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message 1: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) remember to put the chapter number on top of your comment!

message 2: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) page 16 chapter 3


so far this is kind of boring and i actually don't understand anything

message 3: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) 5


i already don't like the writing style and i just don't understand what's going on

message 4: by yassie (new)

yassie (yassiehodges) I had the same issue leonie

message 5: by sam (new)

sam (battlepoetry) | 4 comments first chapter definitely dragged on. didn't really like how it was so damn descriptive and the dialogue didn't really portray carmen as young and wild, more so drunk

message 6: by sam (last edited Feb 06, 2017 08:26PM) (new)

sam (battlepoetry) | 4 comments p. 28 chapter 5: plot actually isn't that bad. actually pretty interesting but the writing style makes it a bit difficult to read

message 7: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) the writing style (for me) suddenly changed at like chapter 9

message 8: by sam (new)

sam (battlepoetry) | 4 comments some bits are easy to read and understand. others, not so much.

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