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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom Heeren | 5 comments Guys,

My unpublished Christmas novel will deal with Chapters 1-6 on November 11, 1918, starting with 9 am and ending at 2 pm. The chapters 7-9 deal with King George V and Queen Mary's visit to the house for tea and a Bible reading of Jesus's birth. Chapters 10-13 deal with Christmas Eve (December 24, 1918). Chapters 14-16 deal with Christmas Day (December 25, 1918). Chapter 17 and 18 deal with Boxing Day (December 26, 1918). The prologue has 10 pages, dealing with a September funeral for a main character in my novel while the epilogue will have 18 pages and deals with December 25, 1963.

The total pages are 364 but is it ideal to write for teenagers or adults? Let me know what you think of my outline.

Thanks a lot!


message 2: by Willowland (new)

Willowland Clifton | 3 comments While I'm no expert, it seems doubtful that teens would read a historical novel like the one you mentioned. Teens normally read fantasy, horror, or scifi. If you look at the top fiction for young adults, you'd be hard pressed to find a novel similar to the one described. I think the safer bet would be to aim for an adult audience.

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