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post completed collins characters here to be approved

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× ʀʏ to his brother | ᴋᴇɴᴛ to others

nineteen ; male, gay
021329 ; collins, lead pilot ( squadron a. )
leonardo dicaprio ( young )

PERSONA ; Ambitious and clever, Ryan Kent knows what he wants and how to get it. Fly past the Oort cloud before he turns 20? Easier done than said ( how do you even pronounce 'oort' anyway? ). Keep Daniel from getting kicked out? Bit trickier, but their handwriting's similar enough. He lives by his own rules, a dangerous person to any who dare to mess with him. But determination isn't everything — or is it? Considering he's at the top of the class in everything and hasn't failed a single test, it seems to be. Or is it just the driving force behind the other aspects of him that cause those things to happen? He's not a philosopher, nor does he want to be one. As long as he's at the top, he doesn't actually care what traits got him there.
HISTORY ; Ryan Jonathan Kent was born to somewhat... conservative parents two years before his younger brother Daniel. He had a relatively normal upbringing on Earth, attending a small private school down the road from where they lived. At age fourteen, he applied to join the International Space Academy, but his application was rejected for reasons they refused to disclose. So he practiced flying his grandfather's aeroplane and got Daniel to record him doing it. He submitted that alongside his second application to INSA, and was accepted. Daniel followed him as soon as he was old enough to join.
  Ryan chose Collins, naturally. He was top of his class within a month, and the lead pilot of the best squadron three months after he started. Perfect scores and not-quite-record-breaking times lay a trail of success. But that isn't good enough for him, and the moment he turns twenty, he plans to get his license so he can finally fly the ship his grandparents bought him last year and prove to his parents that being a pilot isn't a stupid job.
  And he can set a new record for the fastest time from INSA to the Oort Cloud and back, five years younger than the record-setter.
    [ father ] × samuel judah kent ; living
        × 55, divorce lawyer ( earth )
    [ mother ] × rebecca marie kent ; living
        × 56, accountant ( earth )
    [ brother ] × daniel harrison kent ; living
        × 17, student pilot ( squadron c )

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[ ▸▸ ]::M A R J O R I EL I U::# 1 0 1 5 2 0────────────────────
[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · p e r s o n a l i t y
Resilience is the word you want when it comes to describing Marjorie. From disapproving parents to an accident that sent her into a 2-year-long coma, nothing stands between Marjorie and her goals. Assertive might be another word you would use, along with bossy, but it really depends on who you talk to. She's a woman burning with ambition, who knows what she wants and how to get it.

[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · h i s t o r y
When the International Space Academy was first founded, Marjorie decided that it was going to be the place for her. Her life had revolved around space — from that telescope in her backyard to sneaking off to the nearby observatory to astronomy classes to secretly applying for INSA even though her parents had disapproved.

Raised in a house full of scientists, it was no wonder that Marjorie took the path that she did. Her mother worked for NASA and her father was in charge of the upkeep at her local observatory. Her uncles and aunts were into biology and chemistry and the dinner table chatter would be about the latest scientific discoveries. But when it came to the actual exploration of space, her parents disapproved. "Who knows what's out there and if it's dangerous," they argued. But after Marjorie finished her high school education, they couldn't really say otherwise, and besides, if they had, Marjorie had already enrolled herself into the INSA anyway.

During her first three years there, life was good. She worked hard for the grades she got. But just between that time of her third and fourth years, she was seriously injured in a car accident back on earth, and was in a coma for 2 years. After she finally woke, she spent another year recuperating, and she's back at INSA to complete her schooling to catch up on wasted time.

[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · r e l a t i o n s
[ ▹ ] Harold Liu ; father ; She's always been a daddy's girl, and Harold can never say no to her requests to stay at the observatory overnight. ●●●●●
[ ▹ ] Janice Lee ; mother ; She's never been as close to Janice as she is to Harold, because she's always working long hours with NASA. ●●●●○

[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · c r e d i t
x ▫ ᴛᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ ɪɴsᴘɪʀᴇᴅ ʙʏ aubree, chrys, jenn & red.

