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message 1: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) 10 10 10

message 2: by yassie (new)

yassie (yassiehodges) CHAPTER 6

It's extremely fast paced and I'm not sure about it at the moment. Again it seems like a child-like detective book with slightly darker themes but they aren't obvious at the minute unless you're looking for them...

message 3: by yassie (new)

yassie (yassiehodges) CHAPTER 7

okay it just got darker and slightly more interesting

message 4: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) NEIN!!!! 9

a paragraph was like
"look in the car. he did. he saw it.

it was so boring how is this published

message 5: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) 10

wasn't a bad chapter but it felt like it was out of place? like he didn't write it someone else did This book is a mess tbh

message 6: by sam (last edited Feb 06, 2017 11:04PM) (new)

sam (battlepoetry) | 4 comments chapters 6-8: further developed the story and was actually pretty interesting. learnt a lot about the bookstore and its owner. we also begin to find out the true intentions behind the whole blackmailing thing.

chapter 9: not quite sure how the death is related. but i'm assuming, he had an idea of the shady book store, the owner's doings, or even the blackmailing. and wanted to do something about it?

chapter 10: out of place, like leonie said. but it does add to the storyline as it introduces a new suspect behind the blackmailing. poor writing style though

not gonna lie, chapter 6-9 was really intriguing and now i'm sorta motivated to finish the book

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