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The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog
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Jean Cole (joc724) | 328 comments As any dog lover knows, every dog breed has some wolf DNA. The prevailing theory is that at some point, many thousands of years ago, the relationship between man and wolf changed from predator/prey to a cooperative relationship. This is the story of the first man who domesticated a wolf to be his companion. More than that, reminiscent of The Clan of the Cave Bear, it is the story of a handful of tribes and their customs and traditions. These tribes are competing for the same resources and may or may not see other as enemies. And like any humans, when they come together as a group there are jealousies, passions and rivalries. I really enjoyed this book.

Brandi Neifert | 26 comments I read this for 2019, Week 50: Includes a Journey. I really loved this book!

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