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MARJORIE LIU is approved

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Ema (gee-fiera) description
M A X T O NdescriptionA L B U SdescriptionR I G H

O N E >> S T A T S >> i forgot the last time i saw the sun

T W E N T Y - T W O years old
J U N EdescriptionT E N T H date of birth
H O M O S E X U A L sexuality
M A L E gender
2 1 8 7 4 4 student number
C O L L I N S sector
S Q A D R O NdescriptionB position

L E V I T A T E song

description description

T W O >> P H Y S I C A L >> wondering how to fix these damages

B L A C K hair
B R O W N eyes
6 ‘ 2 height
J O H NdescriptionB O Y E G A face claim


T H R E E >> D E S C R I P T I O N >> we’ve got this disease, it’s digging deeper in me

To call Max a dork would be a completely accurate description. He likes to make people laugh, to see people having a good time. If it’s because of him, that’s all the better. He’s fairly determined to reach his goals, read: being on squadron B despite being the literal worst pilot ever when he joined up. Seriously how did he get this far? Even Max doesn’t know. But he’s a fast learner, and he really does try his hardest, and there’s been times when he’s stayed up far later than he should just to study, to ensure that he is being the best he can be. In other words, sleep deprivation and sheer willpower are what got him here. Max is pretty well-liked, being the sort of guy others tend to get along with. He screws up a lot, but tends to own up to his mistakes. Just don’t mention the no-parents thing; it’s a touchy subject.

Max doesn’t know who his parents are. He grew up in an orphanage, surrounded by people who weren’t his family. He liked to read books about the stars, about the world above the earth, and swore to himself that one day, he would see it all. Max was picked on sometimes, even in the orphanage, because he was the only kid who didn’t kn0w his birth family. The others had at least something; a memory, a name. Max had nothing, no one. His name was given to him at random; for all he knows, his family name should be Smith. He hated it, growing up, and the teasing got so bad at one point that he lashed out against the other kids, hurting them pretty badly. He was labelled a “problem child” after that. When Max got the opportunity to apply to INSA, he immediately went for the flight sector, though he could have gotten into Sun easier. He’s not sure how he was accepted, but he was, and here he is. He’s come a long way in the last few years, and can’t wait for what the future holds.

U N K N O W N mother, unknown
U N K N O W N father, unknown
O P E N lover
O P E N friend

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MAXTON RIGH is approved

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M I L W A U K E EJ U N G(student 654321)

ᴍᴀʟᴇᴛᴡᴇɴᴛʏᴠᴇʀʏ ᴄᴏɴғᴜsᴇᴅᴄᴏʟʟɪɴs : sǫᴜᴀᴅʀᴏɴ ᴄʀᴏᴡᴏᴏɴ

Milwaukee isn't stupid, okay? He's just kind of dumb. And he's good enough at the things he needs to be in order to be a pilot, which is why he actually made it into INSA and Squadron C. So it doesn't matter that he can't do quantum mechanic calculus-based thermodynamic chemiphysics or whatever it is that the kids in the Stephenson sector can. He doesn't need to.

And the thing is, Milwaukee really is a good guy. It's pretty impossible to hate the guy who's essentially the human version of a golden retriever. Is he easy to manipulate? Sure. Can you take advantage of him? Gladly. He's kind of (read: very) naive that way, because he's innately trusting. But for goodness' sake, he's a navigator, not a war strategist. He's fine for what he does. Probably. If he can pass the exam.

Jung Insik( father )
Jung Jiyeon( mother )

When Insik and a very pregnant Jiyeon came to the United States, they noticed a trend. Cities as names—now that is what they thought a good idea. Hence the birth of Milwaukee Jung. It was easy to not be made fun of for his name—when you're the wealthiest kid at your already-wealthy private school, the other kids want to be your friend, not your enemy.

You could say that Milwaukee's parent's money is the reason why he's come as far as he has. You would probably be correct in that. But it's not just money, or a matter of can—it's also about want, and Milwaukee has wanted this for himself ever since he was six years old and his mother first told him what would become his favorite bedtime story, Milky Way Milwaukee.

In any case, he's worked hard to survive at INSA. Because getting in is one thing, and not flunking out is another. He nearly flunked out of kindergarten, and he's sworn never to stoop that low again. So he works hard, and earnestly. That's how to do it right. (Right?)

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MILWAUKEE JUNG is approved

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PARK SEUNGHYUN is approved

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[ ▸▸ ]::M I M IL I A N GN I N G N A::# 1 3 9 1 3 9─────────────
[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · p e r s o n a l i t y
Lost might be a good word to describe Mimi. If you'd have met her two years ago, you wouldn't have recognised her now, a once bright and happy child who could chatter your ear off transforming almost overnight into a skittish, scared and uncertain girl. Despite her shy, constantly anxious demeanour, sometimes the kind, sweet and friendly resurfaces — you just have to be patient with her, too.

[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · h i s t o r y
Mimi's mother died when she was two months old. "She'd just collapsed" was all they could tell Mimi's father, and from then on, it was just him and Mimi.

