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message 1: by Zulfiya (new)

Zulfiya (ztrotter) I am really befuddled why I have selected only two chapters for this week's discussion, but because many of you have already read ahead, I will possibly post another thread tomorrow or a day after tomorrow.

Yes, I know it is only two chapters, but it seems to me there is still something significant to discuss. If you remember, in the previous threads, we mentioned that the name " Foole" can be a case of antanomasia. Now that we know some of that background story of his relationship with Charlotte, do you think our assumptions were correct?

I was really taken aback how eclectic in a good sense this book is. We definitely dealt with a lot of Dickensian descriptions and themes; we had some infusion of American South with Sally Porter, and now the scene when Foole walks home after he learns about Charlotte's death.

To me, the scene was very existential or reminded me of some existential novels and is also very cinematographic. It would translate perfectly into a movie scene.

How do you find this literary diversity? Does it flow well in the novel? Does it make the novel more compelling?

What are your thoughts on the elusive Shade? Is he there? Does he exist?

What about Sally Porter? Does the South lady have a say?

Xan Shadowflutter (shadowflutter) | 212 comments Something about the author and his descriptions that strike me leaving vivid images in my mind. And the dialog is top notch too. Thoroughly enjoying this.

More later. Have to go.

message 3: by Zulfiya (new)

Zulfiya (ztrotter) The dialogue is superb, and it is not so simple as it may seem.
I posted a couple of questions about the dialog in the next thread if you want to discuss it a little bit more.

message 4: by MichelleCH (last edited Mar 19, 2017 03:57PM) (new)

MichelleCH (lalatina) | 41 comments I love the dialogue and also getting to know each character's backstory. In this section we learn more about Pinkerton's father and his personality. I love the line, "William feared him and loved him and loathed him every day of his life yet too not a day passed that he did not want to be him."

I also find it curious that when (view spoiler) And more gruesome stories shared of other chopped up victims.

Poor Foole, he may be a slow learner.

I think Shade is real; my question as to what form is does Shade take. Is he one person or two, or even a group of people?

message 5: by Zulfiya (new)

Zulfiya (ztrotter) MichelleCH wrote: "I also find it curious that when Pinkerton went to locate the man who found "Charlotte's" head, he was essentially on a wild goose chase.."

I do not think this is a spoiler, but I think there are a lot of things that are revealed or investigated on a hunch in this novel.

message 6: by MichelleCH (new)

MichelleCH (lalatina) | 41 comments I can add a spoiler tag just to be sure; interesting detective work and pretty sophisticated.

message 7: by Deana (new)

Deana (ablotial) I don't think it's a spoiler either, since it's something that happened in this section, so anyone who read this far already knows about the wild goose chase. I also find it interesting, and it lends credence to the speculation we had in the last section that the "Charlotte" found in pieces in the river may not actually be Charlotte. Just that someone went through a lot of trouble to make it look like her.

I also really enjoyed the back story about Shade at least originally being a real person, who disappeared after the Civil War, thought to be dead. And then for some reason, the father suddenly began to believe he was alive, and that's why he began his obsessive search. I also want to know the reason for his sudden change of beliefs! And I especially wonder about Sally's motivation for leaving all that out of her discussion, especially since the Chief seems to believe she was closely involved at the time.

Foole... is certainly a fool when it comes to Charlotte. Though he seems pretty smart in other aspects of his life. Perhaps he's just bad with women :)

Xan Shadowflutter (shadowflutter) | 212 comments There is a well hidden clue as to Charlotte's status, I think, but I'll raise that later. As to Charlotte and Foole, I had thought the same thing, but the more I think about it, the more I pull back from that thought. I simply don't know why Charlotte didn't show or why she never sought Foole out.

message 9: by MichelleCH (new)

MichelleCH (lalatina) | 41 comments Xan, I can't wait to find that clue! Sounds like you are enjoying the "chase" just as much as we are Deana.

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