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Worth Dying For by Lee Child

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Christian Golden Christian M. Golden

I have had the pleasure of reading “Worth dying for” by Lee Child. I have read to page 30. In the story, Jack Reacher was, a worker at a local bar in Nebraska. Until, suddenly a drunk doctor was involved in a domestic violence situation. Reacher did not want to be a part of the situation because he had a criminal record, but the lady nose would not stop bleeding. Therefore, Jack had to her to the hospital.
The characterization of Jack Reacher is influenced by his past. Reacher tends not to think of his criminal background, but his surroundings constantly reminds him. For example, when he witnessed the domestic violence situation he said it was a flashback of him. On page 22 it states, “I don’t want to get involved in their relationship, but he reminds me of me.”
I found the book “Worth Dying For” interesting, but the book is a cliff hanger. The book always keeps you on your feet time and time again. Also, “Worth Dying For” is a cliff hanger because lots of series of unfortunate events that leads you in a different direction of the mystery. The novel is written second person, and as of now there’s no climax.
To conclude, I believe that Jack Reacher is going to be imprisoned because it seems that no matter where he goes trouble always follows. Finally, the sometimes tends to confuse me because of the way the plot jumps around.

Pisces51 Lee Child created the character of Jack Reacher during the period of time when all protagonists i.e., cops, detectives, PIs, and so on, were "damaged goods"...well in the mold of Mel Gibson's character in the movie "Lethal Weapon". Frankly that gets old if not downright tiresome. I am presently reading a new author whose female protagonist (detective) has an addictive personality, is popping prescription sedatives, anti-anxiety agents, and pain pills, drinking to the point of a black out, her three children unmanageable....well you get the picture.

I love police procedurals, serial killer thrillers, psychological suspense, but when I get a run of "flawed" good guys or girls...where do I go??? I read the latest Lee Child Jack Reacher book to cheer me right up!!! I confess that I have been a Reacher fan for years. I have most of his novels twice.

In Reacher's world which is the entire USA, right is right and wrong is wrong. He is a man's man, and everybody's hero. He ALWAYS prevails...and if you have to suspend belief that he is "going to be imprisoned"...well I don't think Jack is the right narrative for you. Sincerely, Pisces51

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