According to Chinese tradition, parents choose a 'milk name' for a baby and use it until an official name is decided, or keep it as a nickname, and a milk name was meant to be disgusting in order to ward off evil spirits. Mimi's father, unable to allow his daughter to be known for something bad, chose to nickname her 'Secret' — Mimi — and hoped that would help ward off evil spirits instead; after all, how do you hunt down something that's a secret?

By the time Mimi had outgrown the need for a milk name, it had stuck, and it'd become her English name as well. Her father and her were extremely close and did everything together. At the age of 10, her father took up a job at INSA for its higher salary and benefits, and took little Mimi up with him to the space station, and while her father worked away at his job, Mimi learnt the names of every staff member and learnt the locations of every secret hideout.

But when Mimi was thirteen, tragedy struck. "I'm so sorry, but your father is gone" was all INSA would say to her, and that was that. It was all kept under wraps, and poor little Mimi was never to know the truth. In exchange, though, INSA, as her legal guardian, would fund her education, boarding, clothing and food until she turned 18, and should she wish to stay longer, they would continue to provide for her.

[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · r e l a t i o n s
[ ▹ ] Hughes Liang ; father ; She was single-handedly raised by him; how wouldn't they be close? She misses him more than she could ever say. ●●●●●
[ ▹ ] May Cheng ; mother ; She's never known her, but she loves her very dearly too, and wishes she could have been here, too. ●●●●●
[ ▹ ] Park Seunghyun ; friend surrogate brother ; As fellow members of Squadron C, Mimi may or may not be treating him like the older brother she never had, and Seunghyun is in complete denial that he rather likes that role. ●●●●●
[ ▹ ] Isaac Rhee Jeonghui ; friend and leader ; He teaches her sabotage tactics and she's mildly terrified of them and him, but in the end, she respects him greatly. ●●●●○

[ ғɪʟᴇ ] · · · c r e d i t
x ▫ ᴛᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ ɪɴsᴘɪʀᴇᴅ ʙʏ aubree, chrys, jenn & red.

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━━━━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━━━━

twenty-one, male, bisexual ( #092563 ) collins, squadron d, chen


Daniel was blessed with his birth into a wealthy family. He was not, however, blessed with any natural talent. Instead, he's had to work hard to improve. Countless hours of practice in the simulation room. Begging his instructors to review his technique and give him more tips. He's always wanted to prove himself to be more than the rich kid.

That hasn't exactly worked out for him. Well, it did, and then it didn't. But he hasn't given up. He's going to make a name for himself, Daniel Song — not the son of anybody, or the failure of any squadron. He's going to be Daniel Song, and one day, a little boy is going to look at him and say, I want to fly a spaceship.

richard song ━━━━━━━━━━━ father
mother ━━━━━━━━━ sooyoung song

He's only here because of his father's money, they said, and Daniel resolved to prove them wrong. At seventeen years old, bright-eyed Daniel Song, son of Richard Song, CEO and founder of multi-media empire Song of Songs, Inc., began attending his dream school: the International Space Academy. From childhood, he wanted to be an astronaut; and entering his teen years, he realized that he didn't want to deal with stars like the ones his father worked with — he wanted to soar through the milky way.

It was hard to prove himself — he had no innate skills; everything he earned he had fought hard for. But slowly, the corporate heir-turned-space pilot rose his way through the ranks. From Squadron D to Squadron C, then to Squadron B — and then, at the beginning of his fourth year, he was promoted to Squadron A. In truth, it was a dream come true.

And then he came crashing back down to earth.

It was one mistake. Daniel is a human, and humans make mistakes. But there are times when one mistake alone crosses the line, and Daniel was unlucky (unprepared, unequipped, unobservant, unworthy of being there). He should have spotted it on the radar, should have been watching more carefully — but he didn't, and the ship was wrecked. And although everyone made it out alive (thankfully), their fearless leader, their lead pilot who was making preparations for his wedding after graduation, lost his legs. And in a world full of cyborgs, things could be worse. They could be worse.

They could be worse.

He's only here because of his father's money, they say, and Daniel knows it to be true. The guilt worries away at him every day. He shouldn't be there, and if he were anyone but Richard Song's son, he would have been expelled, not simply demoted to Squadron D. At the same time, he's determined to prove himself again — he can't give up, not now. He has to make things right again. He can't — he can't let it all be in vain.

