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Kris (krisb83) A book for those who love Downton Abbey? Certainly inspired by that time in history, this story throws in a rebellion because YA dystopia of course!

Happy reading!

Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
So...finished this last night. At first I didn't really like it; it seemed a bit trite. But I ended up getting into it and enjoyed it.

The basic story is - not too far in the future the USA fights a war with China & other Eastern countries...and loses. The West Coast is part of the Eastern Empire, and climate change has taken a lot of the East Coast. China makes an environmental accord that bans the use of fossil fuel. A scientist named Joseph Landry invents first, a nuclear powered lantern, and second a mini nuclear reactor for the home. He, of course, becomes very wealthy and powerful. He and others with money and power are know as the gentry. There is a middle class made up of shopkeepers and service workers (they mostly use solar power) and farmers, who mostly use wind turbines. Then there are the Rootless - they are those who either fought against the gentry in The Last War, or did not pick a side. They live in abject poverty, and are the ones who go into the manor homes to switch out the used nuclear kernels for new ones. They suffer from radiation sickness and other related diseases. All of these class divisions are hereditary. The gentry live the high life, such as was lived by wealthy slave owners in the South years ago, or wealthy British nobility.

As this is a YA novel, of course there is a teenage lead - Madeline, the descendant of Joseph Landy. She is not allowed to go to college, but must marry young, and well, to bring in money to bail out the estate. Her duty is to produce an heir. There is a love triangle (of course), but it's written fairly believably.

It's a different take on the YA dystopian story, and I enjoyed it.

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