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Publication Date: April 4, 2017
Pages: 240
Introduction by Alan Thirkwell.
Originally published in 1929.

After leaving university without a degree, Green, the scion of a very old and very rich aristocratic family, went to work as a foundryman in a factory. Living, the novel that emerged from this experience, is written in clipped sentences, many of them shorn of articles. Moving from the workfloor to the loading dock, through offices front and back, and out into the streets and rooms of the surrounding town, Living reveals the epic oddity of modern mechanized life.

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Pushed back to come out with the other two: April 4.

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Out now!

Michalle Gould (michalle_gould) | 2 comments This is one of my favorite Greens and in some ways his most accessible I think, despite it's unusual cadence and the use of dialect. It might be overwhelming (especially in these times) to have nine novels to choose from for anyone who was thinking of just getting started with these re-releases but this is a good one to start with! I only liked it on my second attempt (several years after my first) so give it a few pages and let the style wash over you.

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