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DANIEL SONG is approved

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ANDRE MATEO BURNS ─────────────────── reece king
19 yrs × masc × bisexual × collins × squadron a pilot × 001122

If there is one thing that Andre Burns is good at, it's flying; it's his entire life at this point and, if you'd ask him, he'd tell you that nothing compares to the rush of piloting a magnificent ship into the magnificent black teeming with the unknown except maybe a kiss from a pretty person. There was nothing except his own desires pushing him to joins INSA, nothing but the passion that burned brightly inside him that enabled him to move up through the ranks. See, Andre didn't have daddy's money or influence to put him where he is; it was all hard-work and he'd been damned if someone tried to challenge that.

Putting aside Andre's devotion to piloting, he really doesn't take much seriously. Simply put, Andre is the life of the party ─ or he tries to be, at least. Moodiness just isn't his thing; he's jokes that make people laugh, dancing that uplifts people's spirits, and warmth that leaves people knowing they've got a friend. But that's kinda the other thing: Andre doesn't necessarily have close friends. If you'd ask him, he'd tell you he's friends with everyone in his sector and then some. In reality, he might make them feel good, might hang out with them, but he wouldn't share anything meaningful with them. So yeah, Andre does have friends and he is a jovial person. But there are depths to Andre that some people choose to ignore.
Countless attempts and trips to the doctor's office supposedly confirmed that it was impossible for the Burns' couple to get pregnant ─ and then along came Andre. Born with stars in his eyes and laughter on his lips not literally, but you get my meaning, he came to embody the word miracle for Uriah and Annika. And, naturally, he was spoiled favorably for the place he held in his parents' hearts. To them, Andre was their everything and they were willing to do anything for their little baby boy, their god-given miracle ─ even if that meant letting him fly off into the cosmos.

If Annika and Uriah really thought their son would stay on Earth, even after they heard about INSA's grand opening, they were horribly ignorant. Ever since Andre was boy, his greatest dream in life was to soar far above the clouds ─ he wanted to go to the stars. And this was more than just an infatuation. Andre was in love with the moon, the stars, the thought of piloting a spaceship. He was utterly enamored, starstruck if you will, with space; he knew, even at seven years looking up at the night with the telescope, he knew.

And so, when Andre was 16, he leaped at the first chance he got to chase his dream. His parents weren't happy with him for not completing earth high-school, but Andre knew they'd be fine; after all, he was their world and there was nothing he could do to really upset them he's pretty sure, anyways. Since that day, Andre has been thriving. He works his ass off to prove his worth, pushes himself harder and harder to prove that he deserves the spot where he's at. And now that he's at the top in squadron a, nothing can hold him back.
family ──
uriah burns : 49 × father × businessman
annika burns : 47 × mother × scientist
(view spoiler)

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how did i not see this i'm so sorry

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⦁ leo (brothers), e ( friends), black (others)

19 , male, heterosexual
172808, collins, pilot ( squadron d )


E stands at a rather tall 6ft 2 and is blessed with an athletic build with close to no body fat, around 6-7%. His muscles are toned and defined from years spent on the streets and the constant training he does. He is naturally tanned with a constant bronze tone to his skin, he has dark brown hair and strong features with a defined jawline. He is covered in tattoos and has a small scar across his left eyebrow.

(view spoiler)
face claim ~ Stephen James
height ~ 6ft 2
weight ~ 169.5 lbs
defining features ~ He has a small scar across his left eyebrow, his tattoos (pretty much everywhere)

⤑ personality────────────────────

personality traits
⤑ Loyalty is something he holds high on what he looks for in a person. He has always needed to fend for himself and he needs to know that whoever it is he is with has his back. His loyalty to his family and friends is fierce and he will always have their backs, no matter what.

⤑ Bravery is something he is known for. Never backing down from a challenge, he is always willing to do what is put in front of him. His fears never get in his way and he doesn't let nervousness ever get the better of him.

⤑ He's never done well with authority figures. Growing up an orphan he and his brothers only had each other to rely on. He would often break the law to provide and protect his brothers and this rebellious streak has followed him to the academy. He hates being told what to do. His rebelliousness has gotten him punished a number of times.

⤑ He is a caring person if you stick around long enough to form a relationship with him. He has a hard exterior and often looks angry but he is truly a caring person who would do anything for his family or friends.

⤑He often acts without thinking and does things just because he can. The fact that things may be wrong or he may get into trouble for his actions never occurs to him and he often does things despite that. Rarely worrying about the consequences of his actions his impulsiveness often sees him getting into trouble.

⤑He can be a very sarcastic person to people he doesn't like often making the mocking and sarcastic tone clear. His hard exterior is helped by the sarcasm he often uses when he is having a conversation with people he doesn't want to talk to.

