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What should I read next?

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message 1: by Grace (new)

Grace Othman (graceothman) | 56 comments Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children series or Obsidian series?

message 2: by Grace (new)

Grace Othman (graceothman) | 56 comments I don't know which one to read.
It's giving me. Rain damage thinking about which one I'm going to read

message 3: by Grace (new)

Grace Othman (graceothman) | 56 comments * giving me brain damage

message 4: by Swati (new)

Swati | 95 comments Rain damage, lol :P

I haven't read it myself, but I've heard that the Obsidian series is really addicting, so maybe that?

Miss Peregrines hone for peculiar children is a good read if you're looking for something more creepy and mysterious ;)

message 5: by Shelby (new)

Shelby (shelby_) | 61 comments Obsidian is the Lux saga al I right? Tbh I liked the lux saga the first 3 books are really good the other's were okay. But I would recommend it

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauramarieu) OBSIDIAN FOR SURE!!

message 7: by Payton (new)

Payton | 34 comments Both are great! The Lux series is more of the addicting, you'll sit down to read a chapter and actually read the whole book in one sitting kind of series. In the beginning it feels a lot like twilight, but then the books just get better and better and they're amazing it's such a fun series.
Peregrines is so amazing though, there's so much adventure and the world is so intriguing and the characters are absolutely fantastic. And there are so many twists and turns in the story it's just great.
These are 2 of my all time favorite series so either way you can't go wrong!

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