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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance book. Guy goes blind after some (gun?) accident. Girl leaves to (Cairo?). She returns and nurses him. He doesn't know about her being there. She does this by placing strings around the house to guide him. [s]

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Kris | 31547 comments Mod
A guess - Blind Promises by Diana Palmer? (The heroine is a nurse.)

TamarraK, what's the main location - U.S./country, region, big city like New York/small town?

Can you tell us more about the heroine and hero - their jobs, hobbies, family/friends?

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***$Hivi*** | 32 comments TamarraK wrote: "Hey everyone! I'm helping my mother find a book she read a while back around 1992. Unfortunately she is unsure about specific details but we tried to put as much information as we could. We have be..."

Yours Until Dawn (Fairleigh Sisters, #3) by Teresa Medeiros

I hope this helps...

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Megan Doreen | 27 comments Weird as it may sound, this is a plot device in an old Christian romance novel by Florence L. Barclay called The Rosary. In it, the man is a young handsome pianist who falls in love with an older woman who most consider plain. But she has an amazing singing voice. She leaves him because she thinks if they are together he will change his mind and they will be mocked.

He is blinded in a hunting accident, and she returns to nurse him. She disguises her voice so that he won't know it is her, and helps him learn to be independent, partly by strings around the house to guide him.

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