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Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells, #1)
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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new)

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5375 comments Mod
Camille & Elena - Size 12 Is Not Fat

Elena | 1381 comments checking in ! :)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Hi, when would you like to read this one? I have ordered it but it won't be here till the middle of Feb.

Elena | 1381 comments Ok good , because im also waiting for my copy from the library! Just message when you get it and im assuming i will have mine by then too... and we can sart it then!

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Cool, can do

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments I received the book today. Would you like to start it this Wednesday 15/2 or wait till the weekend?

Elena | 1381 comments we can start this weekend , if ok with you!
I am picking it up from the library today or tomorrow, so weekend would be perfect for me! :)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Sure that's fine

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Would you like to read 8 chapters a week and finish it mid march? I just checked my copy and its 345 pages with 32 chapters and bonus content.

Elena | 1381 comments Sure!

Elena | 1381 comments Starting today!

message 12: by cherryjellybeans (new)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Cool

message 13: by cherryjellybeans (new)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Have just finished up to chapter 9.

Thoughts so far: (view spoiler)

What did you think?

Elena | 1381 comments same here , i got to chapter 12 before i realized that i was going over and didn't write comments yet :)

Chapters 1-8
I agree - HEather seems like a great character! She is funny and relatable! It's very interesting that she's a former pop star, but i am kinda annoyed that her MILLIONS of dollars were taken away from her so easily! How does that even happen ?! that's kind of annoying me, because i keep thinking that in real life this could never happen - at least i don't think it's realistic...

Anyways, the dorm (residence hall!!!) deaths are very mysterious - and as you say, i keep hoping she won't make a fool out of herself and be wrong about the whole thing! There better be a murderer involved!

Cooper could be a great , complicated character ... i wonder what his story is ... why so serious ? :)

Writing wise - fast paced, funny, and overall fluffy but good. I am bothered by the fact that the author/narrator has to correct herself EVERY single time she says "dorm" - with "i mean residence hall" - WE GET IT !!! Lol :)))

Elena | 1381 comments Chapters 9- 16 (including 16)
I totally couldn't stop reading today, haha...

(view spoiler)

message 16: by cherryjellybeans (new)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Still on chapter nine so will comment over the weekend

message 17: by cherryjellybeans (new)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments Have finished Chapter 9 - chapter 15: (view spoiler) It might be helpful to read the princess diaries series to understand the author's voice too if you haven't done so already. Will try and read up to chapter 24 next weekend.

message 18: by cherryjellybeans (new)

cherryjellybeans (cherryandjellybeans) | 60 comments just read your comments, should have waited another day, whoops. Maybe she just wanted him to go away perhaps.

Elena | 1381 comments Until chapter 25:
(view spoiler)

Elena | 1381 comments Chapter 25 - end:
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