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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris (chris83) This is a book I've been dying to read but also avoiding like the plague because I expect it to generate some hard-hitting feels! I hope it sparks some interesting conversation in the group.

Happy reading everyone!

Danielle (dasd) | 4 comments about 3/4 of the way through and I have to say I have not been disappointed. Love the way that he weaves in little historical changes in the parallel universe, like the facts of Abe Lincoln.

Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
I didn't get this finished before the end of the month, but I'm about 1/2 way in. Like Danielle, I enjoy the little historical changes. Last night I read the part about Lincoln. Hmmm... Even the statue, that was a great little tidbit.

message 4: by Jane (last edited Mar 05, 2017 01:20PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
I finished this last night. It was a good book, but as race is such a "hot" topic it's hard to read. The idea that there could still be government sanctioned slavery in the 21st century - wow, that could NEVER happen....or could it? Really made me think.

(view spoiler)

Danielle (dasd) | 4 comments I find it interesting that there have not been more discussion on this book. It was very provocative with the current uprise of groups like black lives matter. Like you said Jane, that could never happen or could it. The book was an interesting read, as an alternative reality taking that pivotal time in Americana history and turning it on it's head. The idea of the government "uncle Tom" of sorts character and the personal struggle arc throughout was very captivating. All that aside it was also a wonderful story of spy intrigue and the weaving of side actors (the woman and son) showing the true humanity of the slave/relationship reality. I was also very touched by the time when he made it into the four and meet up with the group of african americans that were working as the slaves of the decrepit old man releasing folks from bondage. The way that the "slaves" were able to work the system never wanting to leave but staying to continue the work of releasing others was touching and a testament to the idea of staying in the only home that you know so that you can make it a better place for all, fighting the good fight. A very well done work and a very provocative story line enjoyable read for sure.

Jane (janeinri) | 420 comments Mod
I agree with your description of the "slaves" of the old man, and I also noticed there was genuine affection for the old guy, displayed in the gentle way they treated him and how they all doted on him. Didn't seem like a bad deal for him, either - he's in his own home, surrounded by the people he's closest to - the "slaves". That was a very interesting, and as you said, touching, set of side characters.

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