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Post your tips for beginning poets!

~Akweley♡Mazarae♥~★☆★oblivion★☆★~I CAN'T BREATHE~ (nala13) | 322 comments Write whatever you're feeling man. It's cliche, but write what you know. It doesn't have to be a generalized experience though, it can be something specific to you. Write about your late night thoughts, or how angry you get when your parents reprimand/punish your...write bout your sadness, your happiness, about the man who you sit next to on the bus everyday. Literally almost all of my best works have stemmed from my unconscious or emotions. Write consistently; it'll be difficult and a bit hard and sometimes mundane and boring, but it will ultimately make you a better writer. Find out what you're passionate about, and write about that. Then write bout something outside your comfort zone. Some of your stuff will be absolute ish, but don't let that discourage you from writing.

Or I dunno, maybe I'm just too sentimental, lol. Maybe I should take my own advice xd xD XD

Black Beauty Bassist (darkflames17) | 178 comments For me personally, i like to write poems about my emotions and about my past. For example, if i cant get my mind off something i regret from my past, i write a poem about it. It helps me. My poems are mostly dark, I usually write poems when i myself am sad or angry. It varies from person to person. Also, share some poems with someone else and ask them to critic it.

~Akweley♡Mazarae♥~★☆★oblivion★☆★~I CAN'T BREATHE~ (nala13) | 322 comments That's true, poetry can help me get things off my chest.

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