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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Feb 2017)

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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Reading together in Feb 2017!

message 2: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I've got this on hold at the library. - I'm hoping to have it by Friday. It looks like a great read!!

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan | 2 comments I did too! It'll be fun to read together. :)

message 4: by Lindsay (last edited Jan 31, 2017 04:36PM) (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments I did a little digging on this book's history and it looks like we're going to learn a ton about cancer research and medicine too, perfect for us!

message 5: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments OMGGGG this is soo good. I was so sad when I got to the office and had to stop.

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole  (nimabu) | 2 comments I'm waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail!

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Flinn | 1 comments Getting this from my library! Can't wait to start!

message 8: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I just got a notice from my library that it's ready to pick up. I'm starting this tomorrow! So excited. I love going to the library and getting an arm full of new books. :D XOXO

message 9: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments Im in chapter 27 (out of 40) I literally can't stop -- every second I pick it up, it's so fascinating, yet hard to read at times :(

message 10: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I just picked it up today from the library and found that 20 minutes had passed without me even realizing it - I am completely engrossed in it. Its so hard for me to wrap my mind around that this is based on a true story. I hope everyone else is enjoying it too! :)

message 11: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments I cried through all of chapter 32, which was slightly awkward seeing as I was reading while waiting in line at Ikea... can't wait to hear what everyone thinks!

message 12: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Donelson | 2 comments I have been reading this book this week. Really interesting! Should we wait until the end of the month to post comments?

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan | 2 comments is a movie being made out of it? I can totally see that. It's fantastically written and such a compelling story!

message 14: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Fereday | 1 comments I'm like #200 on the waiting list for this book sooo sad! I'll probably get to it in April based on my # in line.

message 15: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I am a little over halfway through now - I can't wait to discuss it! Yes - I do think a movie is coming out about it - I think I read somewhere that it started filming last summer? It's going to be on HBO or Showtime? I'm in the part of the book where she's talking to the family. It's so interesting. Looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks. :)

message 16: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments I'd heard Oprah was making this book into a movie and it's supposed to come out this year, I hope that's more than a rumor!

I think we can discuss this book now (rather than wait) as this isn't a novel so there aren't many "spoilers" to worry about.

message 17: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I stayed up last night and finished it. WOW!! I am in awe. I always feel like a part of me is missing when I finish a great book. :)

message 18: by Nicole (new)

Nicole  (nimabu) | 2 comments I'm starting today, it just arrived!

message 19: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Chlopecki | 2 comments I just got it from the library. I hope to catch up with everyone but also reading 3 other books. :)

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2 comments Has anyone seen the pics of the movie that came out over the last couple days? It looks like Oprah did a good job portraying Deborah (at least visually). The rest of the cast looks awesome!

I just finished today and here are my first thoughts.
1) It makes me so sad that Deborah didn't live to see the book published.
2) I don't understand how people being paid for their "donations" restricts science, but patenting gene sequences doesn't. Seems like corporate lobbyists might have played a part in that.
3) That being said, I think it is important that we be willing to allow them to use our "waste" in the name of research, though greater transparency would be nice.
4) I think the author must have about 100x more patience than I do. I feel like I would have gone crazy with the Lacks family if I'd had to deal with them for that long.
5) I don't blame them though! That was a long hard mess they had to go through. I was reading The Color Purple at the same time and a lot of what happens to the Lacks family in TILoHL was similar to parts of the story of TCP. All of it makes my heart hurt and a lot of it makes me mad. All of that research being done on unwilling/unknowing people because the hospitals felt they had the right because people are poor or in jail or "colored." I've heard about some of the research she mentioned previously and it makes me mad every time. The research being done on Elsie was the worst though. That part was hard to handle. The sad thing is similar (though maybe not quite as extreme) things are still happening today.

Anyway, I thought this was a very good, eye-opening book.

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2 comments Also, the author did set up a foundation for sending the descendants of Henrietta (and other unknowing research subjects) to school!

message 22: by Lindsay (new)

message 23: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments I too was so sad Deborah died :(

I was equally confused how people being paid for their "donations" restricts science, but patenting gene sequences doesn't.

I'm reading The Color Purple now, it was on my list for BHM. I just finished the New Jim Crow, which is another great non-fiction book

message 24: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I really enjoyed this book - but it made my heart sad too. I think it was well researched, and it was nice to not just hear the science side, but about her family as well and how it has and continues (understandably) to affect them. This was so eye opening for me.

I remember Deborah saying something to the effect that yes, this has hurt me that they kept this a secret from us and now I am on medications that my mom's cells probably helped discover. That was profound.

I just finished "We Are Called to Rise" yesterday so I am not sure what I am going to dig into next. I hope we will have a book for March. :)

message 26: by Lifeisgood2015 (new)

Lifeisgood2015 I think it said watch Hbo free for one month after that trailer was shown. I think I'll get my free month in April. :) Looks AMAZING!

message 27: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Donelson | 2 comments One of the things that shocked me is that so much research not related to cancer could be done on cancer cells. This really made me think about cancer cells a lot differently than I had in the past. I would have thought they would have needed "normal" cells to do a lot of the research they did with the cancer cells.

message 28: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 11 comments Such a good point Jen! It does make you wonder if the desperation to cure cancer makes the field of research forget that these cells could help cure other diseases or illness if researched

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