. :/

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments I know a few people who didn't like and that's ok too. Interested to hear what you think

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
Maybe Cynthia will chime in with the reasons she didn't like it. I'd love to hear dissenting opinions.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
So, I am enjoying the story, but the writing is very flowery. It's a bit much for me. :/

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Yeah, agreed. I liked the writing in the beginning but overtime some things became difficult to imagine.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
I marked a quote that was just baffling.

"A panicked vermillion moved inside of her chest as she recalled how specific Legend's letter had been."

Vermillion is a color. Not another word for "heart". *shakes head*

I don't hate the story, but the writing is... not to my liking. That said I am only about 35% in right now. So, that may change. I will be finishing it tonight, since we are recording the podcast tomorrow.

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments I think the author meant for it to be a color because Scarlett is supposed to feel things in colors. Maybe she's (Scarlett) supposed to have projected synesthesia, which would explain some of the writing and her name too. Just a thought...

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
That had crossed my mind, but it's not well established.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
I finished it. I had... some problems. I really like the premise, I just don't think the concept is well executed?

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments That's good to hear. I really loved the concept and since I was so excited about the book, I was able to dismiss a lot of the flaws. May I ask who you imagined for the characters? And what aspects you liked and disliked?

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
I actually had a hard time picturing the characters in my head because her descriptions were so flowery.

As for aspects I liked, some of the side characters were really cool. Like the fortune teller. I loved that scene. I also liked the setting. it felt a bit like wonderland and I liked that you could trade in the intangible. You didn't use money as currency you paid in nightmares or lies. That is neat.

What I didn't like what the distinct lack or world building. I had no clue what kind of world this story existed in. At all. Another aspect of that was her magic... it didn't have roots. You have no idea how magic is used or where it comes from. It just is. That really bothers me. I can hand wave the idea that magic exists. Sure. But I want to understand it, and It came across as if she hadn't really considered that aspect of the story.

message 20: by Cynthia (last edited Feb 08, 2017 07:38PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Cynthia | 2 comments Mod
I'm late to the discussion! :(

Caitlin hit a lot of the reason why I wasn't pleased with the book already. I found Scarlett to be a completely insipid MC, honestly. None of her emotions read as believable, and her decisions and actions were often in contrast to her already- established standards.

The two big sticking points for me were as follows: One, Scarlett's father, whose presence was supposed to strike fear in the MC and the reader, was a wooden cutout of the abusive father trope. There was nothing believable about his performance as the root of Scarlett's terror. Two, Scarlett spends more of her time mooning over Julian than she does saving her sister.

There were some moments of pure brilliance tucked amongst the pages, but overall, it was a big disappointment for me.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
Yeah. I wasn't impressed with the character development either.

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Great to hear from you both. I agree with all the points you guys made but still I can't help but like the book!! Idk
Maybe it just came to me at the time when my imagination powers were at their highest ;)
For example, for Tella I imagined an essence of Lottie from The Princess and the Frog and for Julian I imagined a Naveen and Sinbad mix. Scarlet was a little different because for her I imagined the girl from the cover of A. C. Gaughen's book called Scarlet (you can guess why). And the rest was filled in with the scenes from Through the Looking Glass that I watched with my sis prior to reading Caraval.
Anyhow, I'm glad you created this thread! Will you guys be doing a review of it on your blog?

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
We aren't doing a review. But, we did record our podcast on it today, which is a long review like discussion, that we will be posting this coming Tuesday. :D You should check it out!

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Will do!

Cynthia | 2 comments Mod
Yes please give it a listen! :)

I have absolutely loved some books with lots of problems, myself, just because they made me happy, for whatever reason. A good example of this is The Reader, which Caitlin and I did a podcast on last year. I enjoyed the book so much the flaws didn't bother me really; they did however bother her! Sometimes, a story just speaks to us, regardless of how well the author tells it.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
I didn't hate The Reader. Great premise. Awesome graphic touches. But don't tell me that a culture isn't reading when they are using symbols to identify things. That is reading. :P

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Well, I'll have to check The Reader out too and see if I like it :p And I'll be waiting for next Tuesday and see what you guys have to say about Caraval!

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
:D I hope you don't decide you hate us when you listen. :P

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Haha, no worries! I'm not the type to hate people based on their tastes in books. Maybe I'll gain insight of what NOT to do when writing a book :)

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
I hope we can help with that! :)

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Hey guys, when's that podcast coming out?

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
Sorry. I was sick yesterday. It is totally already up on the Soundcloud. I just haven't made the blog post yet. You can find it here:

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Oh no, I hope you're feeling better now Caitlin!!!
And I'll give the podcast a listen on soundcloud then.

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
I am getting it up on the blog right now. :D Link coming soon!

Shahzoda (PlatinumWriter) (platinumwriter) | 21 comments Listening to it right now. Melting peacock feathers? Hahaha. I guess I didn't pay much heed to some of the purple prose because I wanted to find out who Julian was. Guess that shows where my priorities lie ;p

Caitlin  (weezled) | 65 comments Mod
Shahzoda wrote: "Listening to it right now. Melting peacock feathers? Hahaha. I guess I didn't pay much heed to some of the purple prose because I wanted to find out who Julian was. Guess that shows where my priori..."

I am big stickler about purple prose. I think it's because I am a very visual reader, so I see what they are describing. That waterfall was downright disturbing. :P

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