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message 1: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) it's got porn mentions, blackmail and murder

message 2: by yassie (new)

yassie (yassiehodges) I'm literally only on the second page and I know the subject matter is quite dark but the writing straight away seems slightly childish???

message 3: by yassie (new)

yassie (yassiehodges) I DIDNT FINISH IT!!! Also if u wanna see my full review that doesn't really contain any spoilers it's on my page lol

message 4: by ro (new)

ro (juliettefarrers) | 15 comments first impression before reading it, this is somthing i would never pick up myself so im curious wheather ill like it!! always good to try something new tho :)
ill just read the first chapter before i have to get started on school stuff yikes

message 5: by fanni (new)

fanni (neilsjostens) | 20 comments Mod
im definitely less excited for this than i was for ready player one but i'll give it a go! i also know there's an old movie of this book so i may watch it after im done with the book

message 6: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) i was actually really interested and i hope this is good, i like classics (not love) but so far this seems so mellow

message 7: by Julie (new)

Julie (juliephlps) | 2 comments i tried to read it but i don't really like it ... the writing is a bit strange when you know that the book is about darker subjects ...
i don't like to force me reading something i don't like, so i will try to finish it but i don't promise anything

message 8: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) yeah i kinda hate this book but i'm slowly just going to force myself to read it, has any one else start?

message 9: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) started

message 10: by fanni (new)

fanni (neilsjostens) | 20 comments Mod
i barely started but i just can't get myself to pick it up and read it but i'll try

message 11: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) try ur hardest!!

message 12: by ashton (new)

ashton (corgisus) | 4 comments first impression was that I was pretty excited to read it but after the first couple of pages I knew it was gonna be hard to find interest in.

message 13: by leonie (new)

leonie (leoniegr) yeah ash it actually just sucks

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