⤑He is hostile towards people he doesn't know well or at all. This is a result of hi upbringing on the streets as he always needed to be careful about who he associated with and what was around him. This hard exterior often makes people avoid him, but that's fine by him.

- flying
- fighting
- sex
- pissing people off

- obeying rules
- impatience
- stubbornness
- family
- friends
- Bianca
- Ella

- his family getting hurt
- not being good enough
- rejection

- he is covering up for his brother (see history)
- who he is in love with

⤑ history───────────────────────

16 years. 75 car/shipjackings. 12 robberies. 4 assaults. 1 arrest. Prisoner number 1117172808. Not bad stats for E. Don't judge him, he was raised like this, he's never known a better life. His parents died before he was even 3 weeks old. He and his brothers sent to a foster home where they were abused, leaving when they were only 3. They were taken in by a professional con man. He taught them everything. He was ex-military, everyone called him Kahn. He was the closest thing they had to a father. He taught them how to con people, pickpockets, fight, fly/drive, break into cars and buildings. He made them his hidden weapons, using they're age to his advantage. The boys never cared for him, but they trusted and respected him.

Now you might be asking how'd he get from the slums to the academy? Well one arrest but 30 police chases, 29 good. This drew attention. It was a normal assignment, E went alone. He got into the car no problem, started it easily but what he didn't know was Kahn had set him up so the cops would get the boys and in exchange Kahn got off. He took them on a ride head them going for 10-minutes before they stopped him. 1 arrest, another betrayal.

The academy stepped in and kept him out of jail if he would fly for them. He was sent there immediately, not like he needed to get any belongings. He had a physical, a psych eval, a flight sim, and was accepted in. He made an impression there and for the first time it was a positive one. Top of his classes, moving into Squadron A, things looked good. Until the incident, to this day he doesn't like to talk about it, no one really know the details only that he was lucky to survive what happened and that he was looking at expulsion before they ended up demoting him to Squadron D, which for Evan was worse.

He is still regarded as one of the best (if not the best) pilots in the academy. He has never tried to properly get himself reinstated to Squadron A, the first few times it was made clear to him that it wasn't going to happen. On his 18th birthday they received their, inheritance from their parents, whom they never met. It was a decent sized fortune which was left over from their mothers inheritance from their grandfather, who apparently used to be a rich business man before he was shafted from his business by his partner. The boys had each received a large sum of money and Evan was the only one to spend most of his. He bought a top of the range ship, having gotten his license the year before, because the academy ships were rubbish. He spent just over half his money on it, although it still left him with a lifetime worth.

⤑ relationships───────────────────

elizabeth kate black-hendricksmother ⦁ 23 (deceased) ⦁ female ⦁ doctor (earth)

joseph steven blackfather ⦁ 23 (deceased) ⦁ male ⦁ soldier (earth)

nathaniel thomas blacktwin brother ⦁ 19 ⦁ male ⦁ stephenson, ship construction and maintenancefc: joe collier (view spoiler)

louis steven blacktwin brother ⦁ 19 ⦁ male ⦁ sun, second battalionfc: alex wilms (view spoiler)

bianca rose parkerit's complicated ⦁ 18 ⦁ female ⦁ stephenson, architectfc: alexis ren (view spoiler)

ella sofia kingit's complicated ⦁ 18 ⦁ female ⦁ stephenson, engineerfc: madison beer (view spoiler)

joseph thompsonbest friend ⦁ 18 ⦁ male ⦁ sun, third battalion fc: florian neuville (view spoiler)

hunter michael johnsonbest friend ⦁ 19 ⦁ male ⦁ stephenson, architectfc: francisco lachowski (view spoiler)

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EVAN LEONARDO BLACK : there is no way that INSA would accept someone with his record, plus there's no point in him having a ship because he wouldn't be able to get a license yet, plus you said he got his license the year before? which wouldn't work if he was getting a top-of-the-range ship — he'd have to wait until 20/21.

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E kaya wrote: "EVAN LEONARDO BLACK : there is no way that INSA would accept someone with his record, plus there's no point in him having a ship because he wouldn't be able to get a license yet, plus you said he g..."

Sorry was writing as if it was a car wasn't sure what age they got licenses at. He doesn't have a record however. If the arrest documentation isn't filed a record isn't recorded.

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yeah but if INSA stepped in then they'd know that he had committed a crime and that is completely unrealistic.

message 21: by E (new)

E kaya wrote: "yeah but if INSA stepped in then they'd know that he had committed a crime and that is completely unrealistic."

Okay noted.

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so are you going to